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FormGenie Review – Can You Use This To Actually PREDICT Winners ?

FormGenie Review

In this Formgenie review, we’ll be looking at this horse racing software app.

We all know some tipsters are better than others. We know that they rely on everything from ’inside information’ to plain old gut instinct to predict the outcomes of races.

Form Genie is different and uses pure statistics to predict results. The question is, can this be the answer to finding the most reliable source of horse racing tips?


What is Formgenie?

How does Formgenie Work?

How long does Formgenie take to set up?

How long does it take to use Formgenie?

How much can you make with Formgenie?

How much does Formgenie cost?

Is Formgenie easy to use?

Formgenie Advantages

Formgenie Disadvantages

Formgenie Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Formgenie?

Formgenie was developed 13 years ago by Retrospection Software. The software is designed to work on PCs and MACs as well as Tablets and Smart Phones. The aim of Formgenie is to predict the result of horse races.

formgenie review

How does Formgenie Work?

Formgenie uses a series of algorithms to predict form and speed ratings. To the likes of you and I, that means it number crunches then tells you which horse will be faster than the rest. It also takes form into account to predict how likely it is to go that fast.

FormGenie has several user modes and once the day’s racecards have been processed the software will assign each race to one of the user modes. The weakest selections are assigned to Extreme User mode.

The next strongest are assigned to Super User mode. There’s also the Power User which represents the best of the Super selections.

Don’t think that this is some type of crystal ball which can predict the future. This won’t even happen in ‘Extreme’ mode It won’t tell you which horse is going romp over the line first. This is all about playing the percentages using the ‘Super User’ mode.

How long does Formgenie take to set up?

Formgenie is an app, so after you’ve downloaded it, it is good to go. The website tells us it will start making predictions from then on.

Taking this into account, it would seem the only thing likely to hold you up would be joining a bookmaker or two.

How long does it take to use Formgenie?

The app will start delivering information as soon as the day’s racecards have been processed. So the question is really how much of it you want to use. The app also gives you odds comparison, so you are only really a few clicks away from getting your bet on.

Yes, it all seems good so far. However, if you want to make a profit here it is all about making lots of ‘safe’ bets that get you small returns. This happens mostly in Super User mode.

So, even though each bet takes next to no time to place, the number of bets you’d want to place does not make this quick to use.

How much can you make with Formgenie?

How much you make will depend on how much you use this. The tips themselves will tell you who is most likely to win, so the majority of bets you will be making will be each-way or Dutching.

Clearly, while you are winning, these type of bets do not make huge amounts of money. This, then, immediately lacks the big odds wins that might get your attention.

How much does Formgenie cost?

This app starts at £39 each month by subscription. There is no contract or minimum term and you can cancel anytime you want.

Yearly subscriptions are also available aand prices have been updated for 2019 as shown below

formgenie prices

At the time of review, you can get a one-off day pass to FormGenie for just £10 which I would recommend so you can test the water. The Day Pass expires at midnight on the day of purchase and lets you get the ratings for only the day of purchase.

Is Formgenie easy to use?

This app delivers straight to your laptop phone or tablet. Placing a bet is just a couple of clicks from there. This is handy as most of the bets are quite a low yield, so you’ll have to make quite a few to get a good return.

Formgenie Review – Advantages

The major advantage here is that it really takes the guesswork out trying to pick a winner. The win rates for this app are quite high, so the ‘low’ left by a big loss should be kept to a minimum.

The 40 pounds a month for the app seems fair if you are going to use it often.

Formgenie Review – Disadvantages

When using this, you need to be realistic about what you are getting. This app aims to give you lots of small wins consistently, not reel off 100-1 long shots. So, this is short on excitement and you might stop using it for that reason.

Also, with the smaller returns, unless you use this a lot the 40-pound subscription will not be worth it.

formgenie results

Formgenie Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

FormGenie could be a complete replacement for your own form-study and selection method. If you’re starting out, it could save you hours of poring over form guides trying to work out a plan.

This is, however, for proper punters only. If you want to use it for a few quick, big wins, you will be disappointed.

You need to be using this frequently to make it pay. If you do, you’ll find Formgenie a worthwhile purchase.

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