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NHL Betting Master Review – Profits from across the pond?

In this NHL Betting Master review I’ll be looking at this unusual tipping service on the Betting Gods website. I’ll be seeing how it all works and if you can still make any money from a sport you know absolutely nothing about.


What is NHL Betting Master?

How does NHL Betting Master Work?

How long does NHL Betting Master take to set up?

How long does it take to use NHL Betting Master?

How much can you make with NHL Betting Master?

How much does NHL Betting Master cost?

NHL Betting Master Review Advantages

NHL Betting Master Review Disadvantages

NHL Betting Master Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is NHL Betting Master?

There are literally hundreds of horse racing tipsters and we’re not short of football tipsters either. I’ve reviewed cricket tipsters, golf tipsters and tennis tipsters (and even one golf and tennis tipster). This is my first Ice Hockey tipster but I’m not really that worried.

NHL Betting Master Review

After all, isn’t the whole point of following a tipster is that they do the thinking for you. So, it shouldn’t matter that this is a sport I’ve only ever watched during the Winter Olympics, and then only in case, there’s a punch up. As long as the tipster knows what he’s doing, it’ll be fine… right?

How does NHL Betting Master Work?

In fact, it’s not such a leap from following a football tipster. You might have to do a quick bit of research into what a 2-way bet is (don’t worry it’s not rocket science) but it will all look familiar.

Like football, there are two teams, one of them will win and by a certain number of goals. These are the markets these bets will be placed in, staking between and 10 points (though not usually more than 5). The odds are mostly under three and delivered between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm.

As most NHL matches start at Midnight our time, this gives you plenty of time to get your bets on and the markets seem quite static, so no time pressure there either.

NHL Betting Master Review Stats

How long does NHL Betting Master take to set up?

You’ll be able to access this via the Betting Gods website and you’re in a couple of clicks and a few quid later. You’ll be able to see the tips on the website now or wait for the tips to arrive by email.

Before you do this, you’ll need to make sure you have live and active accounts with BetJOE, Bwin, Sportingbet, Unibet and William Hill. One of these might be a new name to you so it’s important you get this set up before the first tips arrive.

Because it’s the NHL, you won’t stand too much chance of doing this on the exchanges unless you are betting very small. You’ll need to stick to what it says in the email.

How long does it take to use NHL Betting Master?

There’s only one bet each day so it’s not going to take you more than a couple of minutes. You’ll be going to places on the bookie’s website you’ve never been to before but after the first few times, it will be easy.

If you do have to go price hunting, there are NHL listings on oddschecker so it might pay you to get that app installed on your phone along with the ones listed above. This will be more for convenience rather than speed though. As, like I said above, it’s just one tip a day.

How much can you make with NHL Betting Master?

NHL Betting Master Review Results

That one tip a day has generated some very good returns. For some reason, this service went through nearly a year of proofing (perhaps they didn’t know anything about the NHL either). If you include that period, overall you’re looking at an average of £268 a month at £10/pt.

Since launch, it’s carried on at the same pace and if you’d joined less than 7 weeks ago on 24th October when it went live, you’d be over £550 up already. These are very impressive returns for a service that averages less than one bet a day. The 50% strike rate helps though.

How much does NHL Betting Master cost?

These returns make the £39 per month or £399 for a year very good value. That’s £2800 up over the course of 12 months. There even is a £1 7-day trial to get you started, but that’s true of nearly all of Betting Gods’ services.

The advised starting bank is a standard 100pts. Given the results I’ve seen so far though, you won’t be needing anything like that. Losing runs of even 7 losses are unusual which would only shaave 30pts off that bank.

NHL Betting Master Review Price

NHL Betting Master Review Advantages

This has so much going for it. The one bet a day won’t take you long and you’ve not got too much pressure to get them on. The strike rate is good enough that you won’t get fed up and the profits are excellent considering the scale of the service.

NHL Betting Master  Disadvantages

And that’s the only issue. I really like this service but want it to be three times the size. The ease with which this tipster makes money from the NHL might lead to their followers trying to have a go themselves. And we all know what happens there

NHL Betting Master  Conclusion and Overall Rating

Provided you can avoid making that mistake, this is a ‘must-have’ tipster to have in your portfolio. It doesn’t matter at all that you’ll know nothing about the NHL (and don’t be tempted to find out). The tipster does, so just do what it says in the email and you’ll be very happy.

You can find out more here

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