Daisho System Review – Tim Lowe And Tony Langley

In this Daisho System Review we’ll be taking a look at this popular system from Waverley Media.

The Daisho System Home Study Programme Review

We’ll be looking at the development of Daisho System in all three of its versions. These are the Daisho System Seminars, Daisho System Home Study Course, and Daisho Lite.

We’ll explain how the Daisho system works and whether or not it is easy to use. We’ll also be checking out how much the Daisho System costs and how much you can expect to make from using it.


What is The Daisho System?

Daisho System Seminars and Home Study Course

Daisho Lite

How does The Daisho System Work?

How long does the Daisho System take to set up?

How long does it take to use the Daisho System?

How much can you make with The Daisho System?

How much does The Daisho System cost

Is The Daisho System easy to use?

Is The Daisho System gambling?

The Daisho System Advantages

The Daisho System Disadvantages

The Daisho System Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is The Daisho System?

Well, put basically, the Daisho system is a football trading system. More specifically, it consists of five methods of trading football matches on Betfair.

Daisho System Tony Langley

It was created by Tony Langley and published by Waverley Media (Markiteer) a company run by Tim Lowe. Tim Lowe and Tony Langley have worked together before, on the Football Hedging System in 2015.

The Daisho System is marketed as an updated, simpler version of the Football Hedging System, and shares much of the same content.

Now we’ll take a look at the different versions of the Daisho System.

Daisho System Seminars and Home Study Course

All the different versions of The Daisho System have, essentially, the same content. The main difference is the way buyers access that information and the level of support they receive.

The Daisho System was first released as a ‘seminar only’ event. These took place over several days in the summer of 2017.

After these seminars finished, the Daisho System Home Study Programme was released. Users accessed the system online with an for one day’s training with Tony. The reason given for releasing a Home Study Programme was that not everybody was able to get to the seminars in Surrey.

In the spring of 2018, Home Study Programme closed to new subscribers. The reason given for this was that the site had reached the capacity that Tony could support.

The Home Study Programme is currently the most widely used version of the Daisho System.

Daisho Lite

A few months after the closure of the Home Study Programme, Daisho Lite was released.

Daisho Lite followed exactly the same principles as the Home Study Course. The main difference between Daisho Lite and its predecessors was that this new version did not receive support from Tony Langley.

Consequently, Daisho Lite was much cheaper than both the Seminars and the Home Study Programme. This price was then reduced further as a special offer for the 2018 World Cup and the beginning of the following football season.

How does The Daisho System work?

As already mentioned, all versions of  The Daisho System consist of the same 5 ‘trading’ methods.

As you might expect, every one of these methods takes advantage of a particular series of events in football matches.

You’ll start off by researching the day’s football matches according to given criteria. This will identify which matches offer various opportunities for each of the methods. If you would prefer not to do this, there is an option to have alerts sent to you via email.

After that, it’s just a case of following the instructions to place the correct ‘back’ bet on Betfair. Then, when certain criteria are then met, you will then place a lay bet or ‘cash out’ to create a profit.

If everything does do not go according to plan, you can employ one of the bespoke ‘recovery methods’. There is one for each method with the aim of turning a losing position into an at least break even one.

On the face of it – that all sounds quite simple. Following the instructions, however, can prove to be a different issue entirely.

How long does The Daisho System take to set up?

So, let’s take a look at getting started with this:

Before we go any further, I should make something very plain. The Daisho System has the potential to make you a lot of money and put basically, making a lot of money is rarely simple.

The Daisho System members area contains several training videos for each of the methods. Each method is demonstrated with examples and there are also details of each recovery method.

The videos are very comprehensive with detailed explanations from Tony.

Tony is very enthusiastic about his subject matter and new users may find this a bit much.

However, I would recommend you watch all of the training videos at least twice and you become more used to Tony’s style.

The Daisho System Review

In addition, you’ll also get a set of written instructions through the post.

This is useful as a back-up to the videos, but when you are using the methods ‘live’ it would probably be best used as a quick reference guide.

There is a fair bit to take in so I would recommend you follow the advice to learn one method at a time. As mentioned above, you should really watch the videos a few times taking notes then spend some time ‘paper trading’.

You should really ‘paper trade’ each of the methods until you are confident. Only then are you advised to trade ‘live’, using small stakes.

This might seem like slow going, and it is. The important thing here, though is that you have to understand what you are dong before you start to use real money. This is because getting it wrong can be very costly.

If you are getting the impression it might take forever to make any money with this, I should also mention that once you have learned a method you can always use that one while you learn the next one.

How long does it take to use the Daisho System?

Once you have learned the methods, it all gets a lot simpler. There will be a few minutes of research to do each day, which will vary according to how many matches are being played. For instance, there will be more research to do on a Saturday in October than a Wednesday in June.

Each method will take you 90 minutes at most, but most will take much less. You do not have to be ‘active’ for the whole time, as it is possible to set alerts to tell you when something significant has happened.

The Daisho System covers matches worldwide so you are not just restricted to the UK football season. This does mean that if you are using it in the summer, you could be using this early in the morning or late at night.

On the other hand, this does mean that the system can be used at almost any time.

How Much Can You Make With The Daisho System

How much can you make with The Daisho System?

How much money you make with the Daisho System will vary.

In the textbook version, you will spend your first six months building your bank. Using the given figure of 65% growth each month, that will give you a considerable bank.

You then use this bank each month, withdrawing only the profits. Because of the size of your bank, the stakes will be quite large, as will your profits. The website estimates these profits to be £9000 to £12000 each month.

For most of us, this is a lot of money, and as I’ve already mentioned, making a lot of money is not easy. You do have to bear in mind that you have to learn all the methods and then spend six months building your bank.

This means that if you are a slow learner, it could be a year before you see any return at all on what you have paid.

How Much does The Daisho System cost?

There are three packages on offer for Home Study Programme buyers. The first two (Gold and Platinum) priced at £1297 and £1697. The only difference between the two is the price you pay for support after the first 30 days.

The Diamond package is the same price as the seminar type event at £2597. This includes 12 months of support and a 1-day meeting with Tony.

Daisho Lite is much cheaper at £697. It has also been priced at £397 for special promotions such as the 2018 World Cup.

Is The Daisho System easy to use?

The easy answer to this is no. In fairness though, not many ways of making £9000+ per month are. Each of the methods will take time to perfect. This will be followed by what could be a long period of practice.

Because of the large number of factors involved each time you use this it would be very bold to describe it as easy. The fairest thing to say is that it is simple as it could be, but is still very involved.

Is The Daisho System gambling?

If you have any experience with systems of this type, you would probably call the Daisho System sports trading. On the Daisho website, they do not call it sports trading but instead, call it ‘structured betting’.

Whether or not sports trading can be considered gambling is a matter of constant debate. Some will think anything you do on Betfair qualifies it as gambling because Betfair is a betting exchange (and the clue is in the name).

Others think that if you have a strategy in place and place a lay bet to ‘close’, it’s trading (like Forex or Stock trading) and not gambling.

The Daisho System Advantages

This system is very comprehensive and does a good job of presenting each of the methods fully. You could never say Tony does not go into enough detail and his passion for showing you what he knows is beyond doubt.

The system is structured so that you can learn at your own pace, and do what you want when you want. You don’t have to learn all of the methods.

You can just learn one and get started with before progressing on to the others.

The Daisho System Disadvantages

Becoming involved with this system is a large undertaking. The initial cost is high and you are committing to what could be an extended period of learning.

There is not much reward for many months which gives you plenty of opportunities to lose heart. I would imagine the number of people who tried this for a few weeks then gave up is very high.

Daisho System Review

The Daisho System Conclusion and Overall Rating

Overall, this system is very well put together. The training is comprehensive and you are not tied to any deadlines. You can do this anywhere, as long as using sites like Betfair is legal (so check before you go on holiday)

It is, however, one of the more expensive systems you are likely to buy. So, I would recommend this to you, but only if you take the following information onboard.

If you are expecting to make large profits straight away, steer clear. this is a long term commitment and you are likely to give up and end up wasting your money.

The level of commitment involved makes perfect for very few people. I would say most would just do ‘OK’ with this if they stuck with it.

If you have quite an analytical brain you should take to this and achieve good results. Whether the £9000 – £12000 each month is achievable is open to debate.

Others who are willing to commit and practice should still do well with this, though I would have my doubts about them making the ‘advertised’ profits. They should, however, certainly make enough to make it worth their while.

You can visit the Daisho System Website here

49 Replies to “Daisho System Review – Tim Lowe And Tony Langley

    1. Great question Tony as the Daisho sales microsite talks about how this system is ‘proven’ no less than TEN times!

      Tim, the system’s publisher, is very upfront about the fact this is a simplified version of last year’s hugely successful Football Hedging Tony Langley product. So the proof on the sales microsite is the track record from football hedging, this again being a simplified version of that.

    1. I’m sorry Tracy, we can’t recommend anything. Can I suggest you contact the seller directly? It’s Tim Lowe of Waverley Media. I hope that helps!

  1. Hello Extra Income Guru,

    Do you know if this ‘new’ Daisho system has any new ideas in it?

    Waiting for your response…

    1. Hi Gerard, it looks like that is the case. I can’t imagine Tony wouldn’t be able to claim he’d simplified it if he was carrying on the way he was when he did the old football hedging system. Does that make sense?

    1. Hello Mary, it sounds like you are new to the world of trading! Would that be fair to say?

      Yes, I suppose you could start paper trading this. Actually, come to think of it Tony regularly recommends exactly that for newbies like yourself.

      Have you decided to buy yet?

  2. Not sure about Betfair trading. Surely if there are loads of people doing this – like the emails I get almost endlessly – how can there be enough money around to cover all of the possible outcomes ?

    1. Hi Dave, I get endless emails too… but to me that means there MUST be lots of money around to cover all possible outcomes precisely because there are a lot of people doing it! And anyway, not everyone is doing it in the same way; just take a look around this site at all the different Betfair systems on offer! You’ll see from some of our reviews that most systems are not as successful as Daisho (which means there’s the money!)

      1. I asked this about Football Hedging and they told me that one of the things Tony Langley checks for is the amount of money there before he recommends a game. Don’t know if it’s the same for this new one.

  3. I really like the look of this but at over a grand its way beyond my budget – is there a cheaper way of getting hold of this ?

    1. I know some bloke was trying to sell Football Hedging on eBay but he got shut down – they have your name embedded in the videos so they could tell who it was. Don’t know if he was prosecuted or not.

  4. Is this Home Study just a DVD of the seminars he’s just done ? that’s what Tim Lowe normally does with this kind of thing.

    1. I bought DVDs of the V System years ago and that was just DVDs of Matt Fyles presenting, like the kind of things I’ve got from Andrew Reynolds before. Heard this wasn’t like that but was all online like a proper course.

  5. I liked Tony, he’s a good lad – can’t say the same about that woman he was doing it with though – is she involved in this too ?

    1. Do you mean Pauline, Mike? The lady who did SportSure with Tony way back? No, Pauline does not seem to be working with the Daisho trading system.

  6. Hello Extra Income Guru, I’m looking to replace a part time job; is it really possible to make a real income from Daisho? Thank you.

    1. Hi Betty, great question! Can you replace your part-time job by trading Daisho?

      Yes… but it depends on how well you apply the lessons from Tony and how well you can apply them. But yes it is very possible to make a very decent replacement income from Daisho.

      Have you already purchased?

  7. Does the software work on Mac OS X or is it Windows only? Also I’m confined to a desktop, whereas the advert talks of laptops, devices and mobile phones but I own none of these.

  8. Hello Graham, is there a way Tony Langley and Tim Lowie could alter the repayment method (football hedging) to suit my university colleagues and me. Either by starting with£300 and taking the rest of the money in the first 6month of trading or by offering a fair alternative for us. We are quite a large number of interested students, unfortunately, £2500 is quite steep for a student who is fully dependant on the grant and a part-time job. His help could help us graduate debt-free or lighter in debt than we already are, Please. Thank you

  9. I’ve been reading in the other comments that this £2500 how long does it take to get this back and has anybody actually done it ?

    1. You’re not the first person to comment on the price, and yes it is expensive. A lot of people have been put off by the price but they would say it’s justified by the returns you get. If you follow the plan, you’ll should have enough in your bank to cover the cost after about 5 months of live trading. Getting hold of this is a big commitment money-wise, but the projected returns are too.

  10. I’m not sure about this. I’ve just been to the website and seen those screenshots – how can he be getting that from just £300 ?

    1. Hi Gary,

      We’re told the idea here is to build your bank over about 9 months then you’ll have the bank size to do trades like that.

    1. Hi Stu,

      Well spotted 😉 The official story is that when Tony Langley has too many support questions to answer, they close. This has happened a couple of times before but the last time they said it was permanently and it’s been quiet since then.

  11. dont believe it. there must be some other reason why this is closed if i could sell something for 2 grand i wouldnt stop doing it

    1. We actually spoke to someone at Waverley Media just after they closed ‘permanently’ and tried to buy one but they repeated the ‘membership full’ story so we think it must be true. We asked if/when it would be opening again and the man said ‘not unless we find some way of cloning Tony’

    1. Hi Colin,

      The standalone works by using the time of first goal market. It’s not a free method from the Daisho System but something completely separate

  12. It`s a scam. Tim Lowe and Waverley Media breached the Advertising Standards Authority binding agreements in that they were never to use the terms risk free in any of their advertising again. Tim Lowe is also of the opinion that he can do anything with anyone`s data. He was recently reported to the Information Commissioners Office as he breached the Data protection Act 1998. Tim Lowe is one of the most corrupt liars that I have ever come across.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Wow. These are very bold claims, especially against a guy who is generally well respected and has been established for nigh on 20 years.

      Obviously you are entitled to your opinion but this site believes in details and truthfulness so we would like to see you provide clear evidence of what you say.

      Surely IF Tim Lowe breached an Agreement with the ASA then they would take action, which doesn’t seem to have happened, unless you can provide evidence otherwise?

      How do YOU know he was reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office? What did he actually do, was it a minor or major breach? And if he was reported, what was the outcome, because being reported and being found to be wrong are two different things?

      1. As we’ve seen no further comment from Mark, or anything in the way of clear evidence, we’ll have to consider this one closed…

    1. Hi F.J.

      We haven’t tried so really we don’t know. Not sure why you would not want to use the recovery methods because it’s what separates this from other trading systems, and kind of what you pay the money for.

      I’m guessing the methods would probably still be profitable without the recovery but at nothing like the numbers all over their sales site.

  13. Has anyone got hold of the cheap version yet? this is more my price band but im worried about there not being any support. When I’ve looked before it was all about how hands on Tony was. Now it seems it still works without him which Im not sure about.

    1. That does seem to be quite a concern over all. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has just has experience of the Lite version.

  14. I purchased this system a few months ago. If anyone needs a chat about it, I will gladly answer any questions.

    1. Hi and welcome – however on this site we’d prefer to use names so please in future comments could you use yours rather than ‘The Skeptic’

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