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Top Cashback Review: The Best Cashback Website?

Not to be confused with the supermarket checkouts which generously allow you to have some of your own money, cashback sites allow their members to receive cashback from purchases made.  Increasingly popular with those looking to spread their cash a little further, there are a good few of these sites to choose from and, we’ve made it our business to try a few to see what all the fuss is.  Here, we’re going to talk about the second most popular site in the UK, Top CashBack.

What, exactly, is Top CashBack?

Top Cash Back allows members to save and make money in a few different ways; purchasing goods through the site, completing tasks, signing up for free trials and, referring friends and family.  Rewards are credited to your Top CashBack account and include cash to be withdrawn or discounts on a huge number of products and services including clothing, electronics, restaurants, mobile phone bills, betting shops and insurance.  In addition to a free membership, Top Cashback also offers a Plus Membership for £5 a year which entitles members to extra top-ups, higher referral rates, and higher bonus payments.

How does it work?

After registering with Top Cashback, you can browse the website for offers and download the app.  You can then earn credits by filling in surveys, taking free trials or by shopping – when you shop through Top Cashback, the site receives a commission from the retailer which they hand straight back to you as a credit or ‘cashback’ to your account.  You can even get cashback from some bricks and mortar retailers by taking a photograph of your receipt and uploading it via the app on your phone.  Once you’ve accrued credit, you can withdraw this to your Paypal or bank account.

How do I get started?

Simply make your way to their website and fill in the registration form – name, email address, and password; you know the drill!  It’s free to join (apart from the Plus membership as above) and, after your email address has been verified, you’re all set to start saving cash.  Once you have £5 or more credit, you’ll have the option to become a Plus member (the membership fee will be taken straight from your credit).

Top CashBack, the bottom line – how much will I make?

It’s impossible to say how much you’ll make or save on the site as this depends entirely on your activity.  However, committed members say that they are able to make hundreds of pounds within a few months through regular activity.  An example of the kind of cashback you can receive is an AXA insurance policy of £167, on which you’ll receive cashback of £33.

The highs and lows

As with any reward site, there are pros and cons to using Top CashBack, some of which are:

The highs

Cashing in – You can make a really decent amount of cash through the site by taking advantage of offers on shopping, free trials and filling in surveys.

Just rewards – In many cases, the cashback rewards are considerably higher than on other sites and, often, you’ll save or make money on a purchase which you would have made anyway.

Referrals – You can make a commission just by getting your friends and acquaintances to sign up to the site.

The lows

Trial and error – When signing up to free trials, you need to make sure that you make a note of the end date as, if you don’t cancel by that date, you’ll be hit with a bill for the full amount.

Initial outlay – In some cases, you will need to spend money in order to get it back (hence the clever name ‘cashback’).

Top or not?

Of all the sites we’ve had the pleasure to review, Top CashBack is probably one of the most lucrative.  Easy to use and, with transparent information regarding how much you’ll make, there’s a good reason that this site has made it to the top two.  As with any other website, make sure that you read all instructions carefully – and don’t spend more than you can afford and, there’s a good chance that, with a little effort, you’ll make a decent amount of dough.

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