Find Yourself A JobKiller

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A ‘Jobkiller’ is a term we use here at Extra Income Guru’ to describe a system that is designed to give you what you need to quit your full time job.

So, if it’s a system designed to to bring in more than £5000 a month, and we think it has more than a halfway decent chance of pulling it off, we’ll list it here.

Job killers usually take time to build to the level where you can hand in your notice. They will typically be a business of some sort that you build over a reasonable amount of time (6 month to a year) or if it’s trading it will be something where you will build your funds by compounding your profits over the same amount of time. This practically means that if you use one of these systems you will essentially be working for no return to startoff with other than building for greater returns in the slightly longer terms.

Very few (if any) of these will make you ‘big’ money overnight.

Jobkiller systems are also, by their very nature, the most expensive types of systems to get involved with usually priced around £2,000-£15,000 so make sure you do your due dilligence (including looking at sites like this one) before parting with what for most people is a large amount of cash.

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The Daisho system is a football trading system consisting of multiple methods of trading matches on Betfair. It was created by Tony Langley and is published and marketed by Waverley Media (Markiteer) a company run by Tim Lowe. Tim and Tony have previously collaborated on the creation of the Football Hedging System in 2015, with which the Daisho system shares much of its content, although we are told in a simplified and improved form.

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Official Website:

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