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Smart Betting Club Review (previously Secret Betting Club)

Smart Betting Club Review

In this Smart Betting Club Review, I’ll be finding out more about this specialist tipping review site. I’ll be finding out who’s involved, what it does and if it really is as impartial as it says it is.


What is the Smart Betting Club?

How does the Smart Betting Club Work?

How long does the Smart Betting Club take to set up?

How much can you make with the Smart Betting Club?

How long does it take to use the Smart Betting Club?

How much does the Smart Betting Club cost?

Is the Smart Betting Club easy to use?

Smart Betting Club Review Advantages

Smart Betting Club Review Disadvantages

Smart Betting Club Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Smart Betting Club?

In a nutshell, the Smart Betting Club is an independent website that tests, assesses, and reviews different tipster services. The Smart betting Club (or SBC for short) was formerly known as the Secret Betting Club and is run by Fortuna Publishing.

Smart Betting Club Review

On first impressions, I have to say, it is very different to many of the other websites I’ve seen in recent times. I found no bookies advertising (bit of a first) in fact, I found no advertising of any kind except for its own services.

This adds a lot of credibility to the claim that the Smart Betting Club promises to be completely on the side of the punter.

Before we go any further, I should mention that SBC is a service, not a system. It will send you no tips or strategies but instead will give you access to a wide range of reports.

These reports will tell which tipsters are doing well and which you should avoid like the plague. You’ll also have access to a library of further reports to show you, they say, how to get the most out of your betting.

How does Smart Betting Club Work?

The SBC works in a basic subscription model to give you access to a wide range of specialist information about gambling. The people behind it all have very good pedigrees and obviously know their stuff.

The advice here goes way beyond which tipster is having a good run. There is advice here on building a bank and not being gubbed by the bookies. This is not just a library either. The fact they’ve called it a club shows that your input is important too, especially when it comes to putting together the best and worst list of tipsters.

How long does Smart Betting Club take to set up?

The sign-up process is simple, as you would expect. You then have access to a number of reports and aa 13 year archive of articles and reports.

Nearly all of the reports are PDFs to download. The content is very good and not just sales fluff disguised as information.

The only problem here is this can all be a bit of a rabbit hole you can get lost in for a while. You could come out with a wealth of knowledge, a lot of which may be very interesting but of no use to you personally.

I would recommend you use a buffet approach and dip in and out of this as you need to, rather than try and consume everything in one go.

How long does it take to use the Smart Betting Club?

There are bi-monthly magazines delivered by email. The magazines will vary in length but aare substantial. For example the free one you can download from the site is clearly an abridged version but runs to 30 pages.

Smart Betting Club Review Reports

So, not a quick read but a worthwhile one. When they examine a tipster, they do so to a forensic level. This is just a further indication of the depth and quality of the information here.

How much can you make with Smart Betting Club?

As I mentioned above, this is a service rather than a system. For that reason, I’ll concentrate on the value you get from SBC rather than the money you can make.

If you are a habitual tipster follower, going from one to the other every couple of months (don’t worry, you’re not alone) then this is invaluable.

Considering how much a bad choice or misstep can cost you when picking a tipster, the resources here can be worth quite a bit. If you add up all of the time and money spent giving tipsters a try, you’ll end up with an idea of what this website can save you.

How much does Smart Betting Club cost?

Well, first of all, there is free membership. This is worth a look although you’ll get not much more than sample magazines that are just a taster.

Smart Betting Club Review Prices

Then we have the paid membership, prices vary from £27.99 a quarter up to £79.99 for a year. For this you get access to a huge range of information and services:

  • SBC Magazines
  • Tipster Profit Reports
  • SBC Forum Access
  • Bet Diary Pro
  • Daily Free Tips
  • Pro Betting Fundamentals
  • Back Catalogue Access
  • Tipster Savings Access
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • The Best Tipster Guide
  • How I Make Money Betting Interviews

As I said above, this can be too much information but even if you use one tenth of it, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

As you’ve seen in the bullet points, there is a money-back guarantee. This applies to the first 30 days of a quarterly membership, or the first 90 days if you’ve paid for a year.

Is Smart Betting Club easy to use?

The website is well put together and easy to get around. The reports are simple to download and aas PDFs, you’d be hard pressed to own hardware you can’t read them on.

The problem here again is too much information. If you want to find out about a particular tipster or technique, you can find what you need easily. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, as I said above, this can be one very deep rabbit hole.

Smart Betting Club Review Advantages

There is much to love aabout SBC. It really does take the punters side aand the information here is excellent. The membership is very reasonable, and the lack of advertising shows the site is as impartial as it possibly can be.

As wonderful as this all is, though, there is a downside.

Smart Betting Club Review Disadvantages

The amount of information here can be utterly bewildering. You could end up wasting time here learning a dozen things you’ll never need to know but look very interesting.

The forensic level of detail won’t be for everybody and it can have you skim reading or skipping straight to the conclusion. If you came to this website to have one question answered, you could easily leave with a dozen more questions instead.

Smart Betting Club Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is an incredible website. If you taking your betting seriously or are a serial follower of tipsters, this website is both your church and your bible. It’s that good.

If however, all you’re looking for is just a league table of Tipsters and some top level tips on not getting gubbed … this is overkill. You’ll still find what you need of course, but it will come packaged with everything else you wanted to know and much more besides.

You can find out more here

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