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Mathematician Betting Review

In this Mathematician Betting Review, we’ll be looking at the ‘betting advice’ service from Guy Ward. It has been established for a while now, which to most of us would indicate it was successful. As that’s not always the case, let’s take a look and see if you really can number crunch your way to a winning formula…


What is Mathematician Betting?

How does Mathematician Betting Work?

How long does Mathematician Betting take to set up?

How long does it take to use Mathematician Betting?

How much can you make with Mathematician Betting?

How much does Mathematician Betting cost?

Is Mathematician Betting easy to use?

Mathematician Betting Advantages

Mathematician Betting Disadvantages

Mathematician Betting Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Mathematician Betting?

Mathematician Betting is horse racing and betting advice provided by Guy Ward. Guy Ward introduces himself as “The Mathematician” (let’s face it, it’s not a nickname anyone else is going to give you).

It is a membership service that gives daily advice on which horses to back in given races. There is also a free service that will give you occasional advice. Though, this is obviously a ‘tempter’ to get you to go for the paid service.

As there are no fancy secret formulas in this product, what you are paying for here is Guy’s expertise. He will analyse the form of various horses and giving you suggestions on which horses to back. He’ll also tell you whether to back as winners or as places.

Mathematician Betting

How does Mathematician Betting Work?

Guy uses statistics and a rigorous handicapping system to identify good value bets. There are days where there are no bets on offer. This is because he is specific about which criteria a horse must meet for a race to be worthy of a bet.

In the email, you’ll get his suggestions for bets from this handicapping system – with savers to “hedge” the bet.

This is NOT selections based upon any insider knowledge, such as tips from jockeys, or stable lads. There are none of the dubious claims as you may get from other tipster services.

It is a mathematical analysis of the odds. This is based upon a lot of research and Guy’s own experience of over 20 years as a horse racing gambler.

But, to see how it really works, we need to take a look at Guy Ward himself. He goes about the process of horse selection based upon numbers, probability and form. He has been doing this since 1996 and has been featured in various newspaper articles. This included a year-long tipster report in the Observer and the Guardian in 2005/6.

Guy has a background in betting office management. He also worked as a researcher for another tipster service before striking out on his own. He won money for 5 years as a professional gambler before starting this service.

Unlike many tipsters, this is Guys only product … but is it any good?

How long does Mathematician Betting take to set up?

Following a tipping service is not often difficult and this one is no different. Once you’ve clicked through from Guy’s ancient-looking website to pay via Paypal, you’re in. Simple. You will start receiving tips the next day.

It should go without saying that you’ll need at least one online bookies account to get started.

How long does it take to use Mathematician Betting?

Like all tipping services, that will depend on how many tips there are on any particular day. The emails are much longer than one you’d get from other tipsters and much more in-depth. So, you can’t just do this in a couple of minutes after the email comes in.

There’s quite a lot to it then, which shows you’re not just getting somebodies ‘hunches’. But all this is for nothing unless you get a few winners…

How much can you make with Mathematician Betting?

This, like all tipping services, us hard to put your finger on. Betting is subject to a lot of external factors over which you have no control. Changes in the weather can drastically affect a race, as too can the human element of a jockey just “having a bad day”!

What is refreshing about this is that Guy does not make any outrageous claims on his site. Yes, his tagline is “Horse Racing and Betting Advice for Winning Punters” but he makes it very clear that this is a long-term profitability model.

In other words, some days you will lose money.

The focus is on identifying “value” bets, not following the hype of newspaper punters. Nor will he get over-excited about favourites for a race. His analysis is painstakingly detailed. For that reason, it does require a certain amount of effort on the members part.

It is certainly not a quick-fix, get rich fast system. So, where most tipping services can be a bit of a rollercoaster, this is a much gentler ride.

How much does Mathematician Betting cost?

Well, here you have lots of options.

There is, of course, the free service where the occasional tip will drop into your inbox. This won’t be daily, it might not even be weekly, but as I mentioned earlier, this is just bait to get you to sign up for the paid service.

You can start off with a Saturday Day Pass for £3, or for 10 Saturdays for £25. If you want tips every day, you can opt for full membership.

Mathematician Betting Price

This comes in three forms, £75.00 for a month, £200 for a quarter and £750 for a year.

You might think this is quite expensive. So to make it pay, you’ll need to have quite a large bank. You won’t make too much money by just betting a tenner.

Common sense would dictate you buy a Saturday Pass or two before you go for a membership, just to make sure it’s for you. Even if you do go feet first, there is a 7-day cooling-off period if you feel out of your depth.

Is Mathematician Betting easy to use?

Here, you can complain of too much information. Don’t get me wrong, you are paying for a pro gambler’s expertise. You aren’t being told you should stake your money on a ‘whisper’ or a ‘feeling’.

However, you are being told, in painful amounts of detail why the selection was made. Guy goes out of his way to educate his members, which is admirable. But, some of us just want to be told ‘do this-do that’ without wanting to know the science behind it all.

So, once you get through the why’s and wherefores, it can be quick to do. Be warned though, Guy’s emails are not a quick read.

Mathematician Betting Advantages

There is a lot os really good things about this, however. It’s easy to get into, there’s no hype, hard sell or extravagant claims on the site. It’s easy to join, and there are lots of options to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Guy is basically offering the advice he is following himself so you know if you’ve lost, so has he. While losing does happen, a year-long trial of this by the Guardian had positive results.

Mathematician Betting Disadvantages

It’s not all good news. This is not a product for a complete newbie to horse race betting unless they are very committed to learning. Guy’s emails will certainly give you this opportunity but are too detailed and complex for your average punter.

Guys process is very selective so the will be days with no bets. This will disappoint those already unhappy about the relatively high membership cost.

None of that money has been spent on the website. In fact, the first time I looked I had to check the product was still active as the website looks very old. It even has a ‘webmasters’ page, which was something I haven’t seen for a decade. It’s a good job we’re paying for tips here, not great web design.

The emails look equally 2003ish and as mentioned previously, they are very long and detailed. If you want bullet points and simplicity, you will be disappointed.

Mathematician Betting Conclusion and Overall Rating

There is a large amount of jargon in horseracing and Guy’s emails use all of it. For that reason, I would recommend that newbies let themselves in gently. In fact, I would say straight up that if you want something you can do in five minutes this is not for you

Those looking for a bit of an education in statistical betting, however, will love this. Knowing why a bet is being advised does make you feel more confident in Guy, which is why he has so many long term subscribers.

Mathematician Betting Cost

This is a ‘love it or hate it’ thing, so I would advise you to do the following. Sign up for the free service for a bit. Have a read of Guy’s emails, see if they put you off.

If that’s good, then get a Saturday pass or two, and see if you think you can make enough to justify the membership. If all those boxes are ticked, then chances are your membership with Mathematician Betting will last a long while.

You can visit the website here

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    1. Hi Matt, being a mathematician must really help your betting but I’m not that great at maths. My trick is just writing down everything that happens. And I mean EVERYTHING! From my notes I know what I bet, where, and when, so I can look back and say “ok, that works, that doesn’t”.

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