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Snowy Bets Review – an avalanche of profits?

In this Snowy Bets review, I’ll be looking at this jump racing tipping service that has been active since 2016. This service has the reputation for beating the bookies and I’ll be finding out how much you’d benefit from betting ‘alongside a proven pro-gambler’?


What is Snowy Bets?

How does Snowy Bets Work?

How long does Snowy Bets take to set up?

How long does it take to use Snowy Bets?

How much can you make with Snowy Bets?

How much does Snowy Bets cost?

Snowy Bets Review Advantages

Snowy Bets Review Disadvantages

Snowy Bets Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Snowy Bets?

There is is no doubting Phil ‘Snowy’ Griffiths’ reputation. Just five minutes on his websites and you’ll see dozens of testimonials and winning tips. What’s missing is the normal hyperbole you find on tipsters websites. Yes, there’s some (he does want you to give him money after all) but it’s backed by so much proof that it doesn’t feel like you’re being sold to.

Snowy Bets Review

Snowy is a good old fashioned National Hunt tipster so you’ll expect ups and downs and to have more money than you started with by the end. This approach is very common, and I’ll be finding out whether Snowy really is a good as I’ve been told, or if there’s better out there.

How does Snowy Bets Work?

Like a lot of traditional tipsters, there’s a weekend and weekday service as well as an option to do both. I’m covering both and you should too. You’ll get a total of 7-12 tips each week weighted more towards the weekends.

These tips will arrive at 10.30 on the morning of the race. They will be each way bets barring the very occasion straight win. You could be staking between 1 and 7 points each time which means there’s going to be a lot of points in the mix on a Saturday. This also means there’s a lot of potential for that big winner with odds anywhere between 4/1 and 66/1

How long does Snowy Bets take to set up?

You’ll need to get signed up and then it’s just a quick Clickbank form and you’re good to go. All you have to worry about is making sure you select the right one out of the six different subscription options. To be fair this bit could be easier and overall Snowy could do with a bit of help on the techie front.

You should be able to do this with your existing bookmaker’s accounts as there’s nothing complicated about placing these bets. There’s nothing new about any of this so far and if you’ve followed aa tipster before, you’ll take to this easily.

How long does it take to use Snowy Bets?

This won’t take you long either. Even on a Saturday when you might get 4 or 5 bets, you’ll be hard pressed to take more than 10 minutes over this, or less if you’ve got it set up on your phone.

You’ll have a while to get these on but I wouldn’t leave it too long as some of the larger odds are going to noticeably move as you get closer to the race. You won’t save any time doing this on the exchanges either, as well as losing any best odds guaranteed (BOG) profits. BOG profits affect the results of any service, but this one in particular.

How much can you make with Snowy Bets?

Snowy Bets Review Results

Over the almost four years this service has been active, it’s posted a very healthy 1100pts profit. Once you factor in BOG, it’s over 1500. At the usual £10pt, that’s £240/month on average in profit or £330 at BOG. These are good profits by any measure and a 24% win rate means losing runs won’t usually last long.

These results would be much better if the service hadn’t had such a shocker in the last couple of weeks. Still, I often say you don’t become a bid tipster overnight, and Snowy is far from a bad tipster.

How much does Snowy Bets cost?

There are a good half dozen options here which you can see in the picture above. One month for £39, 3 months for £97, 6 months for £177 and £314 for a whole year. Given the profits on offer, all of these come across as good value. There is an additional offer for £1.99 for the first 28 days which is where you’re most likely to start.

With the number of points being used at any one time, you might want to go for more than a 100pt bank and those who like to keep their money protected will want to go with 200pts.

Snowy Bets Review Prices

Snowy Bets Review Advantages

This is a very simple service to use, straightforward each way bets with very little running around looking for prices. You could give this to a beginner and they’s be happy. Experienced bettors will like the service and love the profits. £240 a month at £10/pt (or more if you’ve BOG’d) for this much effort puts this up there with the better services, especially when you take into account the reasonable fees.

Snowy Bets Review Disadvantages

If I had to put my finger on anything that I was less keen on, it would be the number of points you have riding on one day’s racing. National Hunt is notoriously unpredictable and a couple of weeks of hearing ‘fallen at the last’ is foing to leave a big hole in your profits.

Snowy Bets Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is just a minor niggle in what is an otherwise excellent tipping service. To get results like this from Nationa Hunt racing consistently for nearly four years is a sign that this service is one to follow and follow for a very long time.

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