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Jakblak Racing Review – Value and Winners?

In this Jakblak Racing review, I’ll be looking at this tipping service that has been on the Tipster Empire website since the summer of 2018. This tipster promises value but will you actually be able to get your bets on at the odds he advises?


What is Jakblak Racing?

How does Jakblak Racing Work?

How long does Jakblak Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use Jakblak Racing?

How much can you make with Jakblak Racing?

How much does Jakblak Racing cost?

Jakblak Racing Review Advantages

Jakblak Racing Review Disadvantages

Jakblak Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Jakblak Racing?

This tipster lives by the motto of ‘Look for value, not winners’. As advice goes it might be good, but is it the right thing to base a tipping service on. After all, isn’t the whole tipping game about picking winners?

JakBlak Racing Review

At first glance though, JakBlak Racing seems to have found a decent balance between both. Even though the arithmetic on the website appears to be a bit out, the results seem perfectly respectable, so perhaps there is something in what he says after all.

How does Jakblak Racing Work?

This starts off as simple as it comes. You’ll get between one and three tips each day, just win singles, staking one or two points each time. You’ll get these tips via text, and you can even log into the site to get chapter and verse on why each selection was made.

Then it gets that little bit more difficult. These tips will arrive at 9 pm when the prices can be all over the place. The odds advised aren’t the lowest either, so unless you’re very quick, you could be chasing some badly wandering prices.

How long does Jakblak Racing take to set up?

Getting signed up starts off simply as well. You can access this via the Tipster Empire website and once you’ve parted with some cash, you’re in. Before the first tips arrive though, there is one more box to tick.

As I mentioned above, unless you’re quick you could be chasing a wandering price across a bookie or two. So, it will be worth dusting off some bookies accounts you haven’t used for a while. The last thing you want is to miss out on getting 25/1 because you were waiting on a password reset email.

How long does it take to use Jakblak Racing?

If you’ve done all of that (and got oddschecker installed as well), this should take you two minutes. That is, as long as you can get on these on very soon after the text arrives. Otherwise, finding the advised price will take you some extra time.

It’s worth spending that time too. Missing a horse that’s advised at 7/1 and getting it at 6/1 instead doesn’t seem like the end of the world. But, doing it regularly over the course of a month is really going to eat into your profits.

How much can you make with Jakblak Racing?

JakBlak Racing Review Results

And those profits are very reasonable. At £10/pt, overall profits sit at £3743 (the header figures on the website are currently wrong) which works out at £188/month on average. While this is not a real headline grabber, it’s also very short on any drama with very few losing months.

Looking at the figures in greater depth, however, it looks like a great many of the winners came from the lower-priced horses. While this is not a surprise, it looks like the higher priced horses actually lost money overall, so it might not have been worth doing them.

So while looking for value and not winners looks to be successful overall, looking for just winners would have been even more profitable. These results are of course at flat stakes, if you had compounded your profits, they would have been much better.

How much does Jakblak Racing cost?

They run a 28 trial of this service for £2.99 to get you in the door. After that, it’s £34.99 for a month, £87.50 for 3 months, £157.50 for 6 months or £279.99 for a year. The subscriptions won’t renew automatically but they do tell you when your current deal is about to run out.

This means between 12 and 18% of your profits are going to be eaten by fees, at £10/pt. Against compounded figures, you would be paying this for no direct return for several months.

The bank is recommended at 150pts, which should be enough, even with the occasional losing month. The biggest losses were only 35pts or so, which wouldn’t even put a dent in this.

JakBlak Racing Review Prices

Jakblak Racing Review Advantages

If you’ve got this prepped up properly, this is very easy to use and it will be two minutes of your evening, job done. As with all Tipster Empire services, you have the option of reading the full write up as to why a selection was made.

I usually find this to be a plus provided the tipster is not using it as an excuse to show you how clever he is. This is just an in-depth explanation, which beginners and those who are interested will find excellent.

The staking plan works particularly well here. The steady rise in profits over the 20 months is just made for compounding and had you started back in the summer of 2018 you will be very happy indeed.

Jakblak Racing Review Disadvantages

That is, of course, provided you get the advised prices. We all know how volatile prices can be at 9 pm, so unless you are very quick, you can say goodbye to a chunk of those profits.

Also, with some of this tipster’s more extravagant selections not paying off, maybe a re-think of the selection policy might lead to even higher profits.

Jakblak Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

As long as you know what you’re doing, this is aa very good tipping service. While I wouldn’t give this to a complete beginner, almost anyone could do well with this over the course of 6 months.

Compounding is a must if you want to really make this worthwhile, though profits at flat stakes aren’t awful. In short, if you make a long-term commitment to this service you’ll do much better than if you just dip in for a month or so then get distracted by the bigger numbers elsewhere.

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