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Sports World Review – all over the place?

In this Sports World review, I’ll be looking at this tipping service that sends tips for just about any sport you can place a bet on. I’ll be finding out if this service spreads itself too thin to make decent returns, or if there is money to be made if you don’t bet on the horses or the dogs?


What is Sports World?

How does Sports World  Work?

How long does Sports World take to set up?

How long does it take to use Sports World?

How much can you make with Sports World?

How much does Sports World cost?

Sports World Review Advantages

Sports World Review Disadvantages

Sports World Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Sports World?

Knowing your stuff in just one code of one sport is hard enough. Knowing your stuff in two sports is very hard. But seven or eight different sports – surely nobody is that good? That’s what I’ll be trying to find out here and I have to say, this service is not shy of spreading it about a bit.

Sports World Review

In the time I looked at this service, I saw tips for Snooker, Football, Tennis, Darts, Rugby Union and Rugby League. I also know this service tips for sports in the US like the NFL. Making a profit from that lot is going to be a tall order, so I was interested to see how they go about it.

How does Sports World  Work?

We are looking at quality rather than quantity here so you won’t see a bet every day. I never saw more than one bet in a day and looking back at the results that doesn’t seem to have happened at all so far.

These tips will arrive between 9 am and 11 am and you’ll be staking 1, 5 or 10 points each time, according the strength of the tip. I think part of the reason why this service is able to cover so many services is that it doesn’t exactly cover log shots. The odds are very low and average out under 2.

So far this looking low in spectacle and with the low odds and the low number of bets are pointing towards low, but steady profits.

How long does Sports World take to set up?

You’ll need to get signed up before you can do any of this. Click through from the Tipster Street website, fill in the Paypal form for your monthly fees and you’re in. Your tips will be sent each day to the email address of the PayPal account you paid with, but you can change this if you get in contact with Tipster Street.

There’s nothing new to learn here, but unless you’ve bet on any of these sports before, you’ll be seeing new parts of your bookies websites. You could do this on the exchanges as the events featured should have enough liquidity to get a decent price. Remember though, you have to take into account commission fees if you’re using Betfair or BetDaq. Also, there is no BOG if you’re using the exchanges.

How long does it take to use Sports World?

Once you’ve found your way to the markets that are new to you, I’d be surprised if this took you longer than 2 minutes each day. There’s no time to be saved by doing this on your phone, though it may well be more convenient if you’re not at your laptop between 9 am and 11 am.

How much can you make with Sports World?

Sports World Results

I said above that low odds and few bets equal low profits. But, I wasn’t expecting them to be this low or the fortunes to be as up and down as they have been. 138pts of total profit after 4 years is just not enough.

That gives you, at £10/pt, £28.23 profit on average each month which won’t keep anybody happy. Most surprising of all though, is those mediocre profits are created with a 54% strike rate. This means when there are losing runs, they are devastating, like the 6 losing months on the trot in 2017 that wiped out half of the total profits.

How much does Sports World cost?

The average profits quoted above don’t include subscription fees. As you can imagine, this doesn’t improve matters. Even with the Tipster Street special offer price of £3.79 for the first 30 days, then £14.95 each month or £29.95 for a quarter.

Even though these fees might seem quite low, when you consider the profits, it still seems too expensive. Basically having half your profits going on fees each month is bad enough, but when you’re left with just £14 aat the end of it you are not going to be impressed.

The recommended 150pt bank might be sensible, but whether you want to tie up £1500 to make a net average profit of £15 a month as another matter.

Sports World Prices

Sports World Review Advantages

There are a few good points though. This is so easy to do, you might think the profits are worth it for the almost zero effort. There’s lots of variation and if you don’t mind betting on sports you know nothing about you’ll find this interesting. There’s no pressure to get the bets on quickly, there’s a great win rate and the fees are quite low.

Sports World Review Disadvantages

How this service makes so little money then, is a mystery. You’d expect a lot more out of this, even when you consider the low odds and few bets. You could easily point aa finger at this service and say that by looking at so many sports, it has bitten off more than it can chew

Sports World Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

For that reason, I’d have to advise you to steer clear of this service. Despite a 50%+ strike rate, this service is unpredictable and it doesn’t make enough money.

There is better out there if you want a multi-sport service, but none of them quite match the profits offered by horse or dog based services, so I suggest you look there instead.

You can find out more here

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