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The Bookie Smasher Review – A ‘super’ service?

In this The Bookie Smasher review, I’ll be looking at this tipping service that tips just about every sport it’s possible to place a bet on. I’ll be finding out if this gives you more possibilities to make a profit or just more ways to lose your money.


What is The Bookie Smasher?

How does The Bookie Smasher Work?

How long does The Bookie Smasher take to set up?

How long does it take to use The Bookie Smasher?

How much can you make with The Bookie Smasher?

How much does The Bookie Smasher cost?

The Bookie Smasher Review Advantages

The Bookie Smasher Review Disadvantages

The Bookie Smasher Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is The Bookie Smasher?

Some service names do make me smile. In the old days, it just used to be the tipster’s name with the word ‘racing’ at the end of it. Now, you get names like ‘The Bookie Smasher’ and it brings to mind either one of those WWF wrestlers or some sort of superhero.

The Bookie Smasher Review

The thing is, you’d have to be some sort of superhero to pull off what Raffaele (the real name of ‘The Bookie Smasher’) is trying to do here. Tips for Football, Basketball, Hockey, F1, Tennis – in fact just about any sport you can put a bet on. (With the obvious exception of racing and the dogs).

There is no clue as to how he is trying to pull off this massive feat, but this service did undergo a longer than usual proofing period before going live just before Christmas. Looking at those results though, it seems Rafaele might be some sort of superhero after all.

How does The Bookie Smasher Work?

With that many sports in the mix, you know you’re going to get aa fair few bets. Some days you’ll get 2, on others 8 or 9. It’s a case of whatever the tipster thinks will win. With the tips coming in at very low odds, everybody else thinks the tips going to win as well.

You’ll be getting bets for football teams you’ve never heard of to win a match, over/underscores in basketball and a few other things you never knew you’d be putting money on. These are all going on a 1pt each time.

These tips will be arriving between 10 am and noon, for events that will be happening at some point in the next 12 hours or so. Things like hockey or basketball usually won’t start until around midnight our time, so you’ll have plenty of time to get those on. Others might be happening a lot sooner so you’ll have to check the times carefully.

The Bookie Smasher Review Stats

How long does The Bookie Smasher take to set up?

You’ll be able to buy this through the Betting Gods website, and in a few clicks, you’re good to go. You’ll then be able to access the tips via the member’s area of the website or via the Betting Gods app. (it is worth installing this, the glitches that made it stop working for no reason seem to have been ironed out).

Before you get started properly though, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got live and active accounts with Bet365, Betfred, William Hill, Marathonbet and Sportingbet. These are the tipster’s preferred bookmakers. But, as the bets should be available at more than three bookies, you could probably scrape by with fewer.

Some of the tips will be for some pretty obscure markets which won’t have anything in them on the exchanges. Plus, trying to do this on Betfair or Betdaq means you’ll lose any BOG benefits you’d get from that list of bookies.

How long does it take to use The Bookie Smasher?

As I said above, some of these will be in markets you haven’t seen before. But, once you’re familiar with parts of the bookie’s website you haven’t seen before, this will be a breeze. Even 8 bets spread over all of the different bookies won’t take up more than 1-15 minutes of your morning.

As some of the vents are much later in the day, you can put these on later if you want. The prices I saw didn’t move much but if you do need to go searching, oddschecker is still useful. (yes, it even covers basketball and the Egyptian Premier League).

So far, this looks pretty good. But, does this tipster keep his ‘superhero’ status when it comes to making you a profit? 

How much can you make with The Bookie Smasher?

Here’s where the tipster looks more like Clark Kent than Superman. With 1 pt going on at low odds, I wasn’t expecting huge numbers – but I was expecting bigger numbers than this. 136pts in the 7 months up until launch is really good for this type of service, but it’s not the whole story.

December 10th was launch day, or, from the tipster’s point of view, the day it all started to go wrong. Since launching this service has lost around 20pts. This means at £10/pt anyone joining on launch day, you’d be £200 worse off and very fed up.

It’s not a losing run that’s the problem though, the wins have been coming regularly. But, when you only get half a point for a win, your strike rate needs to be very high. Just being average isn’t enough.

How much does The Bookie Smasher cost?

Like everything on Betting Gods, The Bookie Smasher has a £1.99 for the first 30 days offer to get you in the door. (though I should mention if you go to the website and wait you’ll get offered 3 months a special price too). After that, it’s £79.99 every three months or £129.99 for 6 months.

After a couple of bad months brought the average earnings down to £123 (at £10/pt), this doesn’t look great value. However, at pre-launch profits, it was a reasonable price, so it’s not far off being worth your while.

The bank is recommended at 50pts, which should be more than enough, and might tempt you to go £20/pt instead of the usual £10. This makes the profits look a bit more healthy too.

The Bookie Smasher Review Prices

The Bookie Smasher Review Advantages

This has all of the usual advantages you’d associate with a tipping service but adds an extra element too. You’ll find this interesting because it concerns sport you may know nothing about. If you don’t want to know too much that’s fine, as the tipster clearly has a lot of knowledge about the sports he’s tipping on.

The Bookie Smasher Review Disadvantages

When that knowledge falters though, the results take a dive. While this is true of all tipping services, it’s especially noticeable here. Because you are only winning less than a point each time you are successful, this service needs to be right nearly all of the time to make some decent numbers.

The Bookie Smasher Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is the most interesting service I’ve come across in a while. It can be comforting to place your bets and watch the results come in, it can also be a bit boring. Looking at the Basketball and Hockey scores made a nice change that made me really like this service.

This made the mediocre results even more disappointing, and until it starts making a decent profit, I can’t recommend it. However, if you take a look and the figures straight after launch just look like a blip, then you should start using this straight away.

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