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Little Acorns Review – Is A Slow But Sure System What You’re Really After ?

Little Acorns Review

Welcome to this Little Acorns review.

They say “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”.

That’s the old English saying that the creator of Little Acorns evidently took to heart as he developed this low liability betting system. A system that allows its users to “make small gains using a short and systematic method.”

It’s more than just a clever name though. Just as an acorn will, given time and a little care, grow into a huge oak tree, the system aims to take a tiny investment and grow it into something special.

That’s a very big claim. A claim that might raise a few eyebrows as well as a few doubts. In this review of the Little Acorns System we’ll establish whether or not this is worth your time, effort and money.


What is Little Acorns ?

How does Little Acorns Work?

How long does Little Acorns take to set up?

How long does it take to use Little Acorns?

How much can you make with Little Acorns?

How much does Little Acorns cost?

Little Acorns Advantages

Little Acorns Disadvantages

Little Acorns Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Little Acorns ?

Little Acorns Review

Little Acorns is a low-liability sport betting formula. It is the brainchild of “racing guru” Andrew David. The formula he developed claims to give you a stress-free way of raising profits. profits 7 to 35 times greater than what you invest while keeping risks of high liability payouts low.

How does Little Acorns Work?

To explain exactly how it works, we’ll first take a brief look at the process which Little Acorns builds upon.

I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of ‘Laying’. This concept, though simple, has been used by many punters. It has proved itself a difficult way to make money. Knowing this, Little Acorns has to be something truly special indeed to live up to its promises of letting you lay back and get rich.

How long does Little Acorns take to set up?

As soon as you’ve bought this, it takes you directly to a download link. From here you’ll download a compressed ZIP folder containing a single 24 page PDF file.

This PDF contains everything. From hand-holding explanations and detailed explanations of betting terminologies and methods. If you’re a more seasoned betting veteran, this will not be new information. I suspect you’ll want to skip right to the Little Acorns betting formula.

How long does it take to use Little Acorns?

What you’ll basically be doing once you start using this system is simple. First, you’ll spend a few minutes every day to look through the selections. Then coming back, later on, to see how much you’ve made (or worse, lost).

How much can you make with Little Acorns?

This will depend on which betting systems or tips you’re using in the first place. But here’s a quick run-down of how the method ‘enhances’ what you’re doing.

It has three main rules to help you make the basic selections of what to bet on. Add a few extra “filters” to get you what the creator calls “Extra selections”.

The difference between basic and extra selections is well, basic. The basic selections are made using the open and free to use Racing post website. You’ll have to make a paid subscription to Racing Post to gain access to the extras.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay any extra to Little Acorns itself to access the extras. You do, however, have to create a subscription to a website (though it’s unclear if they get any commissions).

Little Acorns Review - Results

It’s not just about the selections. Little Acorns comes with its own recommended staking plan called progressive staking. This basically means. As your bank gets bigger, you stake more so you can win more.

The setback for this method is that you can take very little out if you want your bank to grow. So, you get to spend a long time watching your ‘oak’ grow. Which, we know, isn’t the most thrilling of pastimes.

This is especially true for less adventurous betters. The level stakes allow you to create a slow and steady income stream, with an average monthly profit of around 2.5 points per month.

How much does Little Acorns cost?

The system itself costs a one-off fee of around £97, though the amount is converted to dollars when you pay. Little Acorns isn’t an American product and deals mainly in the UK horseracing market, so I have no idea why this is. I don’t think it’s anything sinister, probably just the default setting when you buy.

Little Acorns Review - Chart

After buying it, you get to use it without obligation for 30 days. After this, if you’re unhappy with it, you get all your money back no questions asked. An internet and forum search was carried out just before writing this review. It found no instances of anybody having trouble getting their money back.

Above I also mentioned a starting bank. The recommended starting bank is at least 180 points. So, if you want to use £1a point, you need £180, £10 is £1800.

Little Acorns Review – Advantages

If you stick to the system, I can’t see how you wouldn’t make money doing this.

It’s not just me that thinks so. Take a quick look through dozens of betting sites, comment sections, and forums. You’ll see that there’s nothing but high praise for the Little Acorns system.

The system won awards in Lucy’s Betting Class Oscars for three successive years, which are proudly posted at the very top of the system’s sales page.

Little Acorns Review – Disadvantages

But in spite of all these advantages, the low-risk, low reward nature of the system is a definite turn-off. It would be very difficult to actually turn a profit decent enough to allow you to say, quit your job and get rich if you rely explicitly on it.

Little Acorns Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

The Little Acorns Betting System, having been released in the 2000’s, is almost ridiculously old. One look at the website will tell you that. But even though the system itself is ancient, recent reviews prove it hasn’t lost any of its effectiveness. In short, this is still capable of raking in some decent cash.

The system may at first glance seem sketchy with its high-minded promises. However, there’s plenty of online sources backing up its genuineness and effectiveness.

And with its money-back guarantee on the not quite cheap one-off price, there are definitely worse ways to spend your money.

You can find the website here

3 Replies to “Little Acorns Review – Is A Slow But Sure System What You’re Really After ?

  1. Nah, little acorns is no different from any other system, if you join at the right time you’ll make money but most of the time theyre all over the place. up down or just nothin

  2. Hang on, so it this all just about small stakes? How’s that supposed to work? It sounds like you guys actually quite like this but 1) where’s the fun if you’re not really risking anything and 2) you’re never going to make any money if you don’t risk a decent stake!

    1. Thanks for getting involved High Roller, You’ve got a point…

      Although not everyone wants to be on the same roller coaster staking large amounts. Even £10 stakes is too much for some people to feel comfortable getting into the world of betting and bet trading.

      I have to admit there’s nothing like the big win… AFTER it’s come in! But how often does that REALLY happen? Not enough in my opinion!

      What ‘small stakers’ want is nice little profits increasing their total trading bank on a regular basis! That’s the Extra Income Guru dream!

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