Curious Cat App Review

Curious Cat App Review: Survey’s For Cash

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island somewhere for the last few years, you’ve no doubt come across the phenomenon that is the survey site.  There are loads of these sites out there – all jostling for attention and all promising riches in return for spending a few minutes a day filling in online surveys.  You’ve probably also heard the cries of ‘Scam’ and ‘Useless’ with respect to some of them so, we decided to find out, starting with the Curious Cat app.

I’m curious, what’s that?

Curious Cat is an app, available for iPhone and Android which promises to pay cold hard cash for filling in surveys online.  The site is free to sign up to and features surveys on just about every subject you can think of – and some you’d rather not.  As well as surveys, the site features some quick easy tasks such as downloading an app and, payment is made with points which can be transferred into cash and whizzed over to your Paypal account.

How does it work?

Curious Cat partners with a number of affiliates who have surveys to be completed.  Each survey will be looking for respondents with differieng criteria so, you may not always be accepted for the surveys that you choose.  Every time you fill in a survey correctly, Curious Cat will credit your account with points that can be turned into Paypal payments which you can withdraw with a balance as small as £1.

How do I become a cool cat?

Head on over to their website to register – make sure that you enter the website address carefully as there is another site with a similar name.  Once you’re registered, download the free app and you’re ready to rock.  From here, the home screen will give you a list of available surveys and, how many points you will earn for each.  Click onto the survey that’s taken your fancy and you’ll be redirected to the partner page where you’ll be given instructions as to how to fill in the survey.  Bear in mind that you’ll need an internet connection during the entire process.  Once you’ve finished the survey, pop back to Curious Cat to make sure that your points have been added to your account.

What about the wonga?

Each point that you earn with Curious Cat is worth £0.01 and, most surveys will earn you between 40 and 60 points.  You can cash out once your account has 100 points or more in it.

The cat’s pyjamas or a catastrophic waste of time?

First things first, Curious Cat is not a scam.  Although you probably won’t be putting a deposit on that yacht with the proceeds, it is absolutely possible to make a bit of pocket money through the app.  We take a look at some of the pros and cons of becoming a curious cat:


Earn cash – Curious Cat allows you to earn a bit of extra dosh – and fast.  Points are updated almost instantly and you can cash out with just 100 points.

Fun – Some of the surveys can be interesting and, even fun.

On the go – Curious Cat is designed for mobile so you can earn a bit of cash during your commute or in the dentist’s waiting room.


Time – We’re going to be honest; you need to have a lot of free time in order to make any proper money from the site.

Frustration – Often, you’ll click through to a survey and fill out the initial questions – only to be then told that you’re not eligible which can be a waste of your time.

The verdict

If you have a great deal of free time and, you’re not expecting to get rich then Curious Cat isn’t a bad way to while away an hour here and there.  Be warned though; the frustration of being kicked off surveys after putting in some time can often outweigh the benefits of this site.

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