Football Index Review- Football Stockmarket

Love football? Love the idea of the stock market but not felt comfortable trying it? This football index review is looking at a form of betting that combines a knowledge of football with a stock market style of gambling. We will review how it works, the options available and the football index review will give a balanced opinion on whether this is a valid way to make money online.

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What is the Football Index? Review of how it works

“Football INDEX is a stock market game where players, known as Traders, take a position on the “future success” of footballers with real money. It’s a UK licensed and regulated fixed-odds gambling product.”

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Basically, in Football index you place a bet (they call it a share) on a footballer, based on their trade value and if your bet is successful, you receive a pay-out which they call a dividend (stock market terminology).

You are betting on 200 footballers in the first team – these are given fixed odds according to demand for footballers within the game- so for example if more traders buy Ronaldo or Messi then their share price will be higher. It’s like fantasy football but with a stock market style betting.

The dividends are paid out on the footballers that hold the top Media Buzz or Performance positions. You get a percentage of your share value as a pay-out.

How is the profit earned on Football Index?

You can make money on Football Index by earning dividends on your shares, ranging from £ 0.02 and £ 0.08 per share. Alternatively, you can buy a portfolio of footballers that you believe will increase in value and then sell them at a later date for profit on your initial investment. Let’s look at how the dividend system works.

What is Media Buzz?- Football Index review of how dividends are awarded

The Football index have created a buzz style system of monitoring certain newsfeeds and awarding points to footballers topping the media coverage each day. On a match day there is one winner, declared by 12.00am London time and on non match days there are three equal winners. In the event of a tie, the footballer with the latest story is the winner.

The news feeds that Football Index monitors are- Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

What is Performance rating? Football Index review of alternative method of profiting

The performance rating is a new feature of the Football Index launched in August 2017.

The Football Index rates footballers’ performance across a variety of “eligible competitions” in leagues and matches in Europe. These are, the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 and the main two European football tournaments -Champions League and Europa League. To see how the scoring works – go to will be made to the Top Defender (including Goalkeepers), Top Midfielder, Top Forward, and in addition the Star Footballer who is the day’s top performing player. The Football Index uses OPTA data to determine the valid statistics they include in their Football Index Scoring Matrix. Examples of actions that attract points are scoring goals, tackling, assists, retrieving loose balls etc. They can also lose points for red or yellow cards, fouls and off sides etc.

If your footballers are winners in the performance rating index then you receive a dividend on your shares in those footballers.

Outright profit can be made by selling shares in footballers who are rising through the ranks. So, you may choose a team/portfolio of players who are in the bottom half of the 200 in the first team but after a few months have risen in value. You then sell those footballers and pocket the difference between your buy price and the new sell price. You can buy a maximum of 100 shares in a footballer at the published price. You can then hold those shares as a “future” investment, deciding to sell when you think the time is right. (They call this futures trading, as in the stock market).

Other game rules and game play in Football Index

In addition to the first team of 200 players there is a squad list of footballers who you can vote on to promote to the first team. Each week two players are promoted on a Friday to replace the bottom two players in the first team. The two lowest in value players are relegated each Friday- so you need to be careful about including players at the bottom in your portfolio unless you are sure they will increase in value. Once promoted, players are given an 8 week protection from relegation; you can see which players are protected as they have a padlock sign next to their name. When Footballers are ‘relegated’ to the Squad List all Futures associated with that Name are null & void, and removed from Customer’s Portfolios.

Football Index Review of Owners

Football Index is a new style of gambling site owned and operated by BetIndex Ltd. They are a privately owned Jersey based gambling operator established in 2015. Both the UK Gambling Commission and Jersey Gambling Commission have granted operator licenses to the company. Their remote operator license number is  000-043061-R-322161-001

Their company number is 119040 and registered address is Charter Place, 23-27 Seaton Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE1 1JY.

If you have any issues using Football Index, they can be contacted via email

Or you can tweet their Customer Support Team @FootballIndexCS


Direct Message via Facebook:

Support Staff will be available to respond to your query between 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday

Football Index review of support available

If you are new to betting sites, then it is important to understand the types of support available. Football Index is definitely one of the better sites as far as customer support and peer support goes. You can contact them via telephone, email, facebook and twitter. They also have a fairly active forum of traders with advice, discussion and suggestions being posted regularly.

In addition, once you are registered they have an Academy section with videos showing you how to use Football Index and a blog with the latest news. Their twitter feed gives real time updates on matches and aims to give a feel of excitement trading shares in footballers, plus the latest media news.

On the site itself- the latest trades and share prices scroll along the bottom ticker tape style. TrustPilot reviews from users average out to 86% thinking it’s great or better. A balanced fair review is shown below

If u mixed football manager/fantasy …

If u mixed football manager/fantasy football with a stock market style trading game. Unlike traditional sports bets u don’t lose ur money if u don’t win. Just stays in the game generating dividends payouts depending on players u own (should they perform the best in their position on match days, or get a lot of media attention). Trying to learn which players to hold is the art of the game, and learning when to buy them before they’ve peaked. There’s long term tactics that don’t involve much input (holding a player that u think will earn u dividends) or short term tactics know as buy low sell high (flipping). A couple things may be when u start best to deposit and learn the game over a few weeks with a small amount. If u like it/or you’re good at it deposit larger amount, if u trade badly and ultimately see diminishing returns then you’ll probably be a bit baffled by the whole thing and think its not very good and leave.
Getting Started with Football Index- review of investment needed and special offers

Currently Football Index are offering a 7 day trade risk free offer. This is how it works; you deposit up to £500 to buy shares with. you have 7 days to buy your players, trade them, see if they attract dividends from media buzz or performance buzz etc…If at the end of 7 days you decide this is not for you and you have made a loss on your initial investment- Football Index will refund you up to your initial stakes- to a maximum of £500. You have to email customer support within 7 days of your initial deposit to get the refund. There is a review that says a customer did the offer, was down £40 at the end of the week- emailed and got a refund within 5 minutes, so there is evidence they are genuine with the offer.

If you want to start trading on Football Index you will need a minimum of £10 to open an account and this will be linked to a credit or debt card. The service is ONLY for UK users and they must be able to verify that you are over 18. If your age, bank details and address do not match up they will request other methods (such as scanned documents) to check your age, ID and verify you for an account.

They also run competitions and prize draws- currently you can win a copy of FIFA 18.

Looking at the footballers currently in the first team and trying to decide who to buy shares in may be a bit daunting for a newbie or someone who doesn’t know football. There are “tracker” packages on offer, so you can buy shares in, say the top 10, 25, 50 or 100 players in the first team. This is a way of spreading risk and you can buy additional shares (up to 100) in individual players if you want to.

Prices of these tracker packages start at £50.04 for 10 players, rising to £210.75 for a share in each of the top 100 players.

Individual share prices in a player can be as low 0.64 for a rising, but not proven player, such as Justin Kluivert to £4.50 for a top forward winner like Paulo Dybala.

Football Index Review of Pros and Cons


  • A new concept combining football fantasy league style enjoyment with stock market trading, nothing else out there like this
  • Fun to predict both performance and media attention on footballers
  • More than one way to make profit- media buzz, performance or buy/sell
  • Good support and active forum
  • Can spread your risk and money not totally lost- share value goes down, but you can wait for it to rise again.
  • Responsive company, looking for ways to make improvements
  • App available so can pay on mobile as well as desktop
  • Real time, stock market style updates on pricing and medi attention
  • Active social media accounts


  • Complex at first as you need to understand basic principles of stock market trading
  • Must really have a feel for football as it does require skill and knowledge to make accurate buys and trades
  • Only available in the UK
  • App has been reported as clunky and lagging, so better to use desktop – but tech improvements have been promised
  • New penny stocks idea recently upset the market significantly- so changes can cause fluctuations
  • Better as a long term investment as higher risk with short term trades and more knowledge needed for these
  • Dividends quite low, so need a decent number of shares for return to be significant.
  • Need to invest at least £50 to get a decent spread of footballers from first team of 200 players (£50 will get you between 30- 40 players).
  • OPTA statistics have limitations and tend to favour well known players from big clubs, so same players being bought by traders- pushes the price per share up.
  • New concept, so still some bedding in to be done by site and some features still missing.

Football Index Review- Summary

This is an interesting concept, combining football player knowledge and a stock market style of trading. Although European players are included it is essentially a UK based betting site. You do need to know and love football for this to appeal and be understandable. Newbies to betting may find the stock market terminology confusing and to complex and get impatient for returns. It is best to view this as a long term investment and some fun rather than a serious way to make a lot of money. Highly experienced football aficionados who regularly play football fantasy leagues and understand the stock market will love this form of betting and may have a better chance of winning on trades and earning good dividends.

It is best played on desktop as the app is not as responsive and share prices can change dramatically in a few minutes, e.g after goals are scored. It does require watching the news and keeping an eye on games for quick wins to be made on trading players, but less involvement if happy to wait for dividends each week. Some reviewers report it as highly addictive so there is a risk of gambling too much money if you get caught up in the daily share price shifts.

Overall this is a more intuitive form of betting, based upon football players personalities and performance, rather than match results. However, the market itself determines supply and demand so there can be odd fluctuations in the value of shares.  If, however, you love football and don’t mind waiting for a while to build up dividends and and enjoy the idea of playing at football manager, then this could be a fun income earner on the side. If you are looking to make a steady income online then there are better options out there.