King of Profit Review – Is this really Tipping Royalty?

King of Profit Review

In this King of Profit Review, I’ll be examining this tipping service from Ricky Hudson. I’ll be seeing if it lives up to the claims on the website or if this is just the same as every other tipping service


What is King of Profit?

How does King of Profit Work?

How long does King of Profit take to set up?

How long does it take to use King of Profit?

How much can you make with King of Profit?

How much does King of Profit cost?

Is King of Profit easy to use?

King of Profit Review Advantages

King of Profit Review Disadvantages

King of Profit Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is King of Profit?

Although it’s wrapped up very nicely, King of Profit is something we are all familiar with. It’s a tipster service, that works on a pay as you win system. So, despite this being presented as something new and different (and ‘not like other tipsters’) is this really just a case of ‘same old same old’…?

How does King of Profit Work?

This point is underlined by the fact your tips arrive by email the night before. This is usually a good thing but does have it’s downside. Having tips arrive in the evening does give you more time to put them on, yes – but it also means if you do go to put them on the next day, the chances of getting the advised odds are minimal.

King of Profit Review

The tips are for all types of bets, but there are quite a large proportion of doubles and trebles. Not quite sure what the rationale is behind the selections, as none seems to be given.

The model here is ‘pay as you win’ – where you buy ‘credits’ in advance. Once these credits are exhausted, you’ll stop receiving tips until you get more credits.

How long does King of Profit take to set up?

Buy some credits and you’re in. Then, you just sit and wait for the next lot of tips to come in. As you might have to go odds shopping for the best prices, ensuring you have more than one bookies account and that it is live and funded will get you started quicker.

How long does it take to use King of Profit?

The tips don’t exactly come thick and fast (ie you won’t get 3-5 a day like some other tipsters) so this won’t make a big hole in your social calendar. The only thing that keeps this from being lightning fast is the potential search for advised odds if you don’t jump on this straight away.

How much can you make with King of Profit?

King of Profit Review Results

This is where the head-scratching and eyebrow-raising starts. While the website has a great many screen shots of some impressive ‘one-off’ wins (including on at £1850 from a £20 bet) there are no visible results or any figures regarding strike rates.

This set alarm bells ringing for me. Not because I think the screenshots are faked, but because they are very isolated incidents rather than a common occurrence.

Yes, I know that with any tipster, you are going to get more losers than you are winners and Ricky is not shy to admit this. However, I don’t think it’s a reason not to publish your strike rate or any results at all. Unless you had something to hide, that is.

How much does King of Profit cost?

This is a pay as you win system – which makes the lack of published results even more baffling. You pay £50 for 5 credits, £79 for 10 or £100 for 20. You are also paying via Clickbank so have a refund option for 60 days.

All of this, on paper at least would point to a tipster with a good win rate. If they didn’t give out winning tips, they wouldn’t get any money – and if they had too many losses people would just refund.

If this is the case, why aren’t these figures on the website? It just doesn’t make sense really.

King of Profit Review Prices

Is King of Profit easy to use?

There is nothing complicated here. If you know your way around a bookies website, and maybe Oddschecker as well, you won’t be finding this in the slightest bit difficult.

The only exception is if you have to join a bookies to get the best odds.

King of Profit Review Advantages

This is quick and easy to do for anyone but the complete novice. You are only paying for winning tips, which does tend to inspire the tipster to get it right.

The returns quoted on the websites are very impressive and it wouldn’t take too many of those to make this worthwhile. Once you add to this the fact that the tips arrive the night before so you have quite to place your bets, you’ve got quite a good service on your hands.

King of Profit Review Disadvantages

Before you make your decision though, there are a few more facts I need to throw into the mix. I know I’ve gone into the lack of published results or strike rate quite a bit … but they are key factors when it comes to picking a tipster.

The website itself seems to be trying too hard to gloss over this and instead wave one-off big wins in your face.

The bets arrive the night before, but as I’ve already mentioned, you do need to be on them very quickly to get anything like the advised odds. if the winners are few and far between, getting one a 20/1 instead of 12/1 can make a lot of difference.

King of Profit Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

There is a lot of contradictory stuff here. The short on figures, high on hyperbole website, on one hand, the Pay As You Win and Clickbank guarantee on the other. This simply just doesn’t tie up.

I suspect that Ricky Hudson makes a profit, not because he is a good tipster, but because he is quite lucky. The hope here is that by following what he does, you’ll be lucky too.

You can find out more here

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