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Profit Squirrel Review 2019 – Just Another Bonus Bagging Clone?

Profit Squirrel Review 2019

In this Profit Squirrel Review, I’ll be taking another look at this matched betting website. You might be asking yourself, with products like Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser dominating this market for the last few years … is there any room for this?


What is Profit Squirrel?

How does Profit Squirrel Work?

How long does Profit Squirrel take to set up?

How long does it take to use Profit Squirrel?

How much can you make with Profit Squirrel?

How much does Profit Squirrel cost?

Is Profit Squirrel easy to use?

Profit Squirrel Review Advantages

Profit Squirrel Review Disadvantages

Profit Squirrel Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Profit Squirrel?

Profit Squirrel is a matched betting website designed to exploit bookies bonues. It’s not exactly a new idea, with Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser ticking this box for quite a while now.

Profit Squirrel, along with the similarly named ‘Oddsmonkey’ both try an attract users who don’t come from a betting background. The stay at home parents and students seem to be the main targets here.

Profit Squirrel Review

How does Profit Squirrel Work?

If you’ve already had a look at Bonus Bagging or Profit Maximiser, you know what happens here. The site will take you through placing qualifying bets and your free bet. There are the usual calculators and the ‘match’ finding software.

The only difference here is that it really is done for the utter novice. People who not only no nothing about betting but also think it’s a bit dodgy. A lot of the website material is not so much to instruct, but to reassure the user they are not doing anything wrong.

I personally found it a bit condescending, but it probably works a treat on those that don’t believe this sort of thing is ‘allowed’

How long does Profit Squirrel take to set up?

For that reason, you can get going quite quickly. Set-up with any matched betting product is always ongoing because it’s a case of ‘another day, another bookmaker’. But, the instructions are simple to understand. They are also, as I mentioned above, reassuring.

Once the first couple of offers are done though, nearly everybody will have the hang of it, so it will get quicker every day.

Profit Squirrel Review Features

How long does it take to use Profit Squirrel?

When using products like this, it’s always quicker if you’re organised. Keep a checklist of everything you need to do and work down it.

The actual act of placing bets is not a drain on time, especially with the matching software. Joining bookies can be a pain, but you get into a rhythm. However, losing track of where you’ve got to will waste time, and possibly cost you money.

Backtracking what you’ve done. Forgetting whether you’re making a qualifying or free bet. Leaving money forgotten in bookmakers accounts. These are all common time and money wasters for the disorganised attempting matched betting.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a spreadsheet with all the colours of the rainbow or the back of a fag packet, keep a note of where you are and what you’re doing.

How much can you make with Profit Squirrel?

Using this you should be able to make yourself over £1000 in a couple of months. This is if you’re brand new to all of this and don’t make any missteps along the way.

While it is possible to lose money with this by not following the rules or being a bit daft, theoretically this is risk-free overall.

I should mention though, that while bookmakers have evolved in the last 5 years or so, the practice of exploiting them has stayed more or less the same.

This means ther is more effort involved now for less profit, which is why this site goes back and updates its reviews every couple of years.

In 2017 the figure was £1200-£1400, and now it’s closer to £1000. When I first did ‘the rounds’ of the bookies in 2012 I made over £1500.

So be warned, the noose does appear to be tightening on matched betting products like this.

How much does Profit Squirrel cost?

That doesn’t mean you can’t cash in for a couple of months though. There’s a free membership which is a couple of offers to get your hand in and a lot of emails trying to get you to buy a subscription.

The most ‘popular’ membership is an ongoing £24.95 a month which is more expensive than Oddsmonkey. However, if you’re going to be £1000 better off in a couple of months, £50 in subscription fees is a drop in the ocean.

Profit Squirrel Review Prices

You can get a year for £150 which seems like good value but as I’ll explain in a mo, this is a very daft thing to do.

Is Profit Squirrel easy to use?

As I’ve said above – if you’re organised. This is a piece of cake. It’s just a case of rinse and repeat with each of the bookies until you’ve used up all of the offers. This doesn’t go into Casino or Bingo bonuses (which are notoriously more complicated than the standard ones) so there’s nothing to trip you up.

Profit Squirrel Advantages

The simplicity of all this is not the only good thing. I liked the hand holding and reassurance at the beginning, with the simple explanation of how it all works. This will make it accessible to a lot of people who would be frightened off otherwise.

It concentrates on getting the basics right and working through the steps in an orderly manner. The bookmakers you are sent to join look safe and by the book. This limited approach is it’s greatest strength but also its biggest weakness.

Profit Squirrel Review Disadvantages

This product has, knowingly or otherwise, given itself a limited shelf life. Once you’ve completed the list of offers, that’s it. Yes, I know there are reload offers but they can be few and far between.

In reality, after a couple of months, this will have run its course. This is also why you are wasting your money with an annual subscription.

Also, after the first couple offers, you might find the instructions a bit condescending. They seem to forget at times that people new to this are inexperienced, not stupid.

Profit Squirrel Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

If you want to make an easy £1000 in a couple of months this is for you. There’s nothing complicated about it and none of the hoops you need to jump through in the more involved systems.

At £50 for two months (the time I estimate it will take you to get your £1000) it is cheaper than Profit Maximiser (£100 one-off payment). But, it’s more expensive than Oddsmonkey, to which it is very similar.

Whichever you pick, be aware this is just a starting point. Even if you go ‘full punter’ these offers will run out eventually. So, my advice would be to, after you’ve got your £1000 from using this, invest in something like Buncejar, which doesn’t rely on bonuses. This can still get you £1000 every couple of months but won’t dry up.

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5 Replies to “Profit Squirrel Review 2019 – Just Another Bonus Bagging Clone?

  1. Jenny at the office told me about Profit Squirrel in lunch the other day and showed me on her phone. It’s presented in just a nice fun way but it’s just betting! Isn’t that dangerous?

  2. @Jenny @Soph Betting is normal. Walk down any high street and you’ll find loads of bookies taking bets. Paddy, Coral, loads.

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