Buncejar Review – Better than Bonus Bagging or Matched Betting?

Buncejar Review

In this Buncejar Review I will compare it to matched betting systems.

Many people are already familiar with matched betting products. These include Oddsmonkey, Profit Squirrel and Bonus Bagging. In fact, there are so many of them that you could wonder if there is room for another one.

One of the biggest frustrations with the many matched betting systems is that they rely on free bets. As we all know, free bets don’t last forever.

Recently, the government regulator clamped down on bonuses for online slots and casino. The thinking is now that bookmakers bonuses are on the way out. If they do, matched betting products will go with them.

This means the door has opened for arbing systems that not rely on matched bets. Buncejar is at the forefront of these and in this review, we’ll see how well it fills some very big shoes.


What is Buncejar ?

How does Buncejar Work?

How long does Buncejar take to set up?

How long does it take to use Buncejar?

How much can you make with Buncejar?

How much does Buncejar cost?

Is Buncejar easy to use?

Buncejar Advantages

Buncejar Disadvantages

Buncejar Conclusion and Overall Rating

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What Is Buncejar?

Buncejar is a horse racing arbing system published by Waverley Media. It works on their 2MT+ selection and betting process. It is currently available as a monthly subscription with a 30-day free trial.

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How does Buncejar work?

Buncejar works by selecting shorter priced horses, often the favourite. Users are then informed of these selections by email as soon as they meet the selection criteria.

You place a back bet on these selections at the bookmaker the evening before the race. The aim is that the odds move overnight and you place a lay bet at Betfair the following morning. The price movement then provides you with your profit.

How long does Buncejar take to set up?

Joining the site is a quick process and you’ll get your login a couple of minutes later. From there you can access the member’s areas and the training materials. If you have any experience with backing and laying at all you will find this basic and easy to understand.

If you are brand new to all this it will be very useful. It will also be plain that this is not complicated and the real ‘special sauce’ is the selection process. Buncejar is all about following the instructions in the email alerts.

You might spend some extra time opening accounts at bookmakers or Betfair if you don’t already have them. Otherwise, you can be up and running within half an hour.

Buncejar Review

How long does it take to use Buncejar?

How long it takes will depend on how many selections there are each evening. You will get anything between 2 and 8 selections each evening. These arrive at various times between about 5.30pm and 9 pm.

Each selection arrives with which bookmakers have the best price. These are all established bookmakers. Chances are, you will already have an account with them.

Placing the back bet is simple. You log on to the bookmaker’s website when the selection arrives and then place the bet. The longest it took me was about a minute.

Buncejar Review - How It Works

You have to repeat the process for each selection, but it is quite quick.

You’ll find it’s a couple of minutes to get in and a few more to get out.

How much can you make with Buncejar?

The Buncejar website will tell you that you can make between £500-£1000 each month. This is based on £50 stakes and taking the available selections. Using the advised £500 starting bank this looks possible.

If don’t take every selection or use different stakes, this will affect your results.

How much does Buncejar cost?

Buncejar Review - Buncejar 30 Day free trial

Buncejar is a monthly subscription with a 30-day free trial when you start. The subscription costs £39.95 each month. This is more expensive than other systems competing for your attention.

But, as Buncejar is not a pure matched betting product, it’s in a genre of its own.

The real measure of value for money is the return you can get for the subscription, and that seems very good.

Is Buncejar easy to use?

If you have access to the internet throughout the day it should be easy to use. As long as you can stop what you’re doing for a minute or so in the evening, you should have no problems.

The problems occur if you happen to be driving home when selections arrive. That, or you have a job where you don’t have access to the internet during the day. If that is the case, there might be some missed selections and quite a lot of toilet breaks.

Buncejar Review – Advantages

Buncejar has several advantages over matched betting systems. As it does not rely on bookmakers bonuses. This has much greater longevity than either Oddsmonkey or Profit Squirrel. Using Buncejar for two weeks prior to this review, we only used four different bookmakers. All for of which we already had accounts with.

It is quick to use, and unless you’ve never done anything like this before, you can get going in about half an hour.

Buncejar also sidesteps the problem of ‘gubbing’. This is when a bookmaker cancels your account because they think you are using a ‘system’.

Using Buncejar looks like normal ‘punter’ activity. Because of this, the chances of getting ‘gubbed’ are slim. In fact, there is even a section in the member’s area on how to avoid being ‘gubbed’. This should be read by anybody who wants to use matched betting or arbing.

Buncejar Review – Disadvantages

The major disadvantage over matched betting products is that Buncejar occasionally loses. Whereas matched betting is theoretically risk-free, not all Buncejar selections go as planned. While this is more than offset by the wins, none of us like losing and a couple of loses in a row is bound to make you nervous.

Another disadvantage is that you can miss selections if your evening is busy. or you can’t use Betfair during the day, you won’t get the most out of this.

Buncejar Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

I made over £200 in the two weeks I used it prior to writing this review. I did miss a few selections due to driving when they came in. By the time I had logged on the odds had already moved. Also, on a few occasions, I was out and about during the day and had to cash out for much less profit than I could have made.

Otherwise, Buncejar is very good indeed. It has longevity and is easy to get started. You could do this alongside any matched betting system as there is very little crossover. In fact, I am going to continue Buncejar. Despite the missed opportunities, this is well worth the effort for the money.

I would recommend this to anybody unless they do not have;

i) time to put selections on in the evenings, or ii) can’t access Betfair during the day. This is the only reason you would not make money with this.

There are still a few days left to use Buncejar on a 30-day free trial using this link

2 Replies to “Buncejar Review – Better than Bonus Bagging or Matched Betting?

  1. Hey,

    This is exactly the same as Two Minute Trader, which got a very high score from your site, what separates this service from TMT in your opinion?


    1. Hi Alan,

      I’m just writing a larger piece about matched betting and I used an analogy comparing oddsmonkey and profit squirrel that also works well here for Buncejar and Two Minute Trader.

      It’s kind of like choosing between Morrisons and ASDA, they’ve both got pretty much the same stuff, and you’ll usually get what you want from either and which you decide to use will depend on which is easiest to get round and which has the best offers at the time.

      At the moment, Buncejar seems to have the better offer.



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