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Voxpopme Review: Another Survey App?

So, you’ve decided that you fancy making a bit on the side but don’t want to spend hours filling in boring online surveys?  In that case, Voxpopme might just be the alternative that you’ve been looking for.

What the vox is it?

Like many sites out there, Voxpopme rewards users for sharing their opinion – but there’s a twist.  Unlike the usual sites which pay you to type out answers to survey questions, Voxpopme requires users to record short opinion videos on their phones and then upload them via the app.  Brands who are looking for feedback on products, services, and adverts harness the power of Voxpopme users to gather vital intel on their businesses.  In turn, Voxpopme members receive cash payments via Paypal for their contributions.

How does it work?

Available for iPhone and Android, Voxpopme is accessed through a mobile app.  After signing up as a member, users can browse the site for new projects or, choose to receive push alerts whenever a new question is added.  The member is then required to record a 30 to 60-second video of themselves answering the question and, then, upload it through the app in order to receive payment.

How much will I earn?

Most questions on Voxpopme pay between £0.25 and £1 per go and, members are allowed to answer as many questions as they wish, providing that they fit the criteria.  Once your balance is £15 or more, you can then cash out your funds to your Paypal account.

How do I get Vox’d up?

Sign up couldn’t be easier – simply head on over to app.voxpopme.com, download the app from App Store or Google Play and sign up with either your email address or your Facebook account.  Once you’ve completed these easy peasy steps, use the app to access the live stream of paid questions.  After choosing your question, film yourself on your phone answering the question – make sure that you listen to and understand what’s required as you won’t be paid for partial or incomplete answers – and then upload the video through the app.  Top tip: Make sure that your face and upper torso are clearly visible in the video and that you speak clearly to ensure that your submission will be accepted.

Worth a look?

As with so many things, Voxpopme is a game of give and take – we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of this popular app.

The pros

The moola – By using Voxpopme regularly, you can earn a few extra quid pretty easily and, with no investment on your part.

Speedy – It usually takes a minute or less to record your video and whizz it through the app so, for busy folk, this is a lot more user-friendly than some of the survey sites out there.

Low payout threshold – The payout threshold for Voxpopme is £15 – which is easily achieved through regular use; meaning you’ll get your hands on your cash reasonably quickly.

The cons

Ready for your close up – It may be stating the obvious but, you do need to be fairly comfortable with the idea of filming yourself – and for other people to view your film.  For this reason, Voxpopme is maybe not ideal for the super-shy.

Privacy – Again, stating the obvious but, by its very nature, Voxpopme’s employees will have access to both your image and your full name and contact details – and members are warned that these details may be shared on websites and social media.

Vox the verdict?

If you’re comfortable with filming yourself – and with your film doing the rounds of various social media pages then, Voxpopme can be a handy little earner.  Although it’s unlikely to put you on the rich list, regular use will earn you a few quid – and all for just a few seconds work each time.

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