Attapoll Review

Attapoll Review: Cash for Opinions?

These days, the internet is crammed full of survey sites; all promising riches beyond your wildest dreams for a just a couple of minutes’ work.  Many of us have learned the hard way that, in reality, a lot of these sites are a frustrating waste of time.  For this reason, we decided to try a few of the most popular ones to see if it really is possible to earn some spondoolies from surveys.


Attapoll is a mobile app that pays out points for completed surveys.  A modern version of market research, Attapoll works with a number of brands who are willing to pay for opinions on their products and services – payment which is then passed onto Attapoll’s members.

How does it work?

By downloading the app, members can choose surveys of varying lengths to take part in and, on completion, will have their account credited with the relevant number of points.  Like many sites, Attapoll’s surveys are based on a system whereby members need to meet certain criteria to take part in each.  Unlike many other sites, however, Attapoll credits members’ accounts with one point when starting a survey – even if they are then subsequently disqualified on criteria grounds.

Dish the dosh

The surveys offered by Attapoll vary in length and complexity – and this is mirrored by the earnings received.  There are surveys on the site which will pay around £1.28, however, there are also those which only pay a measly £0.12 so you may want to be super-selective when it comes to choosing your surveys.

How do I get involved?

As we’ve mentioned, Attapoll is a phone app so you’ll need to download the app to get started.  You can do this by going to and filling in a few cheeky details (you know the drill).  Once you’re all set and the app is sitting snug in your phone, you can start choosing surveys to complete. Once you’ve finished a survey, the appropriate number of points will be credited to your account and, you can withdraw your cash once your balance reaches £3.

Attaboy or Atta-palling?

Now that we’ve given you an idea of how Attapoll works, we’ll dig a bit deeper and look at the pros and cons of this app:


The wonga – Dedicated Attapollers can earn around £20 to £30 per month; which will certainly pay the odd bill.  You can also earn 50 credits (50p) just for referring a friend.

Credit where credit’s due – Even though it’s only one point, the fact that you earn something takes the frustration out of taking the time to start a survey only to be kicked out because you don’t qualify.

Low withdrawal threshold – In comparison to some other sites, the withdrawal threshold of £3 is reasonably low – and handy if you need to get your hands on some quick cash.


Low, LOW payments – Seriously, very few people are desperate enough for cash to spend 15 minutes earning twelve pence!

High screenout – Although you do receive one shiny credit for disqualification, the high screenout level is still enough to become annoying after a while.

What’s the verdict?

If you have time to spare then Attapoll is certainly worth a shot as long as you are selective about the surveys you choose.  The mobile app makes this is a good option for earning a bit of cash during your daily commute as many surveys only take a minute or two to complete.

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