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Wizard of Big Odds Review – Jack of all trades?

In this Wizard of Big Odds review, I’ll be looking at this established tipping service that has a tipster with a very long pedigree at the helm. Is all this experience going to bring you profits or is it a case of too much information?


What is Wizard of Big Odds?

How does Wizard of Big Odds Work?

How long does Wizard of Big Odds take to set up?

How long does it take to use Wizard of Big Odds?

How much can you make with Wizard of Big Odds?

How much does Wizard of Big Odds cost?

Wizard of Big Odds Review Advantages

Wizard of Big Odds Review Disadvantages

Wizard of Big Odds Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Wizard of Big Odds?

There’s a lot of experience behind this service. This tipster comes from a family of bookmakers and horse owners and many years as a full-time professional gambler. Like a lot of tipsters, he started his own service when he got banned from every bookie.

The Wizard of Big Odds Review

I’ve heard this story before, and sometimes that story turns out not to be true. I’m not suggesting this is the case here, but it does always make me wonder that if he got banned  – what’s going to happen to you when you start following him?

As you’ve guessed from the name, you won’t be backing too many favourites when you join this service. You can probably also work out that you won’t be winning too often. But, if this tipster is as good as his pedigree suggests, you won’t have to.

How does Wizard of Big Odds Work?

You’ll be getting between one and three tips each day, mostly straight wins with the occasional each way in there to keep things interesting. These tips will be arriving at 9 am each morning. So, on paper, you’ve got plenty of time to put them on.

However, the odds on these are quite high, so in reality, you’ll want to get these on quite quickly to make sure you get the advertised price. You’ll get a text message detailing each of the tips and a link through to the site where you can, if you want, read chapter and verse as to why that horse was picked.

You’ll be staking either half, one, or more rarely 2 points each time. This means that there’s not a lot riding on the days racing but, with those odds just aa few wins will give you a decent profit.

How long does Wizard of Big Odds take to set up?

Before you can get into any of that, you’ll need to get signed up on the Tipsters Empire website and part with some cash.

With the larger odds advised here, it will be a good idea to have more than one bookies account live and funded before the first tip arrives. The last thing you want is to miss out on 25/1 odds because you are waiting on a password reset email.

Installing the Oddschecker app makes good sense too, as well as saving you time.

How long does it take to use Wizard of Big Odds?

If you’ve got this set up correctly, with the apps installed so you can get on these as soon as your text arrives, this should take you two minutes. If however, you need to go searching for odds, it will take you longer.

It’s worth diving on oddschecker and taking that time though. At the usual £10/pt, getting a winner at 25/1 instead of 20/1 is a £50 difference. And, when you’ve got odds this high and so few winners, that can make all the difference.

How much can you make with Wizard of Big Odds?

The Wizard of Big Odds Results

This is where the quality shows through. If you can get these tips on at the advised prices, you’ll make some decent profits. At £10/point, you’ll be looking at £242 each month, with not too many losing months.

It will be a bit of a rollercoaster though. A 16% win rate means the winners are few and far between, but when they do make a huge difference to your bank. This is just at fat stakes though. If you had been compounding (and this is exactly the type of service that would work well for) it would be much, much greater.

How much does Wizard of Big Odds cost?

You can get a 28 trial of this service for £2.99 so you can test the waters. After that, it’s £40 for a month, £105 for 3 months, £180 for 6 months or £350 for a year. The subscriptions don’t renew automatically so you don’t end up paying for another month because you didn’t cancel in time.

Looking at the non-compounded profits, this service won’t be at the top of any value for money lists. On compounded profits, it’s a different story but you’ll be paying fees for no direct return for a while.

The bank is recommended at 150pts, which should be enough, even with the extended losing runs. I wouldn’t want to try this with as little a 100pts, though.

The Wizard of Big Odds Prices

Wizard of Big Odds Review Advantages

This is very easy to use and you can go into things as much as you want. If you just want the tips, fine just read the text and put your bets on in two minutes, job done. Alternatively, you can click through, read the comprehensive reasoning behind the tip and get an insight into what is going through the tipster’s mind.

Doing this occasionally (especially during losing runs) can revive your confidence in this tipster and remind you he knows his stuff. Which he does.

Wizard of Big Odds Review Disadvantages

I do get the feeling he might be trying to be a bit too clever though. I know the service is called The Wizard of High Odds but maybe a few lower-priced tips, and changing the name to The Wizard of High Profits might be better for everybody.

Wizard of Big Odds Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is a minor quibble with what is a very good tipping service. You’ll need more than the usual amount of patience with this though. Firstly to keep faith in between the infrequent winners. Next, while you’re using compounding your bank – which will make using this service really worthwhile.

If you’re winning to do both of those things, you will do well with this service.

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