Field Agent Review
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Field Agent Review:

Sick of surveys and sick of shopping sites?  When it comes to earning a bit of extra cash, there are tons of sites out there to choose from.  Unfortunately, many of them involve completing lengthy surveys or waiting ages to receive a discount from a shopping app.  In terms of money making sites, tasking is the new kid on the block and, today, we’re going to look at Field Agent – a site about which Jon Gutteridge from The Money Shed says , ‘No other app offers as much paid work in the UK.’

But what the heck is it?

Field Agent works with a huge number of brands in the UK and offers its members short tasks in exchange for payment.  A kind of instant (and shortened) version of mystery shopping, members are asked to complete a task such as taking a photograph or counting items on a shelf, which the brand will then pay for via Field Agent, into a Paypal or bank account.

How does it work?

Field Agent is powered by an iPhone app which is free to download.  Once signed up, members can browse the app for tasks or choose to receive push notifications (the latter is a good idea as tasks often get snapped up quickly).  Members can choose to accept a task and, once completed, the appropriate funds will be added to their Field Agent account.

What’s the pay like?

The tasks available on Field Agent vary in specification and the length of time needed for completion and, so, payment per task varies accordingly.  In general, you can expect to be paid between £2 and £8 per task which will be added to your account on completion.  You can usually withdraw any payment to your Paypal or bank account within 48 hours.

How do I become a Field Agent?

To become a member, you need to download the app at and complete a simple sign in process which includes the usual contact details, plus some personal info such as car and home ownership and employment (these details will determine the tasks that you are deemed eligible for).  Once you’re a bona fide Field Agent member, you’ll be asked to complete your first (unpaid) task of signing your participation agreement.  Although you won’t be paid for this, it’s useful in giving you an idea of how the tasks work. Once done, you’re free to start browsing those tasks and earning some cash.

Special Agent – or not so special?

Nobody’s perfect and, the same can be said for Field Agent.  Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide whether the life of a Field Agent is right for you:

Special Agent

The cash bit – Most tasks on Field Agent pay fairly well in comparison to other similar sites. With longer tasks paying £5 to £8, you can quite quickly earn a fair chunk of pocket money.

Quick payout – Your cash can usually be withdrawn within 48 hours and, Field Agent doesn’t impose a minimum withdrawal threshold.

Convenient – Most tasks on Field Agent are super-quick to complete and the handy app makes uploading the results really quick and simple.

Not so special Agent

Availability – As tasks depend on the participating brands, they can sometimes be few and far between – more so if you live in a small town or village.

Picky – There are sometimes instances when payment is refused due to task not being completed to the letter so, it’s really important to follow instructions carefully.

Should I become Field Agent’s latest recruit?

Why not?  Field Agent is fairly honest and transparent in terms of what its members can expect.  Admittedly, it can be frustrating at times when there are either no jobs available or, the new ones have been snatched by others before you get a chance to view them.  On the whole though, Field Agent is a pretty good way of putting a few more quid in your pocket each month.

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