VYPR Review

VYPR Review: Survey App

If you usually make a point of steering clear of survey and opinion sites, you may want to think again.  VYPR allows users to answer questions (or STEERS) in exchange for points which can then be converted into a Paypal payment or, donated to charity.

What is VYPR?

VYPR is a points-based opinion site which pays cold hard cash in return for answering a set of questions known as Steers.  Accessed via a 24/7 mobile app, members can answer question sets at home or work or, earn extra VYPR points by answering questions whilst shopping.

How does VYPR work?

VYPR works with a number of brands who are after your humble opinion.  By downloading the VYPR app, members can then answer sets of questions from brands and earn themselves points which can be convereted into cash.  As with many opinion sites, points are accrued in your account to be cashed out once they reach a particular level.

What do points make?

First things first, you’ll earn 2000 VYPR points just for downloading the app – which is a handy bonus to get you started.  After that, you’ll earn between 10 and 50 points for regular Steers and, 100 points for Steers completed in a store.  The cash out threshold for VYPR is 10,000 VYPR points which will net you £5 into yoru Paypal account.

How do I get started?

Very blooming easily, is the answer.  Just click over to www.vypr.it and download the app which is available for both iPhone and Android.  Once you’re all set up, you can choose to answer Steers either at home or whilst you’re out shopping to earn VYPR points.  Most Steers take between 30 seconds and two minutes to complete and, your points will be added to your account on completion.

Is it worth my time?

We wouldn’t dream of presuming to know the value of your time but, what we can do is share with you our pros and cons of VYPR:

The good bits

Free – The VYPR app is free to use and, answering Steers involves no investment on your part.

Cash payment – Payment is made by cash into your Paypal account; so no messing about with vouchers or discounts in exchange for your valuable contribution.

The bad bits

Low payout – Realistically, it takes most people a fair while to reach those hallowed 10,000 points in order to cash out from VYP so, don’t expect to be quids in quickly.

Temperamental – The system can, at times, be unrealiable so, it’s a good idea to screenshot your responses in case of any queries further down the line.

To VYPR or not to VYPR?

To be honest, it’s a no from us.  Although you will earn cash which will add up over time – that time will pass at glacial speed.  When it comes to paid opinion sites, there are many others which pay more – and quicker – than this one.

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