Two Minute Trader 2MT+ Review – Worth A Punt?

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From the results our original reviewer got, starting from a position of knowing absolutely nothing at all about sports trading – we would recommend this system to anybody looking to earn an extra income.

In this Two Minute Trader Review review (now 2MT+) I’ll be looking at this horse racing system from Waverley Media.

I’ll be covering what the system is and how it works. I’ll also see if the system offers a real alternative matched betting.

Additionally, we’ll be finding out if you can 2MT+ can run alongside any other system.


What is 2MT+?

How does 2MT+ work?

How long does 2MT+ take?

How much can you make with 2MT+?

How much does 2MT+ cost to set up?

Is 2MT+ easy to use?

Is 2MT+ matched betting?

Can you use 2MT+ with other systems?

Will using 2MT+ get you ‘gubbed’?

Can you get 2MT+ for free?

2MT+ Advantages

2MT+ Disadvantages

2MT+ Conclusion and Over all Rating

What is 2MT+?

2MT+ (or Two Minute Trader) is an enhanced matched betting system from Waverley Media. It was first released in the autumn of 2016 as Two Minute Trader. It was then re-released 6 months later as Two Minute Trader PLUS, then re-branded 2MT+ in autumn 2018.

2MT is, of course an abbreviation of Two Minute Trader. The 2MT+ system uses the movement of odds in horse racing to create profits for users.

How does 2MT+ work?

Subscribers receive selections via email each evening. Users can then place a BACK bet at a bookmaker. They can then ‘cash out’ by placing a calculated LAY bet at Betfair the next day.

The movement in the odds overnight provides the user with their profit. The website states this selection process has a success rate of over 75%

How long does 2MT+ take?

The system was originally named Two Minute Trader. This is because it should take less than two minutes to complete each ‘trade’. After some initial setup, (that you only have to do once) this timing is correct.

Each selection quotes the horse name, race meeting and time the next day. Bookmakers with the best current odds are also quoted.

The bookmakers listed are all ‘big names’ such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and BET365.

Users then can log into their bookmakers accounts and place a back bet. this can take as little as 30 seconds.

It does take longer to place the correct LAY bet. This is because placing the LAY bet involves using a bet calculator. Placing the LAY bet also involves a certain element of timing.

I will explain this in greater detail below.

How much can you make with 2MT+?

How much money you make will vary, depending on what time you ‘cash out’.

Each selection will have a ‘sweet spot’ when the most profit is available. The ‘Morning Overview’ sent to users each weekday morning advises users when this is.

If you hit this ‘sweet spot’ consistently, achieving the ‘advertised’ profit of £500-£1000 is possible.

How Much does 2MT+ cost to set up?

There are actually two factors here. These two factors are money and time.
First of all, money. The system costs £79.95 per month on subscription.

This is more expensive than many other systems you will come across. Also unlike many other systems, you will need a starting bank.

The recommended starting bank for 2MT+ is between £300-£500. Also, unless you already have several bookmakers accounts, it will take time to set these up.

Then we get on to time. If you do not already have several bookmakers accounts, there is a bonus. When you join a bookmaker, they will give you a bonus for joining.

This is the main principle behind most matched betting systems.

These bonuses are usually free bets. By using these free bets as LAY bets in 2MT+, you can profit twice.

Is 2MT+ easy to use?

The instructions for 2MT+ are quite simple. The majority of the training in the member’s area is for complete beginners.

If you have done any sort of matched betting or arbing before, this will be very straightforward. The only problem is with the timing of the lay bet (see disadvantages).

If you can lay and place a bet, this is easy to use. The cash-out calculator is a bespoke LAY BET calculator.

You select the horse from the drop-down menu and enter your back odds. You then enter the lay price.

The calculator then gives you the stake to use and your profit.

Is 2MT+ matched betting?

2MT+ is not matched betting like Oddsmonkey and Profit Squirrel. It does involve placing a back and a lay bet, but does not rely on bookmakers bonuses.

2MT+ is more betting arbitrage, which involves selling a bet for more than you paid for it. You do not have to understand this principle to use 2MT+.

Can you use 2MT+ with other systems?

Unless the selections clash, you can use 2MT+ alongside other systems. 2MT+ is not matched betting. So, you could run it at the same time as your subscription to Oddsmonkey or Profit Squirrel.

I should mention though a problem with using 2MT+ alongside another system. This might cause a difference in your betting behaviour. Changes like this can get you unwanted attention. =

Will using 2MT+ get you ‘gubbed’?

Being ‘gubbed’ is another term for having your betting account cancelled. This can happen often when using many matched betting systems. ‘Gubbing’ happens when a bookmaker thinks you are up to something.

Because you are acting like a ‘punter’, this should not happen as often while using 2MT+. Users make profit from both Bookmaker and Betfair at different times. This makes your behaviour seem normal.

There is also a section in the 2MT+ instructions about not getting banned. Users brand new to betting will find this most useful. If you have an experience it just reads as common sense.

Can you get 2MT+ for free?

Unlike most matched betting or arbing systems, 2MT+ does not offer a free trial. This will put many potential users off as a free trial is pretty much standard these days.

There is another way to get a free trial of 2MT+.

The publisher of 2MT+ also sells a book called Millionaire Mindset. If you buy this book for a pound, they will offer you a free month of 2MT+ after you have purchased.

Here is the link to buy the book.

2MT+ Advantages

The biggest advantage of 2MT+ in our trial is that it worked. The instructions were easy to follow, especially if you have any experience at all.

The selections contain all the information you need to place your bet. If you don’t get the best odds straight away, there are alternatives.

The ‘morning overview’ email had a lot of useful information for cashing out. New users can get to grips with it and start making profits.

2MT+ Disadvantages

First of all, 2MT+ is quite expensive. £79.95 each month is quite a lot compared to other systems.

There is no free trial or money-back guarantee. There is an earnings guarantee, but you have to make a certain amount of trades to qualify.
The biggest disadvantage is with timing.

The selections arrive one at a time, any time between 5pm and 9pm. So, to guarantee the best odds you have to jump on them straight away.

The same problem with cashing out. To get the most profit, your timing has to be pretty good. Or, you have to be quite savvy with your lay bet and hope it gets taken on Betfair.

2MT+ Conclusion and Overall Rating

If you have a job where you can access Betfair throughout the day, this system is perfect for you. If your evenings aren’t too hectic, that’s even better.

You will be able to jump on the selections as soon as they arrive and get the best odds. You will be able to check Betfair every now and then to see if your lay bet is taken.

If your evenings are hectic and you only have access to the Betfair once or twice a day, you might want to think twice.

You may have to take selections at lesser odds, and have to cash out at a less profitable time.

This does not mean you will not be able to make money with 2MT+, you just won’t make as much.

Make sure you take this into account before buying, as there is no free trial. There is also an earnings guarantee instead of the usual money-back guarantee. For this you have to have completed a certain amount of trades.

All in all, I would say this is a very good system that can make you a very good profit each month if you use it properly. Even with the quite expensive monthly subscription taking a lump out of your profits, it is well worth a try.

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  • Easy To Get Started - 98%
  • Training & Support - 95%

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