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Perran Farm Racing Review – your new favourite tipster?

In this Perran Farm Racing review, I’ll be taking a closer look at this interesting tipster. At first glance, this service looks just like all the rest but I’ll be finding out if there’s anything different about this tipster and if they can give you some decent profits?


What is Perran Farm Racing?

How does Perran Farm Racing Work?

How long does Perran Farm Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use Perran Farm Racing?

How much can you make with Perran Farm Racing?

How much does Perran Farm Racing cost?

Perran Farm Racing Review Advantages

Perran Farm Racing Review Disadvantages

Perran Farm Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Perran Farm Racing?

If you had to write a dictionary definition of a tipping service, it would look a lot like this one. No gimmicks, just a tipster handing out just simple win and each way tips at flat stakes for sensible odds.

Perran Farm Racing Review

If you went one step further and had to define a good tipping service, I’d probably add that it needed a decent win rate. It would also give you steady profits over time whether you decided to use flat stakes or compound your profits.

This service has been running for a good 18 months now, so it will have had its ups and downs and I’ll have a clear picture of what it can do. What I’m trying to discover here is whether it fits my definition of a good tipping service or not.

How does Perran Farm Racing Work?

If you like the same routine, you might not like the fact you won’t be getting a tip some days, but on others, you could get 3 or 4. As I mentioned above, it’s a mix of win and each way tips, with the majority being just straight wins.

You’ll be staking 2 points each time (2 for a win or 1 pt each way) on horses that are ‘almost’ the favourite at reasonable odds of under 5. The each way tips will come in closer to 10, so there will be a bit more urgency to get those on in case they move too far.

They’ll arrive between 9 am and 11 am so you will have a decent amount of time to get them on. So far, this might be a bit too sensible for some but I like the way this is shaping up.

How long does Perran Farm Racing take to set up?

You’ll need to go to the Tipster Street website and sign-up if you want to get started, then there’s a simple Paypal form for your monthly subscription and you’re good to go. After that, your tips will be sent each day to the email address for your PayPal account.

As you might have guessed, there are no new skills to learn here. Your current bookie’s accounts will be fine for this and you could even do this on the exchanges if you wanted to (or needed to). Once you’ve paid your money, it is literally just a case of sitting back and waiting for your first tips to arrive.

How long does it take to use Perran Farm Racing?

When they do, it won’t take you long. These are as bog standard as they come ands even on the heavier days you’ll have trouble spending more than 5 minutes placing these. You shouldn’t see any price movement except in the more ambitious each way tips, so there’s not too much pressure on getting the advised odds.

Of course, if you’re away from your computer when these arrive, you can easily do this on your phone wherever you happen to be at the time.

This has ticked every box so far, but then again so many do. A lot of those fall down when it comes to the most important factor though, so let’s get that out of the way now.

How much can you make with Perran Farm Racing?

Perran Farm Racing Profits

Like everything else I’ve seen with this service, the profits are good but not spectacular. Given the odds these are placed at, it was sort of what I was expecting, only better. The reason for this is the 43% win rate. Even allowing for the pedestrian prices, this is very good.

This service works on £20/pt (something that works well with that win rate) and based on that you’ll be looking at £234 a month as an average profit. Over the 18-20 months that this service has been running,  it has kept loses to a minimum with a 5-10pt loss constituting a ‘bad’ month.

This steady rise lends itself well to compounding of your profits too. The problem here is that you’ll get little or no direct return from your monthly outlay, so ideally these fees will be low too.

How much does Perran Farm Racing cost?

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, all Tipster Street services have a special price introductory period to tempt you in. In this case, it’s £3.79 for the first 30 days. After that, it’s just £14.95 each month or £29.95 for a quarter.

At £10/pt, those fees don’t seem too bad, and at the recommended £20/pt, they are very good value indeed.

The reason why £20/pt is easily possible here is the high win rate makes the recommended 100pt unnecessarily large, so you could go with 50 if you needed to. The loses here mean you can access this without having too much in reserve if you had to.

Perran Farm Racing Prices

Perran Farm Racing Review Advantages

This service ticks nearly all of the boxes. This is so simple to use that you could give Perran Farm Racing to a beginner and they would be perfectly happy. These’s nothing complicated, a bare minimum of price chasing and very little pressure to get your bets on quickly.

The fees are a mere fraction of the very reasonable profits and not too much of an expense if you want to compound your profits. (something for with this service is well suited).

Perran Farm Racing Review Disadvantages

The only thing this service lacks is a bit of excitement. You won’t get any longshots romping home at 20/1 and to be frank, some of you will find this boring. This is as safe, steady and pedestrian as it gets and that won’t be for everybody.

Perran Farm Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

So, at the start, I wanted to see if this qualified as a good tipping service. The answer to that is no, but in a good way. This is actually a very good tipping service and if you want good and steady profits with the absolute minimum of fuss, then this is as good as I’ve seen.

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