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& Variant 6 Review & ‘Winning Cash on Auto-Pilot’ – Can you really use betting Bots to make an automatic second income for life ?

Variant 6 Review

Welcome to this Variant 6 review.

Let’s face it, trading on the Betfair exchange isn’t new. However, a lot of people aren’t aware you can use ‘bots’ (automated programmes) to trade for you on Betfair without the need for you to do anything.

This review looks at the Streetwise offering: “Winning Cash on Auto-Pilot. How to use betting Bots to make an automatic second income for life” plus the Variant 6 Strategy from Paul Bent.


What is Variant 6?

Who Is Paul Bent?

How does Variant 6 Work?

How long does Variant 6 take to set up?

How long does it take to use Variant 6?

How much can you make with Variant 6?

How much does Variant 6 cost?

Is Variant 6 easy to use?

Variant 6 Advantages

Variant 6 Disadvantages

Variant 6 Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Variant 6?

Variant 6 Paul Bent

Variant 6 is the bonus bot strategy included with Pauls Bent’s guide to making money with Bots. We need to be very clear here, this package does not contain any software. It is instead a very comprehensive ‘how-to guide’ for anybody trying to make money on Betfair.

Who is Paul Bent?

In the betting and sports trading world, Paul Bent is something of a big name. He has been there, seen it, done and has all of the T-Shirts. In fairness, he’s probably lost a few too. Bookmakers have paid him the ultimate compliment of banning him, everywhere. So now he does his business on Betfair.

Given this pedigree, you will expect quality information from his book.

How does Variant 6 Work?

The book itself is 202 pages long. There are over 50 strategies covered. While you can definitely class this as ‘value for money’ you can also see it as ‘too much information.

It’s almost a relief then, that to anyone who has any experience at all with Betfair bots, half the tactics here will not be new. In fact. a search on YouTube for Betfair bot strategies will bring up tutorials for many of the rest.

Let me be clear – at no point is it stated or even inferred that any of the strategies here (except Variant 6 itself) is new and groundbreaking. However, you do have to realise this covers bot trading for everybody. That means some will have seen (nearly) all of this before.

How long does Variant 6 take to set up?

If you already have your bot software installed and ready to go, it just a case of following the instructions. The methods are explained well so regardless of whether you use BetAngel, Fairbot or any of the others, it shouldn’t take you too long.

If you’re coming to this at entry-level, read the section on the various bots carefully. While I think they are all very much alike, if you are coming into this with no prior knowledge, this section is very useful.

How long does it take to use Variant 6?

As this deals with strategies for automated software, it will take everyone a different amount of time. This will depend on which strategies they decide to use, and how often they use them.

Ideally though, setting them up and coming back later to see how much you’ve made is the goal.

How much can you make with Variant 6?

As I’ve mentioned above, as this is a selection of strategies, everyone will get different results. So, how much you make will depend on how many of the strategies you use and how often you use them.

Variant 6 Review Results

As I’ve also mentioned above, as some of these strategies are well known. This means you might be competing for the same profits as a lot of other people, so you might even lose money on some of them.

How much does Variant 6 cost?

The 202 page manual with Variant 6 costs £297. Given the amount of information here and the pedigree of the author, that will seem a reasonable price. If you are more than a beginner though, a lot of will give you a ‘heard it all before’ feeling.

Is Variant 6 easy to use?

Every one of the methods is clearly explained, so if you already have your bot software installed, it won’t take long to put in place each strategy.

Of course, if you had no strategies at all and decided to implement all of the content at once, it will take you a while. For that reason, I would strongly suggest you add and perfect one strategy at a time.

Variant 6 Review

Variant 6 Review Advantages

The manual is very comprehensive, and a brilliant place to start if you know next to nothing about the subject matter. The author has been there, seen and done it so you don’t wonder whether or not he knows his stuff.

Also, at the end of the day, many of the methods here are tried and tested, which is both good and bad…

Variant 6 ReviewDisadvantages

Because these methods are tried and tested, you will find a lot of people trying to do the same as you. In Betfair trading this is not always good and can move markets and affect results. Also, if you have enough experience to know what you’re watching or reading isn’t utter rubbish, you can get most of these techniques for free from YouTube.

Variant 6 Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

If you’re new to bot trading and don’t fancy risking your money on what some random lad on YouTube has shown you, this is a good deal. Everything is explained, right down to where to start with finding yourself bot software. If the words ‘Lay the Field’ mean anything to you, or the prospect of scalping seems like ‘old hat’ you probably don’t need this. Much of what is here you can find out for free from a few internet searches.

The Variant 6 method itself is a bit more hit and miss than the website will have you believe, so don’t buy this just to get access to that single method.

Overall, although this is a good intro to bot trading on Betfair there are much better ones around, but this product is by no means terrible.

You can visit the website here