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The Horse Conqueror Review – Winner or Loser?

In this The Horse Conqueror review I’ll be looking at this new tipping service which was only launched on the Betting Gods website at the end of the Summer. I’ll be looking to see if this service is keeping up the impressive results it posted during its proofing period.


What is The Horse Conqueror?

How does The Horse Conqueror Work?

How long does The Horse Conqueror take to set up?

How long does it take to use The Horse Conqueror?

How much can you make with The Horse Conqueror?

How much does The Horse Conqueror cost?

The Horse Conqueror Review Advantages

The Horse Conqueror Review Disadvantages

The Horse Conqueror Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is The Horse Conqueror?

The Horse Conqueror is, unsurprisingly, a man named William. He has been running his service on the Betting Gods website since the second week of March 2019. It finished its proofing period in mid-September and went live.

The Horse Conqueror Review

The results during the proofing period were some of the best I’ve seen so I was interested to see if William could keep up the good work. It’s now been 3 months since the service went live so it’s time to see if it’s worth you joining his list of paying punters.

How does The Horse Conqueror Work?

You’ll be getting an average of 3 tips per evening between 7 and 8.30 pm each evening. The odds can range between 4/1 and 23/1 so you’ll need to get the higher priced ones on as quickly as possible.

As you know, there’s a lot of downward pressure on high prices in the evenings. As this seems to be where this service makes a lot of its profit, you won’t want to miss out on them. The bets are just 1pt and are principally win singles with the occasional each way tip.

The Horse Conqueror Stats

How long does The Horse Conqueror take to set up?

This all seems simple and so is getting started. As soon as you pay your money you’re in. There are a couple more boxes you have to tick before you can sit back and wait for the first tips to arrive, though.

This tipster uses Bet365, BetVictor, Coral, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. This will be a problem for anyone who’s been banned by Bet Victor (ie nearly everybody that’s had a go at Matched Betting). So you’ll need to make sure you have accounts with at least these bookies and one extra if you’ve upset Victor.

How long does it take to use The Horse Conqueror?

As you’ll have a limited amount of time to get the advised prices, it will be worth getting the apps for these bookies on your phone as well. The 7-8.30pm arrival time means you might be doing something else when the tips arrive so you can still get your bets on quickly.

There is also a Betting Gods app but don’t count on it entirely as it can be unreliable. It’d just had another update but we won’t know if they’ve fixed it or not just yet

Getting all this done will mean you’re looking at 2 or 3 minutes at most to get your bets on. You couldn’t really use Betfair for this service as you would just waste time looking for the value.

How much can you make with The Horse Conqueror?

The Horse Conqueror Results

It seems September 6th is a very significant date for the Horse Conquerer. Not only is it the day the service launched but also the day it all started to go wrong. After posting 191pt profit in the trial period, since going live this service has lost 54pts.

At the usual £10pt Betting Gods use for their figures, that’s £540 down the drain for those who have been with this since launch. This is I real shame because at the prelaunch levels of profit this would have been an excellent service.

How much does The Horse Conqueror cost?

The fees would have been a bargain too. The £29 per month or £279 for a year would have put this right near the top of the list for value for money. But, given recent results prices are currently irrelevant.

There’s also a £1 7-day trial that you get with most Betting Gods’ services, but don’t even look at that until results improve.

The 18% strike rate is something else that needs to improve. With average odds of 7.7, this service will need a higher strike rate than that to justify its existence. The advised starting bank of 125pts or £1250 at £10/pt. You’ll need this given current results, as this service is still in an ongoing 29 tip losing run.

The good news is that like all Betting Gods’ services, you’ll be paying via Clickbank, which carries a money-back guarantee. This also means you won’t have too many problems when it comes to cancelling or getting a refund during the guarantee period.

The Horse Conqueror Prices

The Horse Conqueror Advantages

There is much to like here. There are enough bets to keep you interested and the process of putting them on is very simple. This should literally take you a couple of minutes a day. If the profits had continued at the pre-launch levels, this would be in anybody’s top 10 tipster list.

The Horse Conqueror Disadvantages

Unfortunately, they’re not and this overshadows everything else. A £540 loss since launch makes the ease of use and simplicity of the bets completely irrelevant. As things stand, this is just money down the drain so there’s only one thing I can recommend.

The Horse Conqueror Conclusion and Overall Rating

Steer well clear of this for the time being. However, the good results before going live point to this tipster not being a total loss.

Keep an eye on the results and if they go back to the levels during the early part of the year, take the £1 trial and see how you go from there.

You can find out more here

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