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Ron Williams Review – Tap into 40 years experience?

In this Ron Williams Review, I’ll be looking at this well-established tipster who has been in the business for over 40 years. After four decades, I’ll be finding out if this man really knows his stuff.


What is Ron Williams?

How does Ron Williams Work?

How long does Ron Williams take to set up?

How long does it take to use Ron Williams?

How much can you make with Ron Williams?

How much does Ron Williams cost?

Ron Williams Review Advantages

Ron Williams Review Disadvantages

Ron Williams Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Ron Williams?

40 years is a long time ‘beating the bookies’ as Ron himself puts it. However, what I’ll be focusing on in this review is what he’s done more recently since he started publishing results on his website in July 2017.

Ron Williams Review

He’s also on the Betting Gods platform as the Ron Williams Racing Service. It looks to be the same tips on offer but is at different prices with different trial periods, but more on that later.

After all this time in the business, I was expecting to see what I think we all know works best. No gimmicks, simple bets and steady profits over the long term. I took a closer look to see if I was right…

How does Ron Williams Work?

There were no surprises here. You’ll be getting between 1 and 4 tips a day which will arrive between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm on the evening before the race. These will have average odds of around 8 so you’ll want to get them on quite quickly before the prices move.

The bets are a roughly 80/20 split between wins and each way, with the EWs having the higher odds. Again, no surprises there. You’ll be staking just 1pt most days with the occasional 2pt bet.

So far this is exactly what I expected and pretty much the dictionary definition of a tipping service.

Ron Williams Review Stats

How long does Ron Williams take to set up?

There’s nothing new here either. It doesn’t matter if you go in through his website or via Betting Gods, there’s a simple order form and you’re in as soon as you’ve parted with your cash. You’ll be able to see the tips on the website now or wait for the tips to arrive by email.

Before you do this, you’ll need to make sure you have live and active accounts with Bet365, BetVictor, SkyBet, Unibet and William Hill. If, like most people you’ve already been banned by Bet Victor, you’ll need another one on standby.

You could use Betfair as this standby for BetVictor (or any of the others) as the bets are simple and in larger markets. But, I wouldn’t guarantee you’ll be able to get the advised price and you’ll lose any BOG (best odds guaranteed) benefits you might get from a bookmaker.

How long does it take to use Ron Williams?

As I mentioned above, you’ll need to get these on quickly, especially the high priced EWs. Placing the bets won’t take you long but you might have to do a bit of searching elsewhere if you’ve missed the advised prices.

Getting everything set up on your phone will be a good idea and having oddschecker to hand if you do have to go price hunting. Once you’ve got the apps installed (and yes, there is even one for oddschecker) this shouldn’t take you more than about 5 minutes a day.

This is still exactly what was I was expecting, so next on the list is probably the most important – steady profits over the long term.

How much can you make with Ron Williams?

Ron Williams Review Results

Yes, that box is ticked as well. You’ll be looking at around £200/month average profit at £10/pt. The strike rate of around 30% means there’s going to be ups and downs so don’t expect a winning month every month.

If you’d followed this service since July 2018 and taken every tip at the advised price, you’d now be £3600 better off. With many tipsters falling flat in 2019, these results are proof that after 40 years Ron definitely knows his stuff.

I should also mention that the results on his website look more impressive but are based on £25 stakes and not at £10/pt.

How much does Ron Williams cost?

The £39 per month or £399 for a year are not unreasonable and about right for the amount of profit. There is a £1 7-day trial to get you started, but that’s true of nearly all of Betting Gods’ services.

You can get a 14 day trial for the same amount by going to his website, where the monthly cost is £37 a month. This is a bit confusing for what looks like the same service.

Either way, it’s all done using Clickbank so you’ll have a 30-day guarantee and no problems cancelling or getting a refund if you need one.

The advised starting bank is 400pts, which at £10/pt will put a lot of people off. Given previous results though, this does seem a bit on the large size. The biggest losing month looks to only have been around 40pts so Ron is being better safe than sorry.

Ron Williams Review Price

Ron Williams Review Advantages

It takes next to no experience to get to grips with, as you are just following instructions in an email. There are no bets in odd markets, combinations or accumulators. If you’ve got this set up on your phone it won’t take you long to do each day and the fees are very reasonable.

If you can get the advised odds, which if you’re quick won’t be a problem – the profits are reasonable over the short term and very good if you’re thinking of staying long term.

Ron Williams Review Disadvantages

The two different prices and results are a minor niggle and a bit confusing if you go straight from one to the other.

The bigger problem here is that Ron thinks a 400pt bank is needed, At £10/pt that’s £4000 and at £25 stakes £10000. This will be beyond most people and I’m not sure it’s necessary.

Ron Williams Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is exactly what I expected and is pretty much the dictionary definition of a tipping service. There is nothing complicated here and if you’ve ever follower another tipster you’ll find this a very easy and familiar service.

I would recommend this to everybody and you should add this to your portfolio of tipsters to follow.

You can find out more here and here

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