OddBall Tips Review – Organised Chaos?

In this OddBall Tips review, I’ll be looking at this football tipping service that has been running for just over a year on the Tipsters Empire website. This is one of the more unusual services out there, but is being different profitable or just a costly novelty?


What is OddBall Tips?

How does OddBall Tips Work?

How long does OddBall Tips take to set up?

How long does it take to use OddBall Tips?

How much can you make with OddBall Tips?

How much does OddBall Tips cost?

OddBall Tips Review Advantages

OddBall Tips Review Disadvantages

OddBall Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is OddBall Tips?

Being different is always noticeable but not always good. You can profit from it or follow it down a very expensive rabbit hole. Oddball Tips, as the name suggests, takes great pride in giving unusual tips. I’m not usually bothered if a service is different or the same as all the rest as long as it’s good.

Oddball Tips Review

And that is what I’m trying to work out here.

How does OddBall Tips Work?

For a start, you won’t be receiving tips every day. You’ll be getting a tip for every day, but you’ll only be getting them twice a week. You’ll get the tips for the weekend on a Thursday, and the mid-week tips on a Sunday.

This does give you plenty of time to get them on and these bets are so unusual that the price won’t be moving too much. Normally, prices are affected by money going on a certain bet, but as these are so unusual that almost nobody else will be betting on them, those prices will remain fairly static.

The odds are all over the place, so no surprise there . They could be anything between 2.6 and 527 (no, there’s not a missing decimal point, that really is 527). The tips will be multiples in the win, draw and score markets and you’ll be placing between 1 and 3 points. If this all seems a bit mad then you’re probably right.

How long does OddBall Tips take to set up?

Before you can dive into all of that chaos, you’ll need to get signed up and part with some cash. You can access this via the Tipster Empire website and it won’t be long before you’re in. After that, it’s just a case of waiting fr the first tips to arrive.

You should be able to do all of this using whichever bookies accounts you have already. Whilst these tips are definitely ‘Oddball’, this tipster only concentrates on the major leagues so the bets should be freely available at nearly all bookmakers.

Doing this on the exchanges though is, as you can imagine, a non-starter.

How long does it take to use OddBall Tips?

This will leterally be 10 minutes twice a week. You can do this pretty much whenever you want and even with the Oddball tips it is not too complicated. I certainly wouldn’t give it to a beginner though.

So far then, despite being odd, this ticks every box. It’s convenient, easy to use and it certainly keeps you interested. There is just one more box to tick and that’s the most important one of all.

How much can you make with OddBall Tips?

Oddball Tips Review Results

And that’s where this all falls down. This isn’t making a loss overall (but it has for the last few months). It’s just not making very much money. At £10/pt you’d be looking at about £60 a month, which compared to a lot of other services (some on the same website) that’s just not enough.

Those results are at flat rates. But, like all services on this platform, it recommends compounding your profits. Unfortunately, the recent dip in results mean that you’d be at around the same level, especially when you factor in that you would have been paying fees with no direct return for quite a while.

How much does OddBall Tips cost?

Not that the fees are too costly. They run a 28 trial of this service for £2.99 to tempt you in. After that, it’s £30 for a month, £75 for 3 months, £135 for 6 months or £179 for a year. Your subscription won’t renew automatically so it’s ideal if you just want to dip your toe in and test the waters.

For any decent amount of profits, compounded or otherwise, this would be a bit of a bargain. Unfortunately, as things stand, these fees are about half of your average profit for the month, and just adding to the losses of recent months.

That said, the bank is recommended at 150pts, which should be enough, even with the recent losing run. The question for most people though is whether or not you should be tying up £1500 in a bank just to make £60 each month.

Oddball Tips Review Prices

OddBall Tips Review Advantages

That’s a real shame, as otherwise, this would be a really good service. As I mentioned above, this is up there with the easiest services around, and the bets will definitely keep you interested. This is not like so many of the services out there and you have to love the desire to be different.

OddBall Tips Review Disadvantages

I do wonder though if the tipster is trying to be too different. He could have been half as Oddball and it would have been refreshing enough, as well as more profitable. As it is, what we have here is a service that ticks every box except the most important one.

OddBall Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

I really wanted this to be good. I really enjoyed the variety of tips and how this service is so different from everything else I’ve looked at for quite a while. I really wanted that quirkiness to be rewarded with big profits, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

Yes, 10 minutes twice a week for £30-£40 a month after fees is better than doing nothing, but only just. There is better value for your time and money out there (and even on the Tipsters Empire website), so I’m going to have to recommend you look there instead.

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