Meet The Team

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Extra Income Guru has input from plenty of reviewers to keep things fresh and unbiased – but chances are the majority of the things you’ll come across on this site will come from one of these three… 

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Simon is our resident financial expert. He tells us he used to work ‘in the city’ and while he is a bit vague about what he actually used to do – he certainly knows his way around the very complicated world of Stocks, Shares and Forex Trading. He tries not to live up to his ‘short angry man’ reputation but they don’t come much shorter or indeed, much angrier than our Simon. In fact it would be fair to say that his financial expertise is exceeded only by his entire lack of patience with anything technical … so if Simon tells you something is easy to use – it really, really must be…

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Don’t let the posh name fool you – he’s as ordinary as they come. When he’s not reviewing he  spends time writing ‘Clickbait’ material for other sites (or as he might put it ‘ 10 things I’d rather do than write reviews – you won’t believe No.7…’) He’s our resident ‘go-to’ guy when it comes to ‘traditional’ online money making systems, online selling on Amazon, eBay and more recently, Facebook. He also has the incredibly annoying habit of being able to find things then and sell them online for anything between double and ten times what he paid for them…

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Jack first discovered he knew his way round a betting system when he seemed to be the only one leaving the bookies with more than just a handful of very small pens. After years of ‘examining the market’ which seemed to mostly involve sitting in the pub watching the racing on TV, he cast aside his sheepskin coat and decided to became an expert on Betfair trading. His expertise means he can spot the different between a ‘proper’ system and what is merely just a run of luck. Also knows a thing or two about making a crafty quid from bookies online Casinos – but you’ll have to ask him very nicely.

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