Chloe’s Football Focus Review – Reliable Football Tipping?

Chloe’s Football Focus Review

In this Chloe’s Football Focus review, I’ll be looking at one of the UK’s most popular football tipping systems.

When most people think of betting (and more specifically tipsters), the first thing that springs to mind is Horse Racing. However, football betting is also a massive business. So, it stands to reason there would also be football tipsters.

Most people follow a tipster because they are tired of having a ‘punt’ and want some sort of structure to their betting.

Usually, they will try their own little ‘system’ based on gut instinct and emotion. Then, when that doesn’t usually work … and then seek guidance elsewhere.

As I mentioned above, Chloe’s Football Focus is one of the most popular tipping services. In this review, I’ll be taking look at why this is so popular and whether you should invest your own time and effort…

Chloe's Football Focus


What is Chloe’s Football Focus?

How does Chloe’s Football Focus Work?

How long does Chloe’s Football Focus take to set up?

How long does it take to use Chloe’s Football Focus?

How much can you make with Chloe’s Football Focus?

How much does Chloe’s Football Focus cost?

Is Chloe’s Football Focus easy to use?

Chloe’s Football Focus Review Advantages

Chloe’s Football Focus Review Disadvantages

Chloe’s Football Focus Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Chloe’s Football Focus?

Well, for a start, we don’t know who this ‘Chloe’ actually is … but the website will tell you she spent years developing this system.

So, what’s all the fuss about … and why does it take ‘years’ to develop a football tipping system?

After all, unlike horse racing, where the winner could be any one of a dozen different runners, football matches only have two teams. There are really only 3 different outcomes – win, lose or draw.

So, it should be easy, right?

Well, think again. Because being profitable in football is every bit as difficult as with the gee-gees. When a tipping service has become as popular as Chloe’s Football Focus this quickly, we really should be taking notice.

How does Chloe’s Football Focus Work?

Chloe’s Football Focus has only been going since the summer of 2017 and sends you daily tips. As most football matches happen at the weekend, though, that’s when most of the tips will arrive.

You’ll get an email each morning outlining the day’s tips, or a simpler email telling you there are no tips for the day. These tips are not just obvious stuff but are based on where the tipster sees ‘value’ (ie the odds are better than they ought to be)

These odds will typically be between 3-1 and 4-1. Which, when there are only two teams in it, are really quite good odds.

How long does Chloe’s Football Focus take to set up?

Chloe’s Football Focus is published by ‘Betting Gods’ and you can find it featured heavily on their website. It’s quite a simple affair with no real ‘copy’ as such, just basic facts figures and testimonials.

The site is quite simple to read and engenders trust quite easily.

Another positive is that all purchases are made via Clickbank. They will handle the money and usually take your side in the event of a refund or any kind of dispute.

Once you’re in, it’s just a case of waiting for the emails to arrive. This is unless you don’t have live bookmakers accounts, in which case you should also open one or two of those. (you’ll see why below).

Also, opening a Betfair account is always a good idea.

How long does it take to use Chloe’s Football Focus?

The one or two tips a day that Chloe’s Football Focus will send you by email will not take up your entire morning. In fact, on paper, you’d be hard pressed to spend more than a couple of minutes placing your bets.

Each of these 30-40 tips each month can also be viewed when you log into the member’s area of the website. (you’ll get login details when you join). You’ll be told exactly what to bet on, the odds you should be betting at and the bookmakers where those prices are available.

Some of the tips are quite obscure and will be placed on teams or even in leagues you’ve never heard of. They can be simply on the results of matches but also on markets you might not be as familiar with like the number of goals that will be scored.

It’s best to get in a routine. Allow in that routine, a bit of time to join an additional bookmaker if you have to, and be ready to deposit funds from your starting bank.

For those new to this, your starting bank (sometimes referred to as a trading bank) is the funds you set aside to bet with. In this case where the recommended bank is 150 points. So, if your starting bank was £150, 1pt would equal £1, and if your starting bank was £1500 your stake would be £10 per point.

Each email will tell you the number of points you should stake on each tip. So, this works regardless of how large your starting bank is. Chloe’s Football Focus seems to offer a decent return on what is a very low monthly fee (£25).

It all seems pretty positive and basic so far, but can it all really be that easy – and more importantly, do the tips win?

How much can you make with Chloe’s Football Focus?

Football betting and following a tipster is a real grown-ups game.

The idea is not to win every bet – that would be almost impossible, but to win overall, over the course of a week, a month or even longer.

The profits for Chloe’s Football Focus currently (29th August 2018) sits at £671 based on £10/point since last November. In that time, you would have paid as much as £250 in membership fees.

That means if you’d taken every tip at the odds started, you would now be over £450 up on the deal, which is nothing to be sneezed at.

Of course, it’s nothing like the profits you can make elsewhere. But this system is not intended to be a life changer but more of an add-on to run alongside your normal betting/trading plan.

All tipsters have ups and downs and Chloe’s Football Focus is no different. This month (August) appears to have been an absolute shocker with the system running at 20.26pts down. That’s after 7 winning bets from the last 8, so heaven knows what it would have looked like before the bank holiday.

There is proof, as stated above, that this system will make you money in the long run, but it does seem to be quite a ride. This is typical of systems that rely on ‘value’ bets which can be aa bit of a rollercoaster ride. We could easily imagine that more than one customer would have thrown in the towel after a run of losing results.

How much does Chloe’s Football Focus cost?

The monthly fee for Chloe’s Football Focus is quite low, and gives you a decent return on your time and investment, at the flat £25 a month charge. There are other offers you can take advantage of to boost your profits even further.

The Betting Gods website will let you in for £1 for the first ten days and also has different offers for quarterly membership (£50) or £150 for a whole year. Taking this into account makes this tipster quite a bargain.

Note: This reviewer stumbled across an offer that popped up on the screen offering three months for £20, so obviously we took it.

Chloe's Football Focus Price

As mentioned above, Chloe’s Football Focus uses ClickBank to process all of its payments. So, you should have a minimum of hassle with either paying or getting a refund should you require one.

As for the regular cost, £25 is the monthly fee. If you pay quarterly then it costs £50 every 3 months. When paying annually, the cost is cheaper at £150 per year. So, it is a lot better for you to pay for a longer period.

Of course, you will probably want to give it a try first of all. Spending £150 on a year’s subscription only really makes sense if you are sure of the benefits.

Is Chloe’s Football Focus easy to use?

Because all of Chloe’s Football Focus tips ‘value’ bets, it means those odds aren’t necessarily available at all bookmakers. If you’re thinking ‘I’ll just do this on Betfair’ you’ll be very disappointed.

Not only will finding these tips at this price on Betfair be a very rare occurrence, you’ll find not all of these matches are even on Betfair. So, the answer then is to have accounts with all of the bookmakers Chloe’s Football Focus mentions in her emails.

This can be a lot – and you’ll probably have to keep some sort of balance at those bookies so they don’t get too suspicious and ‘gub’ you. This is probably the least appealing part of this tipping system.

Of course, you don’t have to bet on everything every day. But, if you don’t, you won’t get anything like the kind of profits that made you want to sign up in the first place.

Chloe’s Football Focus Advantages

On the face of it, this has got aa lot going for it. It’s cheap, won’t take you too long (unless you have new bookmakers to join) and over the course of a few months has shown to be profitable.

Chloe's Football Focus Review

It’s not complicated and even the process of joining extra bookmakers has an upside. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 15 years you’ll know bookmakers have offers for new members.

So, why not combine a value bet with a ‘no lose’ offer. Or better still, use your opening ‘free bet’ on one of these tips?

Chloe’s Football Focus Disadvantages

As mentioned briefly above, Chloe’s Football Focus will not make you a millionaire, or markedly change your lifestyle. Even if you took the yearly package, you’ll make an average of about £50 a month if you bet on all the tipped matches at £10/pt.

Of course, it’s a profit,(which we all know it better than making an overall loss). Also, once you’ve got the necessary bookmakers accounts set up, you’d be hard pressed to spend more than a couple of minutes a day on this.

The thing you need to work out if this is enough to be bothered with it at all. If you’re already running a system to two, or doing some Matched Betting stuff as well, then tagging this on top is no hassle and just extra profit.

If you’re going to run this alone, with the small wins and the very strong possibility of losing interest during a losing streak … then there are better profits to be made elsewhere.

It also has to be mentioned that how you start with things like this is all important. If you start with a few winners, then the tipster immediately has credibility and a couple of losses are mentally brushed off.

Start with a few losses, and it’s a different story entirely. Even if there are winners after this, the die has been cast and you’ll be more likely to quit.

Chloe’s Football Focus Conclusion and Overall Rating

As tipsters go, you’ll certainly find plenty worse than Chloe’s Football Focus. Because Chloe looks for ‘value bets’ not everyone will be a winner. This fact is fundamental to any tipping service and you need to accept this.

We don’t know what Chloe’s win rate is, but it’s generally accepted that 40% is an impressive win rate for any tipster. This means even the best lose more than half the time. So, you’ll get the usual euphoria of those winning streaks and those patience stretching losing streaks. But overall, you’ll get profits, at a good return for the amount of time you’ll spend doing this.

If you want bigger profits every month, or will have trouble with losing more than half the time, you really need to be looking elsewhere. If, however, you already have a routine for your betting trading, it’s almost no trouble to tag this on top and add a bit more to your daily profits.

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