2 Minute Lunchtime Accumulator – Is Making £586 in less than a week really this easy ? Full Review

For Starters

In this day and age, there’s not much you can get for a tenner … a burger in a pub (if you’re really lucky maybe a pint as well) a cinema ticket (for the cheap seats only of course) or even a second-hand copy of one of last year’s bestselling video games … but a quick and easy way of pocketing “£285.58 … £375.91 … £586 or even £985.48 TAX-FREE PROFIT IN LESS THAN A WEEK” ? … well you’d be forgiven for being every bit as sceptical as I was.

The first obstacle, for me anyway, was the prospect of playing online Bingo. The whole idea seemed a bit daft and I did really have trouble taking it seriously to start off with. Once you’re over and take it at face value it’s really no different to any other gambling system.

You access this system via a rather long sales page (in fact it may actually be longer than the instructions you receive access to after purchase) which goes into great depth and you would normally associate with products that cost a good deal more than a £10.

What Do You Get?

I’ll be honest, for a tenner  I wasn’t expecting much,  and I didn’t get that much either – but this was actually a good thing (you’ll see why in a minute) and it was the first of a number of quite pleasant surprises.

Let me explain what I mean – after paying I got instantly through to a website where I completed some login in details and would have been able (if it hadn’t been 3am, anyway) to get started straight away. But as it actually was 3am, so I thought I’d break with tradition and actually read the instructions.

Luckily, the instructions are quite brief – the whole lot would probably fit easily on less than half a dozen pages of A4. (see what I mean about ‘not getting much’ being a good thing) There are around a dozen or so screen capture videos with a ‘do this, do that’ commentary over the top to really make sure you know what you’re doing.

The whole thing looked a lot more professional than I was expecting (especially for a tenner)  and that did sort of inspire a level of confidence that they knew what they were on about – so I decided to set aside some time later that day to give it a go.

What don’t you get?

You don’t get support and you don’t get a guarantee. Once you’ve logged into the website and are able to access the instructions and videos – you’re keeping this whether you decide to use it or not, so you need to decide if you’re happy with this before you part with your tenner. That being said – the chances of you doing this and not making at least your tenner back are very slim.

The same goes for support – the instructions are brief and to the point and the videos don’t leave much room for confusion. Both of these resources are online and you can login and watch them as many times as you want. If you do have any queries though, other than with actually getting access to the system materials there is no real established way of getting any answers.

That said, this is quite a basic system and I’m not quite sure what you might have a query about -except one thing – and that one thing that might be lacking is a video going through how to join the sites in the first place.

Joining a bingo site isn’t too difficult but might prove frustrating for somebody who hasn’t done it before, and especially so if they haven’t ever joined an online bookie either. Of course after you’ve joined the first one it’s all pretty much the same from then on.

You’ll have to join the site as ‘you’ or at least some other person with their permission (like your spouse/partner etc ) for whom you have a valid email address, and details such as address and date of birth. I wasn’t asked for any other ID but that doesn’t mean you won’t, especially if you win ‘big’.

What’s It All About

This is all based around grabbing a quick profit from the bonuses given to customers when they join up to various online bingo sites. If you think this sounds familiar, it is the same principle as the various bonus bagging or bookie bashing (can’t remember which) strategies that were all the rage a few years back.

The difference here is that unlike the bookie offers there’s none of that messing about matching bets in Betfair, and also, many of the bingo sites (even those owned by bookmakers) haven’t wised up to what people are doing. This means that you get very few of the ridiculous terms and conditions that bookies have now imposed that make bagging any bonuses at all a bit of a mission.

That said, a very important part of the instructions contain a list of bingo sites you would be well to avoid for reasons of having seriously draconian attitudes to their customers, and also for the more important reason that you just won’t win any money.

It works like this – we know like any other gaming site, the house takes a certain percentage to create its profit, so normally if you played with £10, you’d end up with about two thirds. When you are given a bonus however – it starts to work in your favour.

Instead of starting with £10 and ending up with £6, you end up playing with say £40 and end up with £24 – £14 up on the deal providing you walk away at that point. Bingo sites are happy to do this because most people don’t just walk away.

Before being published, we are told this system underwent several months of testing to make sure none of the results were a ‘fluke’. Given the amount of things that I was told would happen and then actually did happen (especially when I didn’t quite do what I was told) it seems this is no idle boast and they spent a fair amount of money just ‘seeing what happens’ to ensure the information they give you is the best way to go about things.

Is It Hard To Do?

No. O.K – let me expand on that a bit – the instructions, as I’ve already said are brief and to the point, and the videos show you exactly what you need to do. Following them isn’t too difficult and once you’ve done the first one it’s a simple case of ‘rinse and repeat’ until you’ve worked your way through the list of most profitable sites.

There are certain criteria you need to follow about what times you should do this, and which games you should and shouldn’t play, but it’s not exactly brain taxing stuff.

When I say there are certain times you need to do this, I don’t mean ‘between 9 and 9.15 every third Tuesday’ the window you have is hours long, and when I mention you can only play certain games, there’s one about every 15 minutes.

You can even do this in advance if you want  – sit there and buy up all of your tickets in advance and just come back and see how it went later … but if you’re anything like me you’ll sit and watch a couple of games.

There are also some interesting tactics on how to get the most out of the preferred games. You may not have thought of online Bingo as being tactical but the difference in results between when I did what I was supposed to and when I did what I wanted to was huge.

So, and this will come as a pleasant surprise to those that have bought many things that ‘doesn’t do what it says on the tin’, if you follow the instructions you get the kind of results they tell you you’re going to get.

What’s wrong with it?

There are a couple of things I didn’t like, but these had more to do with the bingo sites themselves rather than the actual system.

Once these sites have your email address and mobile number (a compulsory part of joining the sites) they will be harder to shake than an unwelcome ex.

They will consistently email you with offers (some of which will be ‘reload’ offer which are definitely worth taking if they meet certain criteria so don’t unsubscribe completely)

Expect your daily email quota to double once you’ve joined these sites … so I would advise getting an extra email address just for using with this system unless you are particularly looking forward to receiving exactly the same ‘exclusive’ offer from 12 different sites each day.

You’d think that perhaps these sites (which you’ll find are mostly owned by just two companies) talk to each other but it seems obvious are working my way through this system that they either don’t communicate or just don’t care that you’ve joined all of these sites.

The other thing is that some of the bingo sites can be a bit awkward. Not in a ‘ban you in five minutes’ BetVictor way, but in a ‘sorry, did we not credit you with a bonus’ or ‘sorry hasn’t that withdrawal hasn’t gone through –try again tomorrow’ sort of way.

I did have to chase three of the sites to do what they said they would do – two using the onscreen chat box and one I actually had to phone. In all cases it could be written off as a simple mistake – however the ‘simple mistake’ of not applying a bonus happened twice and with basic stuff like this it’s hard not to think that they ‘weren’t trying it on’.

The other problem was the delaying tactics I encountered whilst getting money out. In this day and age when you can transfer money in seconds  – especially when you’re putting it into the Bingo sites – a delay of up to 48hrs to get your winnings out is just ludicrous.

For that reason alone it wasn’t practical to do what I wanted to do and just start with £10 on the first site and then go on with the winnings from that etc… If I had this would have taken me a couple of weeks instead of the one week we’re told.

This is not the fault of the system but of the bingo sites where it took a couple of days for the winning to appear in my bank account. So be prepared so be playing on your third or fourth site while you’re still waiting for sites one and two to pay out.

In Conclusion

There is no reason why almost anybody can’t make this work. The instructions are brief enough that you will actually read them, and it’s easy to see what is going on in the videos.

Doing it all wasn’t actually that difficult and even quite fun (especially when you’re winning) You must, however, avoid the temptation to wander round the sites and play any of the other games, or sit there and actually watch each game play out.

It’s the tactics and timing that are the ‘secret sauce’ to this system, and it’s this that really makes this worth the money. If you tried to do this on your own without taking advantage of the research these guys have done, you might do just as well, but I would suggest it’s not that likely.

It should come as no surprise that Bingo sites are there to make money, and they won’t do that if they keep giving it away, so without a carefully constructed game plan to follow you could easily find your bonuses disappearing for no real return.

I would recommend that if you are willing to play online Bingo – and invest a tenner and around £20-£30 as a starting bank – this is a very good way for grabbing a one-off chunk of money.

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