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Wagertool Review – We Discover If Wagertool is just another piece of Betfair software or much more?

Wagertool Review

This Wagertool Review will investigate this relative newcomer to the Betfair apps platform.

When you’re paying out a fair amount each month for a Betfair trading software tool, you want to be sure it does what it says on the tin.

Wagertool developers promise more than you’re used to from a piece of software like this. This makes me both happy and nervous.

Wagertool review


What is Wagertool?

How does Wagertool Work?

How long does Wagertool take to set up?

How long does it take to use Wagertool?

How much can you make with Wagertool?

How much does Wagertool cost?

Is Wagertool easy to use?

Wagertool Review – Advantages

Wagertool Review – Disadvantages

Wagertool Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Wagertool?

Wagertool is a Betfair trading software package that can be used on a multitude of devices, including Windows, iOS and Android. This is already a good sign.

On the other hand, at the time of writing this review, Wagertool only works with Betfair. This is OK as Betfair is the most popular betting exchange. But this bound to disappoint BetDaq and Matchbook users.

Betfair have security tested and approved Wagertool as one of their add on apps. This is also another good sign, so far I’m more happy than nervous

How does Wagertool Work?

Wagertool functions go a little bit further than its competitors. It offers some features that most others don’t have. Of course, these features are only of any use if you know what you’re doing on Betfair already.

There are so many features it makes the most sense to list them (warning: bullet points ahead)

· Resizable layout with multiple windows. This means you can watch multiple markets at the same time. You can make the view acceptable whether you’re on a mobile phone or a PC.

· Exposure management facilities. Easily view-able unmatched bet areas so you can quickly calculate your total exposure.

· Smart cashout: If needs be, you can cash out of all the markets you’re exposed to at the current time. You can also cash out of individual markets one by one.

· A variety of views to suit your need and preference. Pick from ladder, grid, multi-bet, markets or an advanced chart to see all activity in one place.

· Advanced filtering: The customisable filters let you hone in on your preferred markets.

· Programmable alerts. Plugin your own alert system so you can be notified when live events meet your criteria. Also, you can get notified on all or any of your devices.

· Easy to use search functionality: Letting you find your event, athlete, horse or match by any names.

· Automated betting features. Wagertool features automated bet placement and scheduled betting functions.

· Staking modes: Choose from four staking modes; mix, stake, profit and liability

Do you see what I mean about already needing to know what you are doing? But, if you just looked down that list and scratched your head more than once, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a practice mode.

Even if you do know what you’re doing, a couple of the features might need further introduction. The cash-out feature is something we’ve not really heard of in other products. How much use it would be, remains to be seen. It’s also a bit of a nuisance that this feature needs to be downloaded as a separate app for your mobile device.

The alerts are also handy to have, particularly if you’re in the business of scalping. You could set an alert for live matches, for example. Also, you could be notified if the losing team draws level with the winners. This lets you reassess the market for ‘draw’ odds.

This could certainly save time, so again, still more excited than nervous.

How long does Wagertool take to set up?

Here is where I start to get nervous. Wagertool is easy to access but the user guide is peppered with inaccuracies and spelling errors. The knowledge base is equally flawed and the video content is of poor quality and hard to follow. This begs the question – is the software itself just as flawed.

How long does it take to use Wagertool?

With all of this software, it is more a case of how much time does it save you? This toolbox of features will save you quite a bit of time and possible heartache. This is providing, of course, you know what you’re doing with them.

How much can you make with Wagertool?

The question of how much money you could make with Wagertool comes down to how well you understand the Betfair type marketplace.

Because this is sports trading rather than straight betting, there is some margin for more profit possibilities. However, the amount you’ll make will depend on a huge number of variables. Such as, what you are trading, your trading bank and how much time you can realistically dedicate to this.

There are other ways to use Wagertool including scalping and arbing. All these techniques need to be learned and understood in order to make the most of the opportunity. So, it’s still very hard to put a figure on the potential for profit from this system.

Wagertool does make it easier to spot opportunities for trading, scalping, and other betting techniques. However, you will need to know what you’re looking at. If you’re new to sports trading, it’s best to do a good deal of homework before trying to make any money with this system.

How much does Wagertool cost?

Wagertool Review Price

The thing is, you don’t have to make too much extra to make Wagertool pay its way.

It only costs €15 monthly or €90 annually. This isn’t a great deal for all of the features on offer. There’s no minimum contract (good) and a 15-day free trial (also good).

However, in the ‘bad’ column, annual subscribers cannot get any sort of refund for unused days. If you decide to cancel your Wagertool subscription partway through the year, it will run on to the end of the term. It will just not renew on the next due date. There is no refund for the remaining time.

Is Wagertool easy to use?

For the small number of people who have used Wagertool, the general consensus is that it is highly user-friendly. On this point, they’ll get no argument from me.

The interface is intuitive and has been designed natively on iOS, Android and Mac. It works equally smoothly on a PC as it does on a smartphone. For that, the developers should get a firm pat on the back.

Wagertool Review Demo

Wagertool Review – Advantages

Wagertool has a load of features to help experienced Betfair users. Especially, those with multiple strategies.

It is intuitive as well as user-friendly and works on your mobile as well as your desktop. This sets it apart from a few other Betfair apps. They tend to look great on your laptop but are too small to be of any use on your phone.

Wagertool Review – Disadvantages

Firstly, the training materials are shockingly bad. This immediately dents your confidence in the product. Yes, it’s easy to get around and the amount of features is excellent, but you are left with a slight doubt that it’s going fail at the wrong time.

Next, while there are a massive amount of features, you need to ask yourself how many of them you are likely to use. Agreed, it’s not expensive, but nobody likes paying for things they aren’t going to use.

Wagertool Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

Wagertool Conclusion and Overall Rating Well, the concept is great, and the developers seem to know what they are doing. The UI is nice, as is the layout, and the concept itself is worthwhile. The added features such as the smart cash out and alerts could nudge this software ahead of the competition. However, the poor training materials and lack of peer support play against it.

So rather than say yes or no, I’ll say wait. Wait until the guys behind Wagertool have listened to feedback and sorted out the rough edges. They also need to look at the price, with Geeks Toy around half as much.

This will be a much better product in a years time when there is also more support and perhaps a forum for users to discuss issues.

That said, the trial is still free, so you have nothing to lose by taking a look and giving it a dry run in practice mode.

You can visit the Wagertool website here

2 Replies to “Wagertool Review – We Discover If Wagertool is just another piece of Betfair software or much more?

    1. You’re right Jon! A free trial takes all the fear out of testing some of these systems out.

      But I do wonder sometimes why they are offering a free trial in the first place? The best system any of us have ever used was actually the highest price we’d ever seen and there was no sign of a free trial or any kind of discount!

      Thanks for the comment Jon!

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