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The Bookies Enemy Review – Can he be your friend?

In this The Bookies Enemy review I’ll be looking at this established tipping service which has moved to the Betting Gods website. This service has gained quite a following over the years and I’ll be seeing if the Bookies Enemy can be your friend.


What is The Bookies Enemy?

How does The Bookies Enemy Work?

How long does The Bookies Enemy take to set up?

How long does it take to use The Bookies Enemy?

How much can you make with The Bookies Enemy?

How much does The Bookies Enemy cost?

The Bookies Enemy Review Advantages

The Bookies Enemy Review Disadvantages

The Bookies Enemy Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is The Bookies Enemy?

The Bookies enemy has been running on the Betting Gods website since July 2017. It finished its proofing period in January the following year. The Bookies Enemy is actually a bloke called Gary Poole who has been running this service on various platforms and websites for a number of years.

The Bookies Enemy Review

The service has typically been following a winning month with a losing one but making a profit overall for several years in a row. For this reason, he has built a following of loyal customers and I be finding out if this can be for everyone or just those with nerves of steel.

How does The Bookies Enemy Work?

It all starts simply enough. You’ll get 2 or sometimes 3 tips sent to you between 6-8 pm the night before the race. You shouldn’t waste any time getting them on because the advised average odds are very high. The usual downward pressure means the high prices won’t stay that way for long.

Ther tips are win singles 80% of the time, with the rest being each way. You’ll only be staking 1pt on each bet

The Bookies Enemy Figures

How long does The Bookies Enemy take to set up?

You can access this via the Betting Gods website, pay your money and you’re in. There are a couple more boxes to tick before you sit back and wait for the first tips to arrive.

This tipster uses Bet365, Betfred, BetHard, SkyBet and SportPesa mostly, so you’ll need to make sure you have accounts with at least these bookies. As you’ll have a limited amount of time to get the advised prices, it will be worth getting the apps for these bookies on your phone as well.

How long does it take to use The Bookies Enemy?

This means that if you’re already doing something else (and chances are you will be between 6-8 pm) you can just put these on as soon as the email arrives. The alternative is to install the Betting Gods app but don’t count on it entirely as it can be unreliable.

This won’t take you more than a minute or so but it’s not a question of how long it takes but how soon you can get then on after the selections arrive. Doing this on Betfair just isn’t an option. You just won’t get the value or the liquidity and getting the prices are key if you are going to get anything like the advised profits.

How much can you make with The Bookies Enemy?

The Bookies Enemy Results

As I’ve already said, you’ll get a losing month followed by a winning one or two. During its current run on Betting Gods, this service has had few more good months than bad. This had led to just under £5000 in overall profits since July 2017.

This is using £10/pt and does not involve any compounding or BOG bonuses. It is however calculated using the advised odds. As I pointed out above this is the be-all and end-all with this service. If you placed the same bets at BSP you wouldn’t have made much money at all. In fact, once you take the fees into account you might even end up losing money.

How much does The Bookies Enemy cost?

That’s not because the fees are expensive either. The £39 per month or £399 for a year is higher than you’s see elsewhere but it’s not extortionate. There’s even the usual £1 7-day trial you get with most Betting Gods’ services.

Compared to the advised profits, this does offer value for money, but the 18% strike rate means you can’t miss any of those winners. You’ll need another £1500 (150pt bank at £10/pt) for peace of mind during those frequent losing runs.

Like all Betting Gods’ services, you’ll be paying vis Clickbank, which carries a money-back guarantee. This also means you won’t have too many problems when it comes to cancelling or getting a refund during the guarantee period.

The Bookies Enemy Prices

The Bookies Enemy Advantages

This is not complicated. The number of bets is very manageable and they are quick and simple to put on. The main box is ticked as well with a decent level of profitability. The price is reasonable and that price is backed with a guarantee, so there are a lot of pluses here.

The Bookies Enemy Disadvantages

There are only two drawbacks and those are quite big ones. I don’t want to go on about it, but getting the advised prices is what makes this service worth doing. If for some reason you can’t, this is just wasted money.

The second is the very up and down nature of this service. I know it’s a factor for many tipsters but here it’s really in your face. For instance, this service has just had a £791 losing month. Given past form, an equally massive winning December or January is on the cards but bloody hell that’s not for the faint hearted.

The Bookies Enemy Conclusion and Overall Rating

So overall, this falls into one of two extremes. If you’ve got everything set up on your phone or you’re hovering by your laptop between 6-8 pm each evening and can get the bets on straight away you’ll love this. If you have the right mentality to take a £700 losing month knowing you’ll end up better off in the long run then this is for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve got better things to do than put bets on between 6-8 pm each evening and you like to see more winners, even if they are at smaller prices – then steer clear. There are other tipping services that will be right for you and spare you this rollercoaster ride.

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