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SpreadJacker Review – How Does The Riskiest Form of Financial Trading Work in Football ?

Spreadjacker Review

This Spreadjacker Review is going to be quite unusual.


Well, we’ve all heard of spread betting. It’s usually related to financial marketplaces and is one of the riskiest forms out there.

What this service promises, is to keep all the good parts of spread betting. Good parts like the potential for big profits and the excitement. It also promises to lessen the risks. This is by using insightful, targeted tips that win more often than they lose.

This, you’ll agree, is a real eyebrow-raiser.

Unlike traditional financial market spread betting, SpreadJacker focusses solely on the football marketplace. It’s not even about goal scoring or fixture outcomes. Heaven forbid it should be that simple.

No, this is all about player performance. Apparently, it’s a new and exciting way to look at football games. It promises to be both thrilling and potentially profitable.

Yes, you’re right. This sounds far too good to be true. So, let’s take a look.


What is Spreadjacker?

How does Spreadjacker Work?

How long does Spreadjacker take to set up?

Who Is Adam Cheng?

How long does it take to use Spreadjacker?

How much can you make with Spreadjacker?

How much does Spreadjacker cost?

Is Spreadjacker easy to use?

Spreadjacker Advantages

Spreadjacker Disadvantages

Spreadjacker Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Spreadjacker ?

In a nutshell, SpreadJacker is a tipping service delivered through newsletters and a website.

The service promises to deliver 2 – 3 tips a week via text messages and a newsletter, as well as giving subscribers support. This via the SpreadJacker website.

The SpreadJacker strategy bases itself on player performance. This uses a points system overseen by an independent third party.

Players expected to perform well become ‘buys’ or bets. Those anticipated to have poor games tipped as ‘sells’ or lays. The more right you are, the more you win; but the more wrong you are, the more you lose.

This could be exciting for football fans. This type of betting could add a whole new dimension to their game watching experience.

Let me explain. A fixture bet of a home team win would be out of the window if they were down by three goals at half time. SpreadJacker betting means bettors will be on the edge of their seats from minute 0 to minute 90. Even into extra time.

The SpreadJacker market will be available on all live, televised games . That means, , all the Premiership games. It also includes most of the Champions League and some of the Europa League matches. European leagues like La Liga will also feature.

This does mean that unless we have a World Cup or Euros, summers are going to be quiet.

How does Spreadjacker Work?

Unlike traditional spread betting, SpreadJacker does not rely on choosing the outcome of a match. Rather, it works by predicting the performance of an individual player.

Everything that player does will have an impact on how much you could win over the course of the entire match.

Each player receives points based on their performance. Actions like making shots, assisting goals, passing to team members in the opposition’s half all contributing to their score. This is the basis for how SpreadJacker works.

All these points are then awarded by Opta. Opta is the world’s largest live sports data company.

Opta work to provide stats for a range of sports, Yet the focus with SpreadJacker is all about football. Opta award points based on key action, including:

· Shots, both on and off-target. Including the outcome and whether they were inside or outside the area.

· Passes, be they long or short. Whether they were successful or unsuccessful including the zones made from and to.

· Assists towards goals, through balls played and number and quality of key passes.

· Tackles both successful and unsuccessful, and duels.

· Clearances, blocks and interceptions.

· Saves and goalkeeper actions.

· Fouls and foul type.

SpreadJacker works by giving the insight to enable you to bet against the performance of specific players in matches.

By crunching the numbers based on past performance. The SpreadJacker service endeavours to lessen the risk of your bet, and to guide your hand on every match. Of course, any player can have an amazing day. Also, any player can run into disaster, so there’s nothing for certain in this game.

How long does Spreadjacker take to set up?

The tips arrive automatically to your inbox, so there’s no software to download and install. What can take the time here is opening an account with a spread betting exchange.

There are only two spread betting exchanges that offer odds on player performance. For the purposes of SpreadJacker Spreadex is the chosen platform.

Opening a Spreadex account shouldn’t be a problem for most, especially if you are in the UK.

Spreadex does have some restrictions on its services in many countries. These are listed on their website. If you are unable to get a Spreadex account, you’ll be unable to use SpreadJacker

Spreadex is well-established in the spread betting marketplace, established in 1999. They were awarded ‘best spread betting firm for customer service’ three years running. They have also and have recently invested £1.2m in improving stability and security. So chances are, your money is safe with this exchange

Speadjacker Review - Spreadex

Once you’ve ticked this box, you’re good to go.

Who Is Adam Cheng?

Spreadjacker Review - Adam Cheng

The developer of SpreadJacker is Adam Cheng. He is a betting enthusiast who has spent eight years working as a bookie for a London establishment.

He was then made head of football trading. He spent most of his time analysing and digging into player statistics. He developed a unique understanding of the dynamics of football teams and their individual players.

Following this, Adam worked at Squawka, the UK’s leading football statistics agency. He was crunching numbers and learning even more about player performance. During this time, Adam discovered this niche spread betting opportunity.

He then began to hone his system to maximise profits from bets on player performance.

How long does it take to use Spreadjacker?

The SpreadJacker website states that you’ll need only 5 – 10 minutes to act on the recommendations..

This is an overly optimistic assessment, as even placing a few bets is going to take longer than that.

We’d anticipate needing a good hour or so each day in order to really understand what you’re doing and make it work for you.

How much can you make with Spreadjacker?

The potential to make money with this system is there, just as it is with any form of gambling. But with SpreadJacker betting, you’re trying to predict how good or bad of a match a player is going to have.

If by chance, they have the day of their lives, you stand to lose, and potentially a lot. The potential profit is bigger than with most other types of sports betting, but the risk is much larger as well.

In fact, they recommend that you use stakes of around 10 times smaller than you would place at a standard, fixed odds betting situation.

So, for example, if you normally stick a fiver on your team to win, you stake 50p in a spread betting situation.

Even then, you could end up losing more than your initial deposit into the account. Particularly if you have a streak of losses in a row. so it’s more important than ever to proceed with caution and to only bet with money you can afford to lose.

SpreadJacker analysed their losses over the last football season. Although overall they were in profit, they did make losses too, with the average loss sitting at 11.25 points. The biggest loss was 25 points.

Early Indications

In an interview, Adam Cheng gave some indications as to the sorts of numbers we could be looking at. For example:

· Midfielders: An average score for a strong midfielder in one of the top UK clubs would be around 80 points in a match.

· Strikers: Strikers pass less frequently, so score less points. They would expect to racaybe 40 or 45 points in a match.

· Exceptions: Cheng cites the exception as being Barcelona legend Javi. He remembers him scoring more than 320 points in one Champions League semi-final.

So how do those scores translate into profit? Let’s say Adam tips you to ‘sell’ or lay ‘John Smith’ at 30 points for a match.

Imagine Mr Smith does indeed have a ‘mare’ or gets sent off early with injury or following a foul. You will win one point for every point below 30 he scored.

If, , he puts in a man of the match performance, you lose one point for every point over 30 he scores.

If your lay was worth 50p a point at 30 points, a final score of 10 would win you 20 points, so 20 x 50p which is £10. If your lay failed, and he finished at, say, 70 points, your liability would be (70 – 30) 40 points, so 40 x 50p, which is £20.

As your stakes get bigger, so do your potential profits and liabilities. Turn that 50p into £5 and suddenly you’re into £100 of profit (or £200 of loss).

How much does Spreadjacker cost?

Spreadjacker is a subscription service, and not a cheap one. At £974.15 for a year’s membership, the SpreadJacker cost is high. Probably higher than pretty much everything else out there.

Then again, it does claim to be a brand-new system which offers a new way to make money online through spread betting. For some, it will be worth it.

Scarily, you need to fill in a direct debit mandate before moving on from the registration page. Eead the small print carefully. You’ll notice that Agora state that your subscription will renew automatically in 365 days at a price of £1,297. Take note people.

For your membership fee, here’s what you’ll get…

· The betting guide. The free SpreadJacker betting guide has been produced by Adam Cheng. It tells you all you need to know about spread betting and this particular service. Adam doesn’t reveal his unique system in the guide. But, you will come away with ‘everything’ you need to know to get started with this unique form of spread betting.

· Access to the SpreadJacker website. Hosted by Betting Rant, the SpreadJacker website requires a username and password to log in. This keeps the non-paying punters from accessing the recommendations.

· Updates from Adam Cheng himself. Around three hours before each match, Adam will contact you with recommendations for bets and instructions on what to do. He’ll notify you if it’s a buy or sell situation. He will also offer advice on how to minimise risks and maximise profits from your trades.

Even to the most optimistic, this doesn’t sound like a lot for your money.

But hold on, the theory is that what you’re buying into here is Adam Cheng himself. While you’re going about your everyday business, Adam will be slaving away. He will be analysing player performance, crunching numbers and figuring out a winning strategy.

Then, he’ll let you know where you should be putting that money for the next football match.

Luckily there’s a free trial. The website says it is ‘risk-free’ for 30 days, during which time you can ask them for a refund with no strings attached.

I should mention here that you are parting with almost a grand. You will read elsewhere in this website that Agora can be ‘difficult’ when it comes to refunds. You might not have a problem, but it is only fair to warn you.

Is Spreadjacker easy to use?

Spread betting is not for the faint of heart, and the learning curve can be steep if you’re completely new to this game. The SpreadJacker guide promises to give you a crash course in spread betting. Of course, you’ll also have the support of Mr Cheng on your side.

If you’ve never undertaken this before, invest a few hours in paper based betting and learning the system. Certainly before risking any of your real money.

Adam Cheng recommends a 250-point bank as your initial deposit. So, if you plan to place £5 bets, you’ll need a bankroll of £1,250. However, he also recommends starting out with really small bets, like 10p or so. Or, even undertaking paper based betting until you are confident in the system.

You should never risk more than you can afford to lose. With the cost of sign up plus the hefty initial deposit required to start, you’ll need a good couple of grand to bankroll your beginnings with this system.

Spreadjacker Advantages

The biggest advantage here is the man behind it, Adam Cheng himself.

He comes across as a real numbers man. Also, someone who knows enough about this industry to have a truly beneficial system. However, there are some other advantages which could help ensure a good result.

Right now, there are only two exchanges currently offering spread bets on player performance. That’s Spreadex and Sporting Index.

In other markets, hundreds of bookies are offering odds and bouncing off each other on price. Instead, these exchanges have nothing to go on. The prices offered will be of their own fabrication. This means if Adam calculates better than they do, the chances of a big win become greater.

Another advantage of the SpreadJacker system is that Adam will only promise to provide 2 – 3 tips in a week. This means he is able to cherry-pick those outcomes which are most likely to produce a result. This is rather than trying to find several opportunities each day.

The initial SpreadJacker sign up is being limited to just 100 participants. This will avoid the market becoming saturated. Also, hopefully, allow Adam to be more hands-on with his group of investors.

Spreadjacker Disadvantages

Many of the advantages are just one step away from being a problem. As this all hinges on one person, we have the ‘what if he gets hit by a bus scenario’. Public transport incidents aside, people have bad days, get distracted and ill.

With Speaadjacker, this means that if Adam Cheung has a baad day, so will you.

Next we have the fact you only get 2-3 tips a week. this isn’t very many for the price tag, especially if they aare losers. A run of 5 or 6 losers can mean you’re going to spend a fortnight waving goodbye to your money. This isn’t something everybody can do.

Spreadjacker Conclusion and Overall Rating

Well, despite my raised eyebrows, it doesn’t sound bad.

Adam Cheng is a pretty credible individual, and it’s relatively easy to buy into his abilities.

The problem comes with the price. A thousand pounds is a big chunk of cash to invest in a new, unproven system. Even with a 30-day money-back guarantee (for the reason mentioned above).

So, rather than give it a straight yes or no, my verdict is to wait. Wait and see how the support functions with the first set of users. Wait until there is a forum for peer support and troubleshooting help.

You don’t have to agree with me, and the fear of missing out or not being there at the start might be too much. If you do get into this, please take on board everything I’ve said about it being new and untested. Especially pay attention to what is said about the company you’ll be paying your money to.

7 Replies to “SpreadJacker Review – How Does The Riskiest Form of Financial Trading Work in Football ?

    1. Come on Chris, be fair. You must have been ding’d by the likes of RyanAir doing this! Yes it’s annoying when companies ‘unbundle’ transaction fees but it’s pretty common now.

    2. You say what you want but I’m sure it’s because it’s not as easy to do a ‘recharge’ if you pay by Debit Card as it it with Credit Card – so they do whatever they can to get you to not use a credit card – why would they do this if what they were selling was legit – like I said – sounds dodgy to me

  1. If you start trading at 10p it must take forever to make anything like your money back for the course. Think the direct debit for next year is a bit sneaky too – think I’ll be steering clear of this one

    1. Hi Mark, SpreadJacker is not a ‘course’ as such; it’s an annual subscription (and not a cheap one).

      At 10p a trade I’d have to agree with you, you’ll not get very far! Why, if you don’t mind my asking, are you taking such small positions? If you are scared or just trying to learn I’d suggest you start out paper trading because if you really want to make big gains, usually, you need to have more at stake!

      Does that make sense?

    1. Hi Jamie, welcome to Extra Income Guru!

      I don’t know if SpreadJacker is “full” (you never really know if the limits they set on these things are genuine or not) but I do know they are still pushing it to their email list.

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