RF Racing Tips Review – Same old story?

In this RF Racing Tips review, I’ll be looking at this recently launched tipping service on the Betting Gods website. I’ll be finding out if there’s anything new here or this is just the same as every other service you’ve seen?


What is RF Racing Tips?

How does RF Racing Tips Work?

How long does RF Racing Tips take to set up?

How long does it take to use RF Racing Tips?

How much can you make with RF Racing Tips?

How much does RF Racing Tips cost?

RF Racing Tips Review Advantages

RF Racing Tips Review Disadvantages

RF Racing Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is RF Racing Tips?

I don’t normally look at a tipping service so soon after launch, but this was proofing for a year before going live. That amount of time is enough to see the ups and downs that all services experience. Services will normally proof for about three months before launching, so I’m always curious when a service has much longer.

RF Racing Tips Review

RF Racing Tips has had a year which does make me wonder why it took so long, and if that’s something we need to be worried about. I know that sometimes services will wait for a big winning month before launching so there are some good numbers to put on the website.

That’s not really the case here as, at first glance, this service has plodded along making a steady profit over time. I can’t say I see this as a bad thing, so I’ll take a closer look and see what is going on.

How does RF Racing Tips Work?

By the looks of it, nothing new. What we have here is a selection of win and each way tips, delivered between 7 and 9 in the morning which gives you plenty of time to get them on. You’ll get between 1 and 3 tips a day with various odds that average out about 7. (so not many favourites getting the nod here).

You’ll be staking 2pts each time so your bank is well protected but does leave the scope for some healthy winners. There is nothing groundbreaking here and this does seem like a lot of other services I’ve looked at before. Still, I don’t mind unoriginal as long as it’s successful.

RF Racing Tips Review Stats

How long does RF Racing Tips take to set up?

Unoriginal or not, before you can get going you’ll need to get signed up and part with some cash. Before your first tips to arrive you’ll need to make sure you have live and active accounts with BetVictor, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Unibet and William Hill who are this tipster’s preferred bookies.

If like most of us, you’ve been banned by BetVictor, you might want to use another account to take up the slack. (the odds should be available at least 3 bookies). If you wanted, you could probably do the whole lot on the exchanges, though you might have a few liquidity issues at 7.30  in the morning. Also, you’ll lose any BOG (best odds guaranteed) benefits you might get with a bookmaker.

How long does it take to use RF Racing Tips?

Even by tipping service standards, this is a quick one, 1 to 3 simple bets won’t take you long to get on. Because of the timing of the tips, chances are you’ll be doing something else when they come in.

For that reason, I would say that, more than usual, you should get this set up on your phone. Placing these bets is only 5 minutes of anybody’s time. So, if you’re not by your laptop, you can get this done quickly and get on with your day.

How much can you make with RF Racing Tips?

RF Racing Tips Review Results

Everything about this service is very sensible, and so are the profits. Including the proofing period, you would have ended up with £150 a month on average. There have been no spectacular wins (though December was pretty good) and only two losing months, both costing you less than 5pts each.

There’s nothing here to suggest why the proofing period was so long, it all looks very no-nonsense and by the book. Perhaps they were waiting for some big numbers to occur, but even with a 33% strike rate, it’s just not that type of service.

How much does RF Racing Tips cost?

Like everything on Betting Gods, this has an offer to tempt you in. With RF Racing Tips it’s £1.99 for the first 30days. (though I should mention if you go to the website and wait you’ll get offer 3 months an offer price too). After that, it’s £49.99 every three months or £79.99 for 6 months.

That works out to around 10% of the average monthly profit which in my book makes it a proper bargain. Not only that, you’ll get a ClickBank guarantee when you make your purchase, so you should have no problems either cancelling or getting a refund in the first 30 days. (not that you’re going to need to do either)

The tipster recommends a 150pt bank or £1500 at £10/pt. This underlines the sensible nature of everything about this service. But, something catastrophic would have to happen for you to need even half of that.

RF Racing Tips Review Prices

Is RF Racing Tips easy to use?

This is very easy to use. You could give this to a beginner and they’d get to grips with it quite easily. Give this to an experienced bettor and they will breeze through this in a matter of minutes. If you’ve got this set up on your phone, it’s even easier and you could do this pretty much whenever or wherever.

RF Racing Tips Review Advantages

This service ticks all of the boxes. It’s easy to get into and the fees won’t be scaring anybody away. The bets are simple, there aren’t too many of them and the strike rate is good enough to stop you panicking. The losing months have been so small it’s almost laughable and the profits overall are very acceptable.

RF Racing Tips Review Disadvantages

Acceptable, but not enough for some people. Those that like a bit more going on and bigger profits (even if means bigger losses) are going to be really bored by this. This is so unspectacular and unoriginal that those who like a bit of fireworks are going to hate this.

RF Racing Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

And they should definitely stay away, as this is not for them. This is for you if you like a service that will not affect your blood pressure. But, it will affect your bank balance in a good, if unspectacular way.

Overall this is one of the best services I’ve looked at and I would recommend you give it a decent go.

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