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Shoppix Review: Cash for Receipts?

You know those receipts that you have lurking in the bottom of your bag or pocket?  Ever wondered what they’re worth?  “Absolutely nothing”, we hear you cry, but there, my friend, you are wrong.  In our quest to find the best money-saving sites out there to help stretch your hard-earned cash further, we came across Shoppix – and we’re here to share what we learned.


Shoppix is an app that pays users for photographs of their used receipts.  Yep, you heard that right – they pay you for pictures of those tatty bits of paper that are handed over every time you pay for something.

How does it work?

After setting up an account with Shoppix, you simply take photographs of your receipts with the app which is now sitting snugly on your phone.  You need to rate the receipt and then submit it to Shoppix for review – all of which takes literally seconds.  There are a few rules involved:

  • You can only submit 30 receipts during a 7 day period
  • You can only submit one receipt from each store each day

Once submitted, Shoppix will review and either accept or reject the receipt.  If accepted, your account will be credited with tokens which can be collected and exchanged for either a Paypal payment or vouchers for sites such as Amazon and iTunes.

How do I sign up-ix?

To get started with Shoppix, visit their website and download the app (currently only available for Android and iPhones).  Next, you’ll be asked to fill in a short questionnaire and, you’re all set.

How much dough will I earn from my groceries?

OK, this is, of course, the important bit so, listen closely:

Shoppix pays you 25 tokens for each receipt that you submit – with an extra 5 tokens if you submit the same day as you shop.

If you submit receipts several weeks on the trot, Shoppix will reward you with a scratchcard on which you can win prizes and entry into a draw to win 10,000 tokens.

The following is a guide to the value of your tokens:

  • 3200 tokens £5
  • 6000 tokens £10
  • 11500 tokens £20

So, now you know how Shoppix works, it’s time to have a look at the pros and cons:

The pros

Money for nothing – The obvious pro for Shoppix is that you can get Paypal cash or vouchers for putting in a few seconds effort

Fun – By regularly using Shoppix, you can get hold of scratchcards and gain entry into draws which can be fun as well as earning you extra points.

The cons

Getting organised – To be successful with Shoppix, you need to get into the habit of keeping those receipts which might usually be binned at the first opportunity.

Data – Shoppix doesn’t reward you out of the kindness of its heart; it’s after your data so, expect more spam in your inbox.

Should I Shoppix?

Why not?  Shoppix is free and relatively quick and easy to use.  Although you probably won’t be able to retire on your earnings, it’s a great way of paying for occasional treats such as cinema tickets or putting aside a few quid for a rainy day.

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