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Racing Profits Review – The Best System You’ve Never Heard Of…?

Racing Profits Review

In this Racing Profits Review, I’ll be taking a look at one of the many tipping services which share the Racing Profits  name. I’ll be finding out what separates this service from its namesakes, how it all works and most importantly if it’s any good.

Racing Profits Review


What is Racing Profits?

How does Racing Profits Work?

How long does Racing Profits take to set up?

How long does it take to use Racing Profits?

How much can you make with Racing Profits?

How much does Racing Profits cost?

Is Racing Profits easy to use?

Racing Profits Review Advantages

Racing Profits Review Disadvantages

Racing Profits Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Racing Profits?

Racing Profits (not to be confused with or – both reviewed elsewhere on this site). is a website set up by ex-solicitor Richard Mawer. The aim of the website, he tells us, is to help people with making money from betting on horse racing.

This is nothing new, and nothing here that separates this website from any of the others that share it’s name. In fact that doesn’t separate it from almost everything else I’ve reviewed in the last 9 months.

But, more than five minutes on the site and it’s obvious we’re not just looking at your usual tipster service here…

How does Racing Profits Work?

The tipping service itself is quite standard, one or two tips a day Monday to Friday, back only. The results on the website show a profit of between 350-500 pints per year since 2010.

The tips are not just based around studying form. They are also from his network of contacts he’s built up over the years by attending a huge amount of race meetings. Whether or not this is the entire truth, whatever he does is getting results.

Update: Richard has temporarily suspended his tipping service.

So yes, there’s a tipping service – but that’s not all that goes on. Richard is not only a tipster but also has aspirations to be a teacher.

Richard also has 2 lay systems which he sells on his website. One is for flat, the other for national hunt. Each consists of a series of videos to instruct you on how to use his system for a one-off payment.

He also sells a ‘how to trade on Betfair’ course which runs for 6 weeks. This is a series of videos that show you all of the things he learned to become a professional Betfair trader.

There is also a large amount of free content here too, including a very long interview with Bet Angel’s Pete Webb. (which I suspect is the source of most of Richard’s Betfair knowledge.)

So far this is a very professional looking website, with some interesting and well-priced information.

How long does Racing Profits take to set up?

The tipping service is just a case of signing up, and you’re in. The video courses, on the other hand, will take you a little longer.

The lay system videos are well put together and will show you everything you need to do. Richard is clearly used to presenting and you’ll have no problem understanding him.

You will need to practice before you go live with either of these. But, that would be true regardless of any new system.

The Betfair course is a much bigger prospect. This is a six week course, but you should be good to go after that. It covers everything and goes into depth with using Bet Angel.

From what I’ve seen, you won’t find the same information for free elsewhere. However, I’m sure the content of this course is very similar to many other paid Betfair trading products.

How long does it take to use Racing Profits?

Unlike the tipping service, which should take you at most two minutes, the rest is quite fluid.

The lay systems both need research to find your selections, which will vary from person to person. Neither system however, will take you all day. But, in my opinion would better suit somebody who doesn’t have to rush off to work in the mornings.

The same goes for the Betfair trading course. This is better suited to the semi or fully retired person rather than somebody with a full-time job or a young family.

How much can you make with Racing Profits?

As I’ve mentioned above the tipping service has made a profit of between 350-500 points per year since 2010. At £10 per point, this certainly makes it worthwhile.


The courses will bring results based on how well and often you use them. There is every probability that, if used well, the lay systems could replace a part-time job. The Betfair trading system could certainly replace a modest full-time wage if Richard’s results are anything to go by.

How much does Racing Profits cost?

Racing Profits Review Price

The tipping service is currently offline. But, given the published results, almost any fee this side of Bob Rothmans Horse Racing Pro would be good value.

Both Lay systems are £19.95 each as a one-off payment. The Betfair trading course is £195 after a 50% ‘special offer’ that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

For what you are getting, this doesn’t seem expensive. The problem with reasonably priced products is they usually involve you doing a lot more than you expected.

Is Racing Profits easy to use?

The first question in my head when I saw the lay systems was this. If this is so easy to do, why aren’t you selling this as a tipping service and getting paid every month?

The easy answer would be that it’s a bit more effort than Richard would like to go to, so he’s selling the idea instead.

Now for the Betfair course. using Betfair and Bet Angel to make money will be made easier by using this. That, however, would be true of almost any Betfair course. Not all are as good as this though.

Racing Profits Advantages

This has plenty going for it. The professional-looking website and amount of free information does make you think Richard knows what he’s on about.

The Tipping service results back this up and the products do look to be reasonably priced.

It’s not all good though…

Racing Profits Disadvantages

The website hasn’t been updated for a while now. Given the professional look of the website, I find this unusual and worrying. I’m not suggesting this is the case here, but this often happens when a tipster has a bad run and doesn’t want his subscribers to know.

The tipping service has been suspended, for reasons the website says are personal, and I hope aren’t too serious.

Racing Profits Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is a very good website to take a look around. The information given out by Richard and the excellent interview with Pete Webb is brilliant. It is a good indicator of the quality of what is on offer in the products.

I would recommend you take a look at the site and watch the videos, especially the demonstrations of the course materials. If you are retired or semi-retired, and have the time to put into learning a new craft, you could do a lot worse than starting here.

You can find out more here

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