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Tee and Serve Tips Review – On par for profit?

In this Tee and Serve Tips review, I’ll be checking out this unusual tipping service that has been on the Betting Gods website since April 2019. This service posted some incredible profits during its proofing period. So I’ll be seeing if it’s managed to keep up the good results.


What is Tee and Serve Tips?

How does Tee and Serve Tips Work?

How long does Tee and Serve Tips take to set up?

How long does it take to use Tee and Serve Tips?

How much can you make with Tee and Serve Tips?

How much does Tee and Serve Tips cost?

Tee and Serve Tips Review Advantages

Tee and Serve Tips Review Disadvantages

Tee and Serve Tips Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Tee and Serve Tips?

Most tipsters focus on just one sport and I prefer it that way. Being expert enough in one sport to predict winners is hard enough, but two? So I was surprised to see the results posted by this service during the proofing period.

Tee and Serve Review

Over 450 points in profit in just a few months is almost unheard of and I wanted to see if this was going to continue. So I decided to take a look at this a bit sooner than I normally would, just to make sure we weren’t missing out on something special.

How does Tee and Serve Tips Work?

Because the tips arrive more frequently when tournaments are played, it’s pointless me telling you there’s an average of 3 a day. It’s more a case of there 5 or 6 on one day and 1 or none on others.

The split seems to be about 60/40 tennis over golf but that I would expect that to even out a bit more once the service has been running for a whole year. You’ll be backing a player to win and in tennis, this will be by a certain margin.

The tips will arrive between 7 and 9am but with average odds of around 6. There won’t be too much pressure to get them on straight away unless the event is about to start.

Tee and Serve Review Stats

How long does Tee and Serve Tips take to set up?

It’s easy to join this service by clicking through from the Betting Gods website. As soon as you’ve paid your money there’s nothing to do until the first tips arrive.

You’ll probably already have accounts with Bet365, Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and William Hill who are the preferred bookies for this tipster. It will be worth checking those accounts are still active if you haven’t used some of them for a while.

You could do most of this on Betfair but some markets won’t be available and there won’t be enough liquidity in some of the others. This will be the minority of cases as it surprised me how much money there was in a lot of the tennis and golf markets.

How long does it take to use Tee and Serve Tips?

Using Betfair might save you a bit of time, but even if you had six bets for six different bookmakers, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes. What would save you more time would be installing the apps for each of the bookies on your phone.

You should also install the Betting Gods app, though that is currently a bit unreliable. So, although it should get the tips to you faster than the email, it doesn’t always work.

How much can you make with Tee and Serve Tips?

Tee and Serve Review Results

The profits during the proofing period were amazing. In the 24 weeks until the 21st September 2019, this service had posted 498 points in profit, or nearly £5000 at £10/pt. Unfortunately since launch, things have not gone as well.

It’s not the only service to hit a rough patch just as it goes live and the 50pt since launch is a real shame. The 30% strike rate hasn’t changed it’s just that many of the winners since launch have been low priced. In fact, the strike rate was higher for last month’s £109 loss was higher than for July’s £769.50 profit.

You don’t become a bad tipster overnight though and I’m seeing this more a correction of the very good fortune at the beginning. This leads me to think that though long term you won’t be getting £1000/month in profits, this will still be a profitable service.

How much does Tee and Serve Tips cost?

With that in mind, the £39 a month still looks like a decent price. But, I wouldn’t opt for the £379 yearly subscription until this rough patch is over. There’s the usual £1 7-Day trial as well to get you started off, as well as the usual 30 day guarantee.

The 150pt starting bank does seem a bit too much and I’m sure Chris who runs the service will revise this as time goes on.

Tee and Serve Review Prices

Tee and Serve Tips Advantages

This might take longer than a few other tipsters but it still won’t take you long. There’s nothing new to learn and everything you need to know is in the email. It uses bookies you’ve probably already got accounts wit and you can do a lot of it on Betfair.

The profits overall will be decent and the subscription price will be better value when the results improve.

Tee and Serve Tips Disadvantages

As long as the results improve, there is not much wrong with this service. You shouldn’t expect the profits to go back to 100pts/month but even only a third of that would still make this a good service.

Tee and Serve Tips Conclusion and Overall Rating

Despite my reservations that you can’t be a jack of all trades when it comes to tipping, this service is very good. It’s having a bad couple of months, but after the unrealistically good start, that’s really to be expected.

So, while I would recommend this service you should tread carefully. See how long this rough patch lasts before committing to anything long term.

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