Overpriced Horse Tips Review – not what you think?

In this Overpriced Horse Tips review, I’ll be looking at the longest-running tipping service on the Sports Betting Stars platform. This platform boast star tipsters like Russell Blair among its portfolio, so will this service be just as good for your bank balance?


What is Overpriced Horse Tips?

How does Overpriced Horse Tips Work?

How long does Overpriced Horse Tips take to set up?

How long does it take to use Overpriced Horse Tips?

How much can you make with Overpriced Horse Tips?

How much does Overpriced Horse Tips cost?

Overpriced Horse Tips Review Advantages

Overpriced Horse Tips Review Disadvantages

Overpriced Horse Tips  Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Overpriced Horse Tips?

This service is based on two main things. The first being based around picking horses that the tipster’s research and experience indicate have a very good chance of winning. The second being filtering those down to ones that have an unusually high price at the bookies.

Overpriced Horse Tips Review

As we all know, ‘value’ prices don’t normally stay that way for long once the money piles on. As a result, any published results for a service that uses value prices (in this case to the point where they name the service after it) could be taken with a pinch of salt.

Yet this service has been running since 2013 on the Sports Betting Stars platform, a website known for making sure its tipsters are still delivering the goods. So, they must be doing something that the other ‘value’ services aren’t doing and I’ll be finding out exactly what.

How does Overpriced Horse Tips Work?

For a start, this service delivers your tips a bit later than others who rely on value prices. You’ll be getting these tips between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm, a good 2 hours after the chaos of 6-7 pm when prices are all over the place.

While you wouldn’t want to leave getting your 1-2 bets on each day until too late the next day, the prices at 9 pm are a lot more stable. You won’t be back many favourites, with advised odds anywhere between 3 and 20. The average works out to about 8 and you’ll be staking 1 point each time as a win single.

How long does Overpriced Horse Tips take to set up?

T pretty basic so far and so is getting signed up. It’s a couple of clicks from the Sports Betting Stars website then filling in a Paypal form for your monthly subscription and you’re in. But, it’s not just a case of sitting back and waiting for the first tips to arrive.

Even though the prices won’t move as much as with other services, unless you’re quick on these, you might have to go looking for odds away from your usual couple of bookies. This means dusting off a few accounts you haven’t used since you bagged a bonus off them a couple of years ago.

You don’t want to miss out on a price while you’re waiting for a password reset email, so you’ll probably need to do this before the first tip arrives in your inbox. There is also an option to get them sent via text, which I recommend as emails can sometimes take nearly 15 minutes to arrive on your phone.

How long does it take to use Overpriced Horse Tips?

You have got longer than those 15 minutes to get these on, but as somebody who has looked at literally hundreds of services, I would recommend getting your bets on as soon as possible. That way, you give yourself the best chance of getting the advised odds.

Also if you don’t have to go looking for odds, getting 1 or 2 bets on will only take you a couple of minutes. As always, I would advise getting this set on your phone for the best results, so you can action the tips even if you’re away from your laptop.

How much can you make with Overpriced Horse Tips?

Overpriced Horse Tips Stats

As I’ve mentioned above, with services that make a big thing about getting ‘value’ there is always sceptisim about the published results. I always mentally knock a third off of any that I see and I know BSP profits for a lot of these services are only a third of what you see on their website.

There’s no need to do that here, so the £110 average profit at £10 a point is an acceptable amount of profit. It would be a lot better if last winter hadn’t seen a downturn in profits, with a bit of a levelling off since. While this is not a big concern given 7 years of steadily rising returns, it is worth keeping an eye on.

Overpriced Horse Tips Results

How much does Overpriced Horse Tips cost?

That’s because the fees are a bit higher than I was expecting. There is the usual Sports Betting Stars platform 14-day free trial at the start, then it’s £29.99 for a month, £79.99 for a quarter or £299.99 for a year. As I see fees that are 10-15% (or less) of the average profits as good value, the almost 30% that this service is asking seems expensive.

The 75pt recommended bank looks well thought out and has 7 years of results to back it up. With a bank this small you could easily go for £20/pt  – at which point the profits look a lot better.

Overpriced Horse Tips Prices

Overpriced Horse Tips Review Advantages

1 or 2 tips a day, arriving late evening is literally a couple of minutes effort. When you add to that the pedigree of a service that been running for 7 years you get something that would give a beginner great confidence.

There’s a reliability here that means you could use a higher stake than you normally would, or make the most of the fact that service is one that would lend itself to compounding.

Overpriced Horse Tips Review Disadvantages

This would at least boost the very ordinary profits – which is the only big drawback with this service. The rather high fees take more of your monthly returns than you would want and at flat stakes, this will not be enough for most people.

If you happen to be doing something else when the tips arrive, you could spend a while finding the advised prices or take a further hit to your profits.

Overpriced Horse Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

Whether you will make any decnt money from this service falls very much into one of two camps. If you’re going into this at more than £10pt, or aim to get there by compounding your profits, you could do very well with this.

If however, you just want to place the same stakes and draw your winnings out each month, you can do that – there are just better ways of doing that elsewhere.

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