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National Hunt Supremo Review – the exception to the rule?

In this National Hunt Supremo review, I’ll be taking a look at this service that has been running since September 2015. Services that focus on National Hunt racing aren’t very common, but that’s because they usually don’t make any money – is this one the exception?


What is National Hunt Supremo?

How does National Hunt Supremo  Work?

How long does National Hunt Supremo take to set up?

How long does it take to use National Hunt Supremo?

How much can you make with National Hunt Supremo?

How much does National Hunt Supremo cost?

National Hunt Supremo Review Advantages

National Hunt Supremo Review Disadvantages

National Hunt Supremo Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is National Hunt Supremo?

National Hunt racing services are not uncommon. There’s more than one on the Tipster Street website alongside this service. I even looked at one just the other day. Because National Hunt Racing is that bit more unpredictable, profits for services focussed on it tend to be patchy and tend not to last long.

National Hunt Supremo Review

The difference here is that National Hunt Supremo (or ‘NHS’ for short – no, really…) has been going since September 2015. This means the tipster involved definitely knows their stuff and they’ve found a way of making this unpredictable field of tipping profitable. I’ll be finding out if all of that makes this service worth your time and money, or if it would be better used elsewhere.

How does National Hunt Supremo Work?

You won’t be getting a tip every day. Quality rather than quantity seems to be the order of the day here, so you’ll be getting on average about 15 tips a month. These will arrive between 9 am and 11 am so you’ll have plenty of time to get them on.

The tips are a mixture of win and each way bets staking 2 points each time. The odds average out at about 8 or 9 so not too daft and you’d expect to get very near to the advised prices. This is very handy, as to make any money with this setup, you really need each winner to count.

How long does National Hunt Supremo take to set up?

You’ll need to go to the Tipster Street website and sign-up before you can do any of this though. There’s a simple Paypal form for your monthly subscription and you’re good to go. After that, it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for the first tip to arrive.

Your tips will be sent to the email address for your PayPal account. But, it’s easy to change that with a quick email or phone call to Tipster Street, who are among the more helpful of the tipping websites I’ve dealt with over the years.

You won’t need to open any new bookies accounts for this, or learn anything new. If you wanted to go searching for better prices, you could give this a try on the exchanges, but take commission charges into account if you do choose Betfair/BetDaq.

It is also worth remembering that you’ll lose any BOG (best odds guaranteed) you’d get from a bookmaker if you go for the exchanges instead. I have to say, while I was looking at this service, I saw no real advantage in using the exchanges as I found no better odds. Nor could see any of the more speculative punts being taken.

How long does it take to use National Hunt Supremo?

One bet, every couple of days, straight win or each way, flat stakes. On a bad day, this might take you a whole minute. This is so simple and easy to do you might forget you’re doing it. This is as close to zero effort as it gets, so this will be worthwhile as long as you’re not getting next to zero profits.

How much can you make with National Hunt Supremo?

National Hunt Supremo Review Results

Unfortunately, you are. National Hunt unpredictability is never shown more clearly than in the results you’ll see from ‘NHS’. A good month or run is followed by an equally bad one. I was expecting to see this sort of thing but with a steady rise over time. Here, after over 4 years you are pretty much back where you started.

You’re looking at a win rate of 27% and an average 2.73pts profit a month. The Tipster is no fool though and quotes figures at £25/pt to make it look better, so let’s call it £68 a month in profits. I’ll look at the bank size you’d need for that in just a moment, but even before we go there, £68 each month isn’t going to make too many people happy. 

How much does National Hunt Supremo cost?

I have to mention though, that £68 each month does not include subscription fees. Though, as you would expect,  all Tipster Street services have a special price introductory period to get you in the door. It’s £2.49 for the first 30 days with National Hunt Supremo and after that, it’s just £9.95 each month or £19.95 for a quarter.

As cheap as these are, they still take a huge chunk out of your profits, around a third at £10/pt.

You might want to use £10/pt because at £25/pt the 150pt starting bank comes to £3750 you’ll be tying up that up for £68/month. Given the results in 2018, yes you will need a 150pts too.

National Hunt Supremo Review Prices

National Hunt Supremo Review Advantages

This has got to be one of the simplest of services I’ve looked at in the hundreds I’ve seen. This will takes a beginner minutes to do and if you’re more experienced, you can do this in the time it usually takes you to sneeze. There’s no pressure here and the fees are almost non-existent.

National Hunt Supremo Review Disadvantages

Unfortunately, so are the profits. Even at £25/pt, this seems hardly worth it. With so many other boxes ticked, the profits didn’t have to be brilliant for this to be worth your time and money. They only needed to be ‘OK’ and 2.73 pts a month won’t cut it for many people.

National Hunt Supremo Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This service is typical of so many National Hunt racing tipsters. Well thought out, easy to use, but ultimately too unpredictable to make any real money from.

If you’re a fan of National Hunt racing, this won’t take a huge lump out of your day and you should make some sort of profit over the course of a year. Otherwise, there are better things to do with even the small amount of time and money needed to do this.

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