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Don’s Daily Tips Review – Profits at BSP?

In this Don’s Daily Tips review, I’ll be looking at this tipping service that launched on the Betting Gods website before Christmas. This service focusses on making a profit at Betfair SP, but is it sacrificing profits for convenience?


What is Don’s Daily Tips?

How does Don’s Daily Tips Work?

How long does Don’s Daily Tips take to set up?

How long does it take to use Don’s Daily Tips?

How much can you make with Don’s Daily Tips?

How much does Don’s Daily Tips cost?

Don’s Daily Tips Review Advantages

Don’s Daily Tips Review Disadvantages

Don’s Daily Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Don’s Daily Tips?

Don’s Daily Tips may have only launched in the middle of December, but this service has been proofing since the beginning of May. That amount of time is enough to see the ups and downs that all services experience, so it’s time to take a look.

Dons Daily Tips Review

The first thing you notice is that this makes a big thing about making profits at BSP (Betfair Starting Price). This, as you know, is seen as the purest indication of a horse’s price, so this service isn’t relying on ‘value’ to make its money.

While this is all very good, it immediately makes me wonder if this service would be more profitable if it did go searching for early odds. Or, if it cashed in with a BOG (best odds guaranteed) bonus from time to time.

How does Don’s Daily Tips Work?

You’ll be getting between 2 and 5 tips each day, arriving in your inbox before 10 am. As you’ll just be clicking the BSP button, there is no hurry to get these on at all. You’ll be getting mostly win singles with the occasional place bet staking just a single point each time.

So, you’re not putting too much of your bank at risk, and putting these on at BSP is all very easy. So far like they’ve asked Fisher-Price to design this, or it’s TOMY’s ‘My First Tipping Service’.

Dons Daily Tips Review Stats

How long does Don’s Daily Tips take to set up?

Equally simple is getting signed up and parting with your money. As long as you’ve got a Betfair account n good order, you’re now good to go. So, it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for those first tips to arrive.

How long does it take to use Don’s Daily Tips?

This is very quick, whether you’re on your laptop or phone. It’s a case of opening the app, typing in the name of the horse and hitting the BSP button. Whether you have to do this once or five times it’s not going to take you long.

There’s no looking for odds or switching between bookies so this has none of the time-draining pitfalls you’ll get with the majority of other services. This is all about convenience, but how has it affected profits?

How much can you make with Don’s Daily Tips?

Dons Daily Tips Review Results

Whether it’s the process or the quality of picks, it’s simply not enough. There are movements either way including a 23pt profit in August and a 25pt loss in November. But overall you’ll end up with an average of 5pts or £50 at the usual £10/pt.

Again, I’m wondering what the profits would be like if you had been searching oddschecker for the best bookie price and making the most of BOG bonuses. I’ve got a feeling the figures would look better because as things stand, I’m not sure it’s worth you bothering.

How much does Don’s Daily Tips cost?

Like everything on Betting Gods, Don’s Daily Tips has an offer to tempt you in. This time it’s £1.99 for the first 30 days. (though I should mention if you go to the website and wait you’ll get offered 3 months a special price too). After that, it’s £79.99 every three months or £129.99 for 6 months.

That’s half of the average monthly profit gone on your fees, and that won’t strike anybody as value for money. Luckily, you’ll get a ClickBank guarantee when you make your purchase, so you should have no problems either cancelling or getting a refund during the first 30 days.

The tipster recommends a 100pt bank or £1000 at £10/pt. With the biggest loss sitting at 23pts you won’t be needing even half of that.

Dons Daily Tips Review Prices

Is Don’s Daily Tips easy to use?

If anything, this is too easy to use. Everything seems to be focussed on making this as easy as possible. When perhaps, there should be a few hoops to jump through and a few more quid in the bank.

Don’s Daily Tips Review Advantages

So we can’t really count the convenience as an advantage. It’s a plus for the user but I’m sure it’s to the detriment of the selections and you’re just not getting the most out of them. Admittedly, doing things ay BSP is next to zero effort, and if you’re really busy you’ll like that bit.

Don’s Daily Tips Review Disadvantages

You won’t like the profits though. £50 a month isn’t good enough, and losing half of that in fees makes it worse. As things stand, this is really easy to do, but at the same time not really worth doing at all.

Don’s Daily Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

For that reason, I can’t really recommend this. Unless, of course, you want to tie up £1000 while you make £25 each month for not too much effort. But, I don’t think you do.

There are plenty of other services out there that are marginally harder to do, but much more profitable. And given what I’ve seen from this service, I have to suggest that you spend your time and money with one of those instead.

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