2 Minute Trader Plus Review – UPDATED

2 Minute Trader and Two Minute Trader plus in an enhanced matched betting system from Waverley Media. Users are advised of ‘trades’ each evening which involve placing a bet at a bookies and then cashing out by placing a LAY bet at Betfair the next day for a profit. This selection process has reported to have a success rate of over 75%. Two minute trader has been running for just over a year and reported profits from consist £50 stakes are said to be close to £10,000 dependent on when users cash out.

2 Minute Trader Official Website:

Have been really busy over the last few weeks – so I decided to try something different. Because I was short on time, I cashed out at 11am every day, taking the available Lay price at that time. I also didn’t bother (or in fact have time ) to use the recovery calculator. So this actually was just taking me 3 or four minutes a day, total. Taking all that into account, I wasn’t expecting to get the ‘advertised’ results. Even so, for my three of for minutes of doing this every day I’m still over £100 up since Monday 28th Jan, and will probably be about £130-£150 up by the end of the month. Not a fortune, but for the effort involved I’m not unhappy. Over a year in, and I’m still yet to come out of any month having lost money – even when you take the subscription into account.

When we got hold of the 2 Minute Trader system, we thought we’d really put it to the test by giving it to a brand new reviewer to take a look at. This wasn’t because nobody else wanted to do it but because the person we picked was not only brand new to any sort of trading, had never placed a bet before or even opened an account with any bookmaker or even Betfair.

We did this because the sales literature (and there are pages and pages of it) make some pretty big claims about it taking literally 2 minutes and not needing any special skills or experience to make money from the system and we wanted to see if this was true.

It turned out, that yes, after a few teething problems (we’ll cover those in a moment) it was possible to do this from the point of no experience, and yes, most of the time it did take only two minutes. There are’ buts’ – there always are. You need to allow yourself a good couple of hours to set you the bookmaker’s accounts, and have a scan/photo of simple ID like a driving license to hand in case they need it. After that, it did seem to be quite a quick process sometimes taking just 30 seconds to place the bet when the selection came through.

It’s not all that easy though.

Each of the selections are sent individually, as they meet the right criteria, and you don’t know how many there will be. This can mean you could get one email or ten, at any time between about 6pm and 9pm so when our reviewer first started using this, they had trouble thinking about anything else during the evening, because this was always at the back of their mind.It did soon pass though. The same could be said the following day. The reviewer found the morning overview very helpful in the amount of guidance it offered regarding best times to cash out and prices to ask for, but again the reviewer found they had this at the back of their mind until after they had cashed out the last selection.

It has to be said this did pass once they got into the rhythm of it all but for the first few days, it seemed like a lot longer than just two minutes to complete each trade. There were various cashing out tactics tried – all at the same time or 20 minutes before the race started.

Our reviewer got on quite well with placing a lay bet at Betfair at the price mentioned in the morning overview and waiting for it to be taken, looking back 20 minutes before the race to check and taking the best available price at that time if it hadn’t. This tactic is OK, but a couple of times our reviewer forgot to check and didn’t get their lay bet on, which would have been very bad except one of the times the horse won and made a massive profit. However this is not a tactic we would recommend at it could have easily left him £100 worse off

…and the results…

As for the earnings, our reviewer didn’t make over £500 every month as there was always a week where he missed a selection due to one reason or another, and the odd ‘whoops’ as we’ve already mentioned.

From the results our original reviewer got, starting from a position of knowing absolutely nothing at all about sports trading – we would recommend this system to anybody looking to earn an extra income.

We’ve also decided to take a full look at it ourselves over the coming weeks from the point of view of somebody with basic knowledge of sports and Betfair trading, and seeing what you can really do with it – and we’ll be posting updates here….

This review is of the 2 Minute Trader Plus system is limited to the later plus release of the 2 Minute Trader system. This is because  I was not exposed to this moneymaking system before the 2017 relaunch.

In this review, I will cover:

  • Who is behind the 2 Minute Trader plus system?
  • What is the 2 Minute Trader plus system about?
  • What we need to get involved?

Who publishes 2 Minute Trader PLUS?

2 Minute Trader Headline

First and foremost we need to cover who the 2 Minute Trader system comes from; Tim Lowe. Tim Lowe is the man behind 2 Minute Trader as it is published by his company Waverley Media Ltd, who also publish the Daisho System Like so many other people you might already know him from his friendly letters that arrive on your doorstep every couple of months.

I was asked during a visit to the Extra Income Guru office to try 2 Minute Trader for the first time earlier this year. Long story short I’m glad I did.

Buying 2 Minute Trader

I was given a letter they had received with a big website address across the bottom, offering more information about his latest system. That web address was and so that’s where I went to find out more about the system.

I found the website quite long and wordy but it fits in with the original letter and it was clean and simple. The benefits of 2 Minute Trader seemed to outweigh the cost so I decided to give it a try. I put in my payment details and bought my first system of this type.

Within a few minutes, I had an email with my login information. So good so far.

2 Minute Trader Background

Before I dive into the website thought I’d cover some of the background covered in the sales material.

So, 2 Minute Trader Plus is a relaunched improved edition of 2 Minute Trader that was originally released late in 2016. The headline suggested it was possible to “cream off” between £500 and £1000 every month by using this system. Which I didn’t think was too bad.

That and it is supposed to only take a couple of minutes a day, and all the profits are tax-free.

Why are profits from 2 Minute Trader tax-free?

2 Minute Trader Tax Free

How can it be tax-free? I’ve often wondered how these systems can generate tax-free income it didn’t make any sense to me.

I’ve since learned that while the systems that I’m interested in but involve horse racing and football et cetera only exist because other people are gambling when I want to trade because it happens in a gambler’s market any earnings other proceeds of gambling. And therefore non-taxable.

Why 2 minute Trader is trading and not gambling

The nice thing is that we can be traders, buying and selling bets, while everyone else’s gambling and because everyone else’s gambling our trading attracts no tax. Pretty cool. Trading, not gambling.

One of the things that Tim really pushes in the sales letter is the fact that this is not gambling. You can make a huge amount of sense to start with. I thought I’d add this section just to drive home the point that I made above.

What I’ve learned is that in order to trade you just need a commodity. A commodity is just a thing. And in the case of 2 Minute Trader Plus, the thing is a horse. The horse in a horse race.

So there are people still gambling, as in they will place a bet and they will let the horse run. They either win big or lose all the money. And we all know that more often than not gamblers lose money. I don’t want to lose any money and that was my first thought that I have to get through in understanding why this is not gambling.

The way that I’ve come to understand it is basically that the gamblers create the market. Betfair, a market in which 2 Minute Trader operates, only exists because people want to gamble. Good for them. Not good for me.

But once a market like Betfair exists, traders come in and start doing their thing. And the reason why it’s trading is that we don’t just buy that and let it run. We buy and then sell that same bet before it runs. And it’s the selling that that makes it trading. Buying and selling.

Lee Stuart Evans and 2 Minute Trader

2 Minute Trader Lee Evans

Tim refers to Lee a lot in the 2 Minute Trader sales letter. Lee is the brains behind the system, the smart guy you notice the anomaly and figured it all out. Thank you, Lee!

I’m making good money. Apparently, Lee isn’t the guy who actually makes the system run. Lee found that he couldn’t find all the trades available every night. So the story is Tim got his techies to build a big computer that can monitor the market 24 hours a day seven days a week and completely automate finding the trades. And it’s a subscription to the output of that computer that we are buying.

The computer that finds the 2 Minute Trades sends out the selections (of horses to bet on) the night before. I found this happens pretty reliably between about 6.30pm and 9.30pm.

One problem which I did have was with my phone. My phone would not get the emails until 15 minutes late which meant that the odds are changed and I couldn’t get a bet on. Just something to be wary of.

So that’s the evening email comes in with the selections. There are other emails that you get with this system. Lee seems to work Monday to Friday, as a phone number at the bottom of the member’s area of the website suggests. And every day Monday to Friday around 10 o’clock I seem to get a pretty accurate set of instructions written by Lee himself about what to do with the trades that I place last night.

2 Minute Trader Results

2 Minute Trader Results

This is the real reason why I bought. This system is the first I’ve seen that publishes its results. Is actually a whole section on the 2 Minute Trader Plus website called results and analysis so that people like me and you can dig in and see how it actually performs.

Couple that with the guarantee and I was happy to pay the money in order to look how the system has really done. More about this later in the review. The actual results convince me that this system is capable of making hundreds if not thousands of pounds and cost less than that every month.

They published 327 test trades 70% of which were profitable, with the others being either break-even or small loss. I liked the idea of making a £5.75 average profit two minutes work each time. The deal The deal was pretty clear: no major investment, no big risks, no need to be an expert in horse racing, no need to spend a lot of time watching horse racing, access to huge amounts of data, a chance to beat the bookies, and it was a Tim Lowe product for less than 80 quid a month. Great.

Since then they’ve now published another 479 trades with an average profit £6.24. Even better. Starting bank, or how much money you need to start with. Tim suggest starting with about a hundred pounds in your betting bank to get started with 2 Minute Trader plus. I actually put a lot more than that in to start with so that I could start with larger stakes. And therefore make more money.

2 Minute Trader Download

I also like the fact that there was nothing to download and install. I didn’t have to worry about that stuff. Okay that might be strange coming from someone who is building this website but there’s only so much time in a day and I want to build websites, I don’t want to have to learn about everything I trade.

Everything to do with the 2 Minute Trader Plus system is hosted by Tim’s company Waverley Media on their servers have to worry about. About the 2 Minute Trader website It all lives on the 2 Minute Trader website. This is where we can find the results and analysis section I talked about earlier, and a number of handy calculators that I found very useful.

The website has a big black banner. Clearly states that it’s 2 Minute Trader, and has sections for instructions, the calculators, results and analysis, and loads of useful videos to watch Lee (the brains behind the system) actually performing trades. There’s also every selection 2 Minute Trader has ever made listed on the website and a big helpful support number for us to phone if we need support.

2 Minute Trader Instructions

There are a lot of instructions, and I mean a lot of instructions. A lot. There is even a warning on the very front page of the website to make sure people read the full instructions properly because it’s the only way to make the system work.

To be honest I should have read the instruction. I tried to dive in and make my first few trades without having read them properly. And it led to me losing some money. Since I read the instructions I’ve been making nice little profits. And I do mean little profits because that’s exactly what Tim promised in his sales letter. Little profits that add up.

So back onto how long the instructions are, I printed them out; there were a lot of pages. A lot of pages. I’m labouring this point because it’s a good thing. There’s a neat introduction. There are the basics covered in detail, and advanced stuff covered in just as much detail.

There are examples, with videos of Lee actually making these trades and explaining what he’s doing. For a newbie like me, that is perfect. There are so many videos that there’s a whole section outside of the instruction manual dedicated to all videos by Lee trying we should do. Even if you find instructions a little over the top think you’ll agree it’s better to have the instructions that to be left not knowing what we’re doing.

2 Minute Trader Analysis

2 Minute Trader

Right onto my favourite section of the website: the results and analysis section. This piece is brilliant. Every selection 2 Minute Trader has ever published is there in a graph. But it’s not just a graph; it’s a graph you can play with!

The results and analysis section as all sorts of knobs and dials that you can use to really dig into the results and see if you can find a way that the system loses money. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. And my hat comes off to them because I can’t find a way that the system loses money; you’d have to just be really unlucky.

The only way that I can think of that you can lose money with 2 Minute Trader Plus is by not reading the instruction manual not doing the second part of the system which is what protects your money. So what can you change on the 2 Minute Trader plus results and analysis section? You can choose a set of dates.

When Do You Need To Cash Out?

You can choose the time that you place your lay bet. You can choose 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock or just before the race. And in every case, the system produces a profit. It’s quite amazing. The other options with the graph are therefore in the small percentage of losing trades. They are: recover for a profit, recover for break-even, and no recovery.

Having played with this quite a bit I’ve actually found I prefer no recovery. I can see you raising your eyebrows. It turns out that on 2 Minute Trader it’s better to swallow a small loss than to try and spend some of your gains on never losing. That is what I found anyway.

Moving on. One feature that I haven’t outlined yet is the pie chart. This is very useful. Once you take the dials to do your analysis it shows a number of trades in the period became out for a profit or came up through loss. This kind of transparency is commendable.

2 Minute Trader calculators

2 Minute Trader Calculator

The other really good bits in 2 Minute are the calculators. First, the recovery calculator (which I alluded to in my previous statements about recovering for profit or recovering for break-even) and cash out calculator which you should use every time you trade.

First the recovery calculator, this doesn’t seem to work on every trade, and not just because it doesn’t need to work on every trade but because there are some instructions in their suggested can only be used in a handful of scenarios. When I used it, it did work. The other calculator is the Cash Out Calculator. This is the best casual calculator that I’ve seen online now that I’m a trader. Is the best because it automatically factors in some of the changes that can happen when trading a horse.

How does 2 Minute Trader handle RF (Rule Four)?

One of the things that can happen in a horse race, for those who have never done it before, is a thing called rule four. Rule four happens when you get a non-runner. A non-runner is when a horse that was entered into the race for some reason can’t run.

Basically, it changes the odds and it can be really annoying (read really really really annoying) if you don’t understand what’s going on. The cash out calculator in 2 Minute Trader takes account of any non-runners and other strange circumstances that affect our trades. To me, this is a superpower of the 2 Minute Trader calculator because it stops me making mistakes. Which I really like.

The cash out calculator requires you to pick the horse that your trading, your stake size so in my case £50, odds that you place your bet at, lay odds that you’re getting a Betfair, and it spits out how much you need to lay, the balance required the commission that Betfair will charge, and the expected profit from the trade. The recovery calculator is a little bit different.

2 Minute Trader Conclusion

So what can I say in conclusion about the 2 Minute Trader plus system? There are good reasons why this is the first such system that I’ve ever purchased. Reasons including the fully published results and analysis, the clearly stated pros and cons of the system, the fact that it didn’t take too long to do, the fact that it can make some decent money.

What I found is I’ve been using the system is that it seems to get better and better, case in point they added Irish races so there are even more selections than they used to be. There are definitely more than a hundred trades per month. But my training is nowhere near that much. I trade about once a day because I’m still new to the whole idea of trading.

17 Replies to “2 Minute Trader Plus Review – UPDATED

  1. Why don’t I see any comments from people who have made money with this – I know if I was making money as easy as they say you can, I’d be telling everybody

    1. Absolutely right Dan… but we’re the new review site on the block and it takes a while to get these discussions started!

      Actually, I guess you deserve a big ‘thank you’ for getting us started 🙂

    1. Great question Philsey, so basically, you’ve backed the 2 minute trader plus selection the night before and now you need to get out of the trade… I believe you login to the 2MT members area where the cash out calculator lives. Then instead of just putting in your stake and odds like on most of the other cash out calculators online, you pick your horse from the drop down list and *boom* it auto completes half the information for you with LIVE data from Betfair! We think this is really cool because if you suddenly find yourself trading in-play by accident you can be much faster chasing the odds trying to save your stake. Like you said “pretty smart” 🙂

  2. I get the whole idea they tell you when to place your lay bet and I think it’s a really good idea. The trouble is what happens if you can’t get on the internet at that time ? Where I work I’m not allowed to have my phone on me and can only get messages on my breaks. Can you still make it worth the effort if you have to cash out at 10.30 or 1.00pm every day ?

    1. Hi again Daf, yes I saw your Bet Angel comment thank you.

      Can you use that with 2MT+? I don’t see why not. Perhaps not immediately but I guess you could find ways to do it. Now I think about it, the guy who sends out their daily update emails (they call it the morning overview) regularly says that it’s being consistent that makes the system work. Oh yes and they have their ‘results and analysis’ section where you can see the difference between cashing out at the same time everyday and whenever… so you could maybe set Bet Angel to place your lay bet at a prescribed time? But then again your lay stake depends on the odds so maybe not.

      Certainly worth looking into!

  3. Hi, can you confirm where are the back bets placed. you see, if the back bets are placed with a bookmaker, and not BETFAIR, then isn’t it likely that you will be eventually banned from the bookmaker for betting on horses at better odds the night before? Because bookies don’t like you taking value out of there books. Please confirm there are no bookmakers involved in the strategy. Thanks.

    1. This system is all based around the odds moving in between you placing your bet in the evening and placing a lay bet the next morning or afternoon. They pick horses most likely to fall in price so it costs less to lay than it did to back and that’s where you make your profit.

  4. Sounds promising, trading as normal but using their selections. I can’t see what you would use a bookie when smarkets or Betfair odds will be higher the night before, and drop day after as that’s their theory anyway. Stops chance of gubbing on bookies and get a higher price on exchange.

    1. Hi Jono,

      We thought the same thing. When we asked the man we spoke to told us it was for two reasons – there wasn’t usually the the liquidity the night before on the exchanges for everybody to get matched, and also that exchanges don’t do BOG.

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