Yahura System Review – Tim Lowe & John Piper

In this Yahura System Review, I’ll be looking at this new system published by Waverley Media. The system is based around investing and trading digital currencies.

People are always looking to make the most money from their investments. This is especially true for those with quite a small amount to invest. The usual route for these people would be to build a portfolio of stocks, or trade Forex currencies.

In recent times this practice has been overshadowed. The massive returns gained by those investing in cryptocurrencies have made headlines worldwide. As a result, many systems have appeared to educate and train the beginner in investing and trading these currencies.

The Yahura System is one of the more comprehensive systems available. In this review we’ll be examining if it is worth the considerable price.


What is the Yahura System ?
Who are Tim Lowe and John Piper?
How does the Yahura System Work?
How long does the Yahura System take to set up?
How long does it take to use the Yahura System ?
How much can you make with the Yahura System System?
How much does the Yahura System cost?
Is The Yahura System easy to use?
The Yahura System Advantages
The Yahura System Disadvantages
The Yahura System Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is the Yahura System?

The Yahura System is a Digital Trading system from Tim Lowe & John Piper. It is a Home Study course with an extra optional training day with John Piper for some packages.

The aim is to give the user the ability to make profits from Digital Currency markets. It should be ideal for those with little or no prior knowledge.
The Yahura System is the brainchild of John Piper and published by Waverley Media, a company owned by Tim Lowe.

The Yahura system launched on the 10th October 2018 via postal invitation.

Who are Tim Lowe and John Piper?

Tim Lowe is an online marketer from the UK and is the founder of both Markiteer and Waverley Media.

He has published many home study and seminar-based products in the ‘make money’ field. More recently these have concentrated on ‘online trading’.

John Piper is an established name in Financial Trading. His book entitled ‘The Way to Trade,’ is a worldwide bestseller. It is STILL selling almost two decades after it was first published. It was even translated into other languages including Russian and Chinese.

He has been a financial trader for over thirty years and has become a millionaire.

The system has its roots in what happened when John decided to get involved with Digital Currencies.

How does the Yahura System Work?

The Yahura System aims to teach the user about Digital Currencies. It also delivers investment and trading tips from John Piper. The aim is to achieve the long term returns mentioned on the website.

The member’s area contains a comprehensive Digital Currency training course. The aim is to take you from absolute beginner, to being competent and confident.

You will also receive ‘Action Alerts’ from John Piper. These will tell you what he is trading in so you can copy him.

These aim build your portfolio and over time create a considerable sum. The figure used on the website is a very hefty one million pounds.

How long does the Yahura System take to set up?

There is a quick start guide, so you can start responding to John’s alerts almost from the word go.

As you are trading, you will have to sign up with a broker. This means you will have to provide standard pieces of ID so they can check you aren’t up to no good. This process can take up to 48 hours in some cases so a little patience is essential.

You should really use this time to take a look at the course modules. to decide whether you want to learn to trade yourself. Having all of the course modules at your fingertips and not using it does seem like a waste.

The training course is delivered in 12 Modules in the member’s area. There is a large amount of information here, just as you would be expecting when you consider the price.

The modules cover everything from explaining what a digital currency actually is, right up to making your own trades. This includes the psychology behind successful trading.

The modules are made up of a mixture of text, diagrams, and videos explaining each step and technique. The language is clear and easy to understand. This continues throughout (even in the more ‘complex’ bits of the topic).

Each video is not too long and John comes across as very knowledgeable.

There is also a written manual, which is sent a short while after signing up.
Essentially it is a hard copy version of the information in the course, module by module.

As expected, it contains all of the same information and advice. I found this to be a waste of paper as I have no problem reading from a screen.

However, those that like to have a paper source to read or flick through will find this essential.

How long does it take to use the Yahura System?

How long you take to complete your own trades will be up to you. The website does however, makes a big thing about the Action Alerts only taking a few minutes to complete.

The Action Alerts are sent via email detailing which currency to buy and how much. If you are already set-up this can be done using an app on your phone.

This is the Yahura System’s ‘special sauce’ and in my opinion the reason why a lot of people will be buying The Yahura System.

How much can you make with The Yahura System?

Any product from Tim Lowe always comes with some very large numbers attached. In this case it is a million pounds in three years. This immediately sets a few alarms ringing.

But, when you read headlines every day about the massive returns from investing in digital currencies, this might not be too far fetched.

It has to be said though, that giving the 3-year time span, they have carefully sidestepped any need to prove this works in the short term. This might leave some people suspicious.

How Much Does The Yahura System Cost?

This is not cheap. Firstly, there are two options are called the ‘Essentials’ and ‘Essentials Low Entry Cost’. They have the same course content but with differing start and ongoing support payments.

The Essentials is £1,897 with £120 per month for support and ‘action’ alerts. The Essentials Low Entry Cost £1,497 with £165 per month for support and ‘action’ alerts.

The third package, entitled ‘The Full Package’ is £2,697. This includes a years support and Action Alerts. There is also the option for extra training with John Piper at a one-day workshop/seminar. This does sound like a lot of money – and yes it is. Especially once you take into account that you will also have to:

i) find extra funds for a starting bank.
and ii) If you’re going to the extra training with John, you also have to allow for transport and accommodation as this is not included in the package.

NOTE: We opted for the cheapest package purely for the purpose of this review – so as things stand we will not be able to report on the training workshop.

Is The Yahura System easy to use?

As the system has more than one element, there is more than one answer. Provided you are all set-up, responding to John Piper’s Action Alerts is easy.

If you are also planning on learning to trade yourself, things can take a little longer. Without the Action Alerts there is likely to be a lot of research to pick the right trade.

Many things about digital currency trading seem to mirror forex trading. So, I would expect the amount of time taken to be about the same as researching and placing a forex trade.

The Yahura System Advantages

The main advantage of this system is that it offers the best of both worlds. You can learn how to trade digital currencies if you choose, or just respond to the Action Alerts.

The member’s area is easy to navigate. The training is in bitesize chunks so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by what is quite a lot of information.

The Yahura System Disadvantages

The main disadvantage here is the price. The most expensive package costs over £2500 .The recommended starting bank being £1000. This puts it out of the reach of a lot of people.

The other disadvantage is that this has two elements. If you only ever wanted just one of them, you might feel short-changed. If you just want the Action Alerts, you still have to pay for the entire course.

This might put you off.

The Yahura System Conclusion and Overall Rating

The three ways to use the Yahura System are to:

(1) Complete the course modules, learning about cryptocurrencies and how to begin trading.

(2) to jump straight in with an account and some basic knowledge then use John Piper’s ‘Action Alerts’.

(3) Do both.
I would recommend you do both.

As the Yahura System system works on a timescale of years. Because of this, it’s impossible to say for certain where this could end up.

However, initial impressions are that while you might not a million out of this, you could do very well. The course really is informative and educational. The quick start guide lets you get off the ground without wading through all of the modules.

Whether or not you want to learn how to do it all for yourself without John’s Action Alerts is really up to you. The course is well presented and the information is clear.

Even to those who are entirely new to the idea of making money in the Digital Currency markets. There were a couple of webinars at the beginning that had some tech issues which it’s probably mean to laugh at, but all the information was still there (and at least we know John’s a real person!).

This would benefit those with the time and money to invest. Initial impressions are that this will do much better than many alternatives. DO NOT buy the Yahura System expecting huge returns on short-term investment.

This is for people who are serious and willing to stick at it for a decent length of time. We may make other updates (after a full year of using the system for example).

From what we have seen so far, (and taking into account the points above) I would recommend the Yahura System.

You can visit the Yahura System private webpage here

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