Crowdology Review: Surveys For Shopping Credit

Yes yes, we know that you can’t move online these days without stubbing your toe on at least one survey site – usually many many more.  Springing up like weeds, these sites usually have catchy names and promise riches beyond your imagination for just a few minutes of your time.  Although we’ll admit that some of the sites out there could be called scams, there are lots which are above board and, which can make you a bit of cash.  Today, we’re going to look at London born, Crowdology.

What is Crowdology?

Despite the name, Crowdology is nothing to do with the omnipresent crowdfunding which nobody can get away from these days. This refreshingly simple site deals with surveys – and nothing but surveys, unlike a lot of its competitors.  After registering on the site, members are able to take part in paid surveys and receive credits to their accounts which can be turned into cash or Amazon vouchers.  Surveys available vary in length and in topic and payment per survey varies accordingly.

How does it work?

When signing up to Crowdology, the site will ask you to complete a profile – which will then be used to gauge your suitability for particular surveys.  Crowdology will match your details to appropriate tasks and then notify you in order to give you the chance to take part.  Surveys usually range in time from two minutes to around fifteen minutes and, this will be made clear before you commit to a project.  Once you’ve completed a survey, your responses will be reviewed by Crowdology to determine (a) that your answers are truthful and, (b) that you’ve given the questions the appropriate amount of consideration.  Once your completed survey has been approved, your account will be credited with the appropriate amount.  Once your balance has reached £4 or above, you can then transfer the funds to your Paypal account or, choose to receive an Amazon gift voucher.

How do I join the crowd?

Signing up to Crowdology is pretty easy – pop along to their website, enter your name and email address and, choose a password.  Once your email address has been verified, you’ll be asked to set up your profile – this bit is important as it determines the kind of surveys that you’ll be eligible to take.  You’ll then be free to wait for survey notifications or, to browse the site for those available to you.

Will I be quids in?

We’re going to be honest; you’re not going to be able to take early retirement by joining Crowdology.  Although some surveys pay a little more, on average, you’ll earn between £0.30 and £2.00 per survey completed.  Not a life-changing amount, we know but, with regular use, you can make enough for the odd treat or swap your points for Amazon vouchers on a 1:1 basis; which is great for either yourself or to send as a gift this time of year.

The in-crowd or out crowd?

Now you know the basics regarding Crowdology, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty – is it any good?  Let’s take a look:

The in crowd

Something for nothing (or very little) – It really is quite easy to make a few quid with Crowdology.  Although it won’t be a fortune, every little helps.

Low payout threshold – The withdrawal amount of £4 is quite low for a survey site – and can be helpful if you are looking to get your cash quickly.

The out crowd

Limited surveys – Often, you may have to wait quite some time before a survey fitting your criteria turns up so, Crowdology is not ideal if you’re looking for a regular income.

Un-appy – At present, there is no app available for Crowdology (although the website is mobile-friendly).

Approval – Many users complain that rewards have been withheld due to either untruthful responses or not enough thought put into answers.

Unresponsive – Following on from the last point, members report that the support for Crowdology is almost impossible to get hold of – which can be incredibly frustrating when you feel that rewards have been unfairly withheld.

The survey says

Although it is possible to bag cash and vouchers through Crowdology, it can be a time consuming and frustrating business.  The fact that you may put in time filling in a survey – only for your responses to then be rejected means that you might want to think carefully before investing time on this site.

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