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Vision Racing Review – Will you see a profit?

In this Vision Racing review I’ll be looking at another new tipping service on the Betting Gods website. Vision Racing makes high odds selections but does that equal value or just high risk? I’ll take a closer look and find out.


What is Vision Racing?

How does Vision Racing Work?

How long does Vision Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use Vision Racing?

How much can you make with Vision Racing?

How much does Vision Racing cost?

Vision Racing Review Advantages

Vision Racing Review Disadvantages

Vision Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Vision Racing?

This service is very much like every other you’ve seen but with two very important exceptions. Services like this one will typically have average odds of somewhere between 8 and 12. Vision Racings’ average odds are nearly 26. This immediately made me wonder if they could pull this off.

Vision Racing Review

Secondly, the normal proofing period for a tipping service on Betting Gods is 26 or 28 weeks. Vision Racing had a proofing period of 38 weeks, which suggests to me that I wasn’t the only one who was concerned.

How does Vision Racing Work?

On the face of it though, as I said above, this looks like a normal tipping service. You’ll be getting 2 tips most days and 3 on others.  These tips will be arriving between 7 and 8.30 am. I’ve already mentioned the odds are very high so you’ll need to get these on very quickly.

If this service is concentrating on value, then those prices won’t stay that high for long. This creates the first problem. I can’t think of too many people who haven’t got better things to do at that time of the morning.

Luckily though, the tips are mostly win singles with the occasional double or each way bet to keep it interesting, so they shouldn’t take you too long to put on.

Vision Racing Review Stats

How long does Vision Racing take to set up?

It doesn’t take long to get started either. You can access this via the Betting Gods website and you’re in as soon as money has changed hands. You’ll be able to see the tips on the website now or wait for the tips to arrive by email.

Before you do this, you’ll need to make sure you have live and active accounts with BetVictor, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Unibet and William Hill. These are the principle bookies used by this tipster and where he finds his high priced value bets.

For anyone who’s done the Matched Betting rounds, this creates a second problem. Chances are you been banned by Bet Victor so you’ll have to find an alternative. As you’ve probably already worked out, you would be wasting your time trying to do this on Betfair.

How long does it take to use Vision Racing?

As you’ll have better things to do at that time of the morning and a limited amount of time to get the advised prices, I would advise getting your phone set up for this. Get the apps for all of the preferred bookies on your phone as well as the Betting Gods app as you might get the tips faster than by email.

I say ‘might’, as the Betting Gods app can be unreliable. It’d just had another update but we won’t know if they’ve fixed it or not just yet so don’t count on it entirely.

Getting all this done will mean you’re looking at just a minute or two each morning to get your bets on. So, provided you can get the advised odds, you should get the published profits which are pretty good.

How much can you make with Vision Racing?

Vision Racing Review Results

If you’d have joined this service when it went live at the beginning of July you’d already be £800 up at £10/pt. Most of that was in September but for 5 months that’s quite impressive. Even more impressive is the strike rate which is a fraction over 20% when you consider how high the average odds are.

This is a sign that the tipster knows his stuff so the extended trial period is a bit of a mystery. Still, for an average monthly profit of about £160 the subscription fees won’t make too much of a dent in what you’ve made.

How much does Vision Racing cost?

They were a bit higher than I thought they’d be though. The £39 per month or £399 for a year are not unreasonable, but won’t put them at the top of any value for money lists. There is a £1 7-day trial to get you started, but that’s true of nearly all of Betting Gods’ services.

The advised starting bank is 200pts, which at £10/pt will put a lot of people off. Given previous results though, this does seem a bit on the large size. Unless Mark, the lad behind all of this, has seen something previously that makes him think that depth of bank is neccesary.

Vision Racing Review Prices

Vision Racing Review Advantages

There are a few advantages compared to other tipping systems. There are only a couple of bets to get on and they do create big winners due to the very high odds. The strike rate of 20% might seem quite low but when you consider the odds you’ll see that this tipster knows what he’s on about when it comes to picking winners.

Vision Racing Review Disadvantages

Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of some practicality. The tips arrive at a time of the morning where you are going to be doing something more important. Some of them are going to be for a bookie a lot of us have been banned from and the value of the others can disappear very quickly.

Vision Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

When you look at it, this shouldn’t really work. Tips arriving when you’re rushing around getting ready, really high odds that might not stay that way for long and starting bank twice the size of most others. And yet it does. This makes money and gives the big winners that we want.

If you can spare the time to make this work, then you should do very well out of it.

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