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Horse Racing Pro Review – Are The High Stakes Too Much of a Gamble ?

Horse Racing Pro Review

In this Horse Racing Pro Review, I’ll be taking a look at this VIP tipping service from professional gambler Bob Rothman. Not only will I be looking at how it works and what it does, if you can make enough money from this to pay the rather high membership fees…


What is Horse Racing Pro?

How does Horse Racing Pro Work?

How long does Horse Racing Pro take to set up?

How long does it take to use Horse Racing Pro?

How much can you make with Horse Racing Pro?

How much does Horse Racing Pro cost?

Is Horse Racing Pro easy to use?

Horse Racing Pro Review Advantages

Horse Racing Pro Review Disadvantages

Horse Racing Pro Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Horse Racing Pro?

Horse Racing Pro is the Tipster service run by Bob Rothman. Bob Rothman is very well known in the racing world and beyond. This is why he is often referred to as a ‘legend’. Firstly, he is a professional gambler who claims to have made millions of pounds from horse race betting.

Horse Racing Pro Review - Bob Rothman

The ‘legend’ then goes that he turned to tipping because the bookmakers started to shut down his accounts, one after the other. We are not just talking about being gubbed by Bet Victor here (which let’s face it has happened to nearly all of us) but everything closed down.

That’s how much bookmakers dislike Bob, and that’s why everyone else seems to love him.

OK, I know I’m playing up this ‘legend’ thing a bit much, that’s the point. To really get how this tipping service works, you have to buy into the whole Bob Rothman personality…

How does Horse Racing Pro Work?

Well, if you’ve ever used a tipster before you’ll know roughly how this works. You receive a notification of your tip, with horse name, race and meeting.  In this case the tip arrives by text. This is a positive, as we all know that emails usually only refresh every 15 minutes on your phone.

Bob tells you whether the tip is to win or each way, but does not tell you which bookmakers have the best odds. I suspect that with Bob’s track record for getting accounts shut down, he thinks he shouldn’t be telling you where to place your bets.

How long does Horse Racing Pro take to set up?

This where it gets complicated. You have a choice of services, and this seems like as good a place as any to go through them. Firstly we have his ‘Profit Point’ service.

This offers 3-5 tips per day, Monday to Saturday, for a monthly subscription. Once you sign-up, you’re in and the tips will arrive before 2 pm the next day. Bob assumes you’ve already got bookies accounts and know how to put a bet on.

There is no training given. However, given stakes involved (more on that in a bit) you should not touch this with aa barge pole unless you are very confident in what you are doing.

Pay As You Win

The next service Bob offers is nor aa subscription but is ‘Pay As You Win’. This used to be widespread and a common way for tipsters to work – but not so much now.

Bob, as you’ve worked out by now, is very old school. So, Pay As You Win isn’t a problem. In fact, you could easily believe he prefers it. This is another sign-up and you’re in service and works like this:

You call a private number at a certain time to get the day’s selection and whether to take starting price (SP) or earlier odds.

You are instructed to place a £50 bet for Bob (or his ‘contacts’ as he states it) plus whatever stake you wish to wager for yourself. If the horse wins, you take your own winnings and your £50 stake for yourself and send the winnings from the £50 to Bob.

This might sound dodgy, but the premise is quite simple and doesn’t take long to get started.

Full Professional Service

This is a kind of upgraded service, which you seem to only be able to access if you are already a member. It gives the user up to an additional 8 bets per day, focusing on delivering these extra tips at a moment’s notice.

You need to be able to cover these extra 8 bets and to be able to do so within minutes of receiving the text at any time of day in order to make full use of the service. So while this does take long to set up, you do have to be able to act on a moment’s notice, which might take some time out of your day.

How long does it take to use Horse Racing Pro?

That’s the thing with tips. To be able to get in on the really good ones, you have to be ready when they are. So, if you’re going to use the professional service, it’s a case of grabbing your phone every time it goes beep.

With pay as you win, you have to be available to call the number at a certain time, but beyond that, it’s just placing a bet with the bookie, which only takes a few seconds.

The same applies to the Profit Point system. One the tips have arrived, it’s just a case of placing them and walking away. Not too far though, because the sums of money involved a very large.

How much can you make with Horse Racing Pro?

The quick answer here is ‘a lot’. The same answer applies to the question ‘how much can you lose’. That’s because, with all of these services, the stakes are much bigger than you might find anywhere else. (with perhaps the exception of the 567 system) .

The Profit Point system works on £100 a point. So if a tip says 10pts, that’s a grand you’re putting down. The website hasn’t been updated since 2016 which is a bit worrying, but the win rate quoted there is 58% which is amazing … or a lie.

The same results claim a £43K profit based on £200 stakes. So, there’s plenty here to tempt you. But, lets not beat around the bush. To get that sort of money you already need to have a fair old stack of cash you can afford to lose.

How much does Horse Racing Pro cost?

The potential winnings are big and so are the fees. The Profit Points subscription is £995 a year, and several hundred a month. Pay As You Win is technically free until you win, but remember the £50 the bookie every time you lose.

Make no mistake, this is for the big boys only. It all depends on whether you consider yourself a big boy (or girl).

Surprisingly, there is a free trial. Once you sign up, you will get ‘occasional’ tips from Bob. This is clearly just a taster to get you to join one of his other services (the same tactics are used by Mathematician Betting).

Horse Racing Pro Review - Free Trial

No, there’s not a guarantee with anything Bob does, and I suspect if you asked him for a refund, he would tap his pocket and tell you he’d misplaced his wallet.

Is Horse Racing Pro easy to use?

There is nothing complicated here. With the exception of working out how much to send to Bob on the Pay As You Win service, this is the opposite of rocket science. It’s just a case of getting the tip and placing the bet.

If you haven’t done any of that before, this is not the place to start.

Horse Racing Pro Review Advantages

Exaggerated or not, Bob’s reputation in the tipping world is undeniable. You know that any tip from him comes from years of experience, backed up by insider knowledge or a whisper from the stables.

If the website win rates are to believed, the profits are incredible and could fund a lifestyle similar to Bob’s own.

If you’re honest, the old school, almost ‘gentleman’s club’ (I mean the ones with the cigars and port, not the ones with the poles) feel is part of the reason you were interested in this in the first place.

Horse Racing Pro Review Disadvantages

There is also a reason why you came looking for a review instead of signing straight up. It is easy to get swept up in it all, but at the same time it can feel a bit ‘dodgy’.

There are huge sums of money, quite literally, at stake here. The lack of credible figures on the website or any published results at all might leave you thinking the only real winner is Bob.

In fact, it has been claimed that with Pay As You Win systems the tipster gives different horses to different people. This way every likely outcome in a race is covered at zero risk to him and knowingly setting up a large portion of people to fail and lose their £50 stakes. 

I  should mention though, that this is a general disadvantage of Pay As You Win systems, and Bob Rothman specifically states that he does not do this.

Horse Racing Pro Review - Results

Horse Racing Pro Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

If you buy into Bob’s ‘cult of personality’ you’ll love what is going on here. It all has a slightly conspiratorial feel to it like you’re getting away with something you really shouldn’t.

If your opinion of Bob is the opposite, this looks as dodgy as hell. No proof, just promises that it’ll all be wonderful … just sign-up.

The bottom line here is how much money you can afford to lose. As there are no figures for how long the losing streaks are between the big wins,a smaller bank could disappear quite quickly. This means you could be out of the game before your faith in Bob pays off.

You can find out more here

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  1. Lol “Several people have claimed that the Pay As You Win service only has one true winner”… I wonder who that could be. These people make me laugh.

    1. Hi Tyrone,

      How is “pay as you win” supposed to work? It’s a trust thing. Bob obviously trusts his punters to send in his share of the winnings. I guess if the money doesn’t show up, eventually he’ll just stop sending you his tips!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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