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Noah Byrne Review – is the bar set too low?

In this Noah Byrne review, I’ll be looking at this tipping service that has been running since November 2019 on the Tipster Street platform. Is tipping only Irish Races playing to this tipsters strength, or could you find better profits elsewhere?


What is Noah Byrne?

How does Noah Byrne Work?

How long does Noah Byrne take to set up?

How long does it take to use Noah Byrne?

How much can you make with Noah Byrne?

How much does Noah Byrne cost?

Noah Byrne Review Advantages

Noah Byrne Review Disadvantages

Noah Byrne Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Noah Byrne?

A specialist or ‘niche’ knowledge is a good thing. In racing, it’s usually National Hunt which can be unpredictable, or flat and all-weather where it can be hard to find value. Attempting to do both is normally biting off more than you can chew. Noah Byrne has taken the very wise step of, if he is going to tip all of the codes, specialise in Irish races only.

Noah Byrne Review

Otherwise, at first glance, this looks like nothing new. But, I have to say I was expecting to see a bit more activity from this service and it’s almost as if the tipster isn’t quite as confident as we hoped he would be and is perhaps leaving money on the table? Let’s find out.

How does Noah Byrne Work?

I was expecting more than 20 bets a month. I know they are only tipping Irish meetings, but I would have hoped somebody who really knew their stuff to find more tips than this. Each of these bets will be simple win singles, staking one or two points each time.

The odds are very sensible (you won’t find much over 5) which means you the prices will hold a bit better than you’d find elsewhere. With the tips arriving between 9 am and 11 am when you’re bound to be doing something else, it’s nice not to have to hurry to get your bets on.

If you haven’t seen it already, the fact there are a few bets and the odds aren’t too high usually means that, unless the win rate is amazing, you’re looking at low but steady profits.

How long does Noah Byrne take to set up?

Before you can find this out for sure, you’ll need to get signed up and part with some cash. You can do this on the Tipster Street website where you’ll click through to a Paypal form for the subscription. The tips will now be sent to the email address of the PayPal account you used, but you can change this if you get in contact with Tipster Street.

You’ll be able to do this using your existing bookmakers so nothing new to learn or join. It’s really just a case of sitting back and waiting for those first tips to arrive.

How long does it take to use Noah Byrne?

When they arrive, you’ll be done in a couple of minutes. The prices I saw held well and were available at most of the major bookies (Laddies, Willie Hill, Paddy, and Bet365) when I looked at lunchtime.

So speed isn’t really the issue here but it will be convenient to get this set up on your phone. As I mentioned above, chances are these are going to arrive when you’re away from your computer, so a quick couple of minutes on your phone works just as well wherever you are.

How much can you make with Noah Byrne?

Noah Byrne Review Results

Slow and steady profits were what I was expecting and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. It’s a bit more up and down that I expected (though a 16pt losing month is not what you’d call a disaster) but a solid average of just over 4pts a month isn’t too bad.

The reason for this is the steady nature of this type of service, which means the tipster can quote £20/pt instead of the usual £10/pt on their figures. This turns a pretty average £41 per month into £82 which is much more worthwhile.

How much does Noah Byrne cost?

It also makes the fees even better value. Like all Tipster Street services, there is a special offer price to get you in the door. For this service it’s £2.49 for the first 30 days., then £9.95 each month or £19.95 for a quarter.

I normallty see 10-15% of average profits going on fees as god value and that’s what we’ve got here if you’re using £20/pt.

The reason I’m going along with the tipster’s version here is that £20 a point is easily sustainable here. The kind of losses you’re likely to make with this service won’t put a massive hole in a 50pt bank, let alone the recommended 100pts.

Noah Byrne Review Prices

Noah Byrne Review Advantages

This isn’t the only advantage. This is so simple to use, a beginner would be happy by the second day of getting Noah Byenes tips. There is minimal effort to get these on and the profits are decent, especially when you consider the fees.

Noah Byrne Review Disadvantages

I do get the feeling though that this service could offer more. It’s not often I think a tipster is not ambitious enough, but this is one of those times. From what I’ve seen here, this tipster knows what they’re doing and should really expand that skill. There should be more profits for the subscribers, which would, in turn, mean more fees for the tipster.

Noah Byrne Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

I really like this. I’m a fan of steady profit makers that won’t give you any heart attacks but will give you profits. I recommend this, especially if you are new to tipping and want a nice steady start. If you want fireworks then look elsewhere, but id you want to make money every month, this is a service to follow.

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