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Football Betting Blueprints Review

Football Betting Blueprints is quite a different change of pace from the typical betting websites. I was surprised to see that it was an eBook profile rather than a whole betting website.

Instead of offering a software platform, the website is basically an advertisement for a comprehensive eBook. It promises to show consumers the ins and outs of the trading world, and how to manage bets in a football setting.

In my review, I’ll be covering the details of Football Betting Blueprints. A discussion of its origin as well as a review of the book’s creator will speak to its validity and usefulness in the betting world. It is certainly a different option from the more traditional betting websites, and there may be some useful information involved in its research.

I would highly recommend not investing in this eBook until you have finished this review. There are loads of eBooks out there that end up being total scams, and there is already enough risk involved in sports betting to be juped by a program you paid for. Check out the following information to see if this book is something that suits your fancy.

What is Football Betting Blueprints?

This is a small eBook written by self-proclaimed guru Benjamin Forte, and promises that his guide is “so easy, even my mum does it!” This instructional guide will teach you how to place bets on the football market and keep track of your trades across all of your markets.

The author of this book definitely has profits in mind. There are step-by-step instructions that simplify (and for lack of a better phrase, dumbs down) the betting process. It might be handy for beginners to learn how to find, place, and match a few bets in the sports arena.

Benjamin Forte is even kind enough to include some of his personal strategies within the book, which he promises will help you become a profitable gambler. Not only will you learn to play the game right, but you’ll learn how to easily navigate the system as well so that none of your bets are lost.

Does his staking plan have grounds in any real value? It’s hard to tell. He definitely loves gambling, and he has been in the sports trading community for well over a decade. There may be some credence to his words there, but otherwise, the book seems to be more fluff than fact.

Why Does the Book Say Volume One?

You may have noticed that under the large title is a subtle ‘Volume One’ subtitle. This implies that this book is the first of a series of books that will teach you about the tricks of the football betting trade. However, there is absolutely no sign of any future volumes.

Football Betting Blueprints is a single-volume book, for all intents and purposes. A quick Google search revealed no information about a Volume Two, Three, or Four. Perhaps Benjamin Forte has a new book in the works – Volume One is still fairly new. We will give him time to see if any other publications come out.

But for now, this 11-page eBook is all we’ve got.

Who Exactly is Benjamin Forte?

Funnily enough, the author’s self-inserted autobiography section is the longest piece of text on the entire website. It may even be as long as the Ebook itself! I’m joking…but only slightly. Benjamin Forte describes his background as having been a gambler since the age of 18, and having made a lot of mistakes during his betting practices.

He quickly learned how to crack the virtual code, and finally turned a profit. He got to the point where he would be turning almost £4000 in monthly profits, just from his betting games.

This gave him the impression that he was at the point where his expertise could be valuable knowledge to share with others. He devised a set of strategies and coined his staking plan to help his peers and interested traders become profitable as well. He decided to publish his eBook, Football Betting Blueprints, to the public in attempt to help them turn as big of a profit as he did.

He mentions at the bottom of his bio that he would love for his customers to reach out to him via email and share their stories. He wants to know what people are spending their money on, and if there are any fun contributions. However, his email is nowhere to be listed on the page. It may be provided in the eBook itself after purchase.

How Do I Download the eBook?

Downloading the eBook is quite simple. After you purchase the product, you will see a large, golden button appear on your screen. It should say “Download eBook Now”, with an icon of a shopping cart beside it. There is smaller text underneath the button that reads:

“eBook in PDF format, instant download after purchase”.

This is an instant download that will be saved to your computer for your use. You don’t need to purchase it more than once to share copies across multiple devices.

Can I Access the eBook on my Mobile Devices?

Benjamin Forte states that the eBook can be used on any device. There is a picture of an iPad and an iPhone both sporting the front cover of the book. Since it is delivered as a PDF, you should be able to access it on any device that can open PDFs.

If you have an Android, iPhone, iOS device, or Windows computer, you should be able to open this eBook just fine.

Even Mac and Linux should work.

Wait – There’s Only 11 Pages?

Unfortunately, the eBook is very short. After looking through it, I realized it was only 11 pages long. On average, it should only take about a quarter of an hour to read!

What’s the point of an eBook that can be finished in 15 minutes?

This sent up a few red flags for me. I am not sure if the strategies mentioned in this book are valid enough to be considered successful. It’s really short, which definitely has its pros and cons.

On one hand, Benjamin really stays true to his promise of keeping things short and simple, and, admittedly, everything is very easy to understand. But on the other hand, the lack of pages might give the impression that the book lacks a certain substance altogether.

Overall, I treated it like a beginner’s guide to football gambling. That helped me understand why the pages were structured the way they were, and what benefit someone could reap from just 11 pages.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

The website lists two different prices. It would seem that the original price was £59, and now it’s being “discounted” at £38 for “the next 25 copies sold”. This is a clear marketing ploy to get more people to buy the book; I doubt the price will go up after just 25 copies.

That does not take the Value Added Tax into consideration, though. Even with the current Football Betting Blueprints discount, you will be paying more than £38. Our final determination of the price is below:

Football Betting Blueprints – Downloadable eBook

  • One-time cost: £45.60 inc. VAT

Is it worth spending over 45 pounds on an 11-page eBook? The testimonials surely lend themselves to the value of the book, but it isn’t guaranteed that you would actually turn a profit after trying Benjamin’s strategies. In fact, you can consider the purchase of an eBook as your first real gamble before you’ve even taken a look at the sports betting market.

But at least your payment will be secure…

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an online retailer that acts as the trusted source for Football Betting Blueprints. Users will go through this secured service to guarantee that their money is being handled officially, and will also protect them from scams if the product isn’t up to par. If the eBook is never delivered, you will be able to get your money back as well.

ClickBank guarantees customer satisfaction, and Benjamin himself states that if you don’t’ turn a profit within 60 days, you can return the eBook for a full refund!

What’s the Staking Plan?

Benjamin’s staking plan is the meat of the eBook. His strategy is a step-by-step guide on how to guarantee that you will always make a profit from your bets. He pits other strategy guides against his own, claiming that the other websites don’t show the better how to be profitable.

The staking plan will help you to become a profitable football gamer without taking a loss every week. Implementing his strategy is easy, because it is flexible enough to allow for you to get a sense of your own personal style as well. The goal of the eBook is to encourage profit, while minimizing losses as much as possible.

Are There Really Big Earnings Involved?

The biggest warning sign for me when I stumbled upon this eBook was the fact that Benjamin has no real evidence of his own success. He throws numbers down left and right, claiming that his profits have risen considerably since he started betting. There are even testimonials from other customers (whether real or fake) that speak highly of the product.

However, there really is no hard truth here. The eBook will teach you how to track your own trades, but it won’t back up that strategy with proof of the author’s own success. You’re left to blindly assume that what Benjamin says is correct, and that by following his strategy, you will succeed in the world of football betting.

Final Verdict

In all honesty, I wouldn’t waste my time with Football Betting Blueprints. He uses large phrases such as “This football strategy is insanely profitable”, “You will always make a profit from your bets”, and “You will be able to call yourself a profitable gambler” without having any stake in his claims.

In fact, the more he says these things, the less inclined I am to believe him.

It’s true that Benjamin is a lover of gambling. He has certainly been familiarizing himself with the market for a while, and there may just be some truth and substance to what he writes in his 11-page eBook.

I’m not sure if it is worth the £45 for a 15-minute read. It does seem like a nice, clean, and simple beginner’s guide, but I worry about its validity. You can learn the basic ins and outs of sports trading, as well as get an idea of how to more easily track your trades. But that’s about it.

Overall, I would keep looking for a much more helpful website. It’s interesting that an eBook of this nature has landed on a market where software usually reigns. And who knows, maybe there really is a hidden strategy that can be unlocked to achieve higher success. But don’t spend too much time or money on this one idea – there are much better paths to success out there.

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