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Flat Attack Review – Just not worth it?

In this Flat Attack review, I’ll be taking a look at this ‘old fashioned’ service that just tries to pick straight winners. With over four years of results behind it, I’ll be finding out if Flat Attack is still worth your effort or has it run its course?


What is Flat Attack?

How does Flat Attack  Work?

How long does Flat Attack take to set up?

How long does it take to use Flat Attack?

How much can you make with Flat Attack?

How much does Flat Attack cost?

Flat Attack  Review Advantages

Flat Attack  Review Disadvantages

Flat Attack  Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Flat Attack?

Flat attack advises all year round, so you’re bound to see some variations. It’s been running now for over 4 years now so you’d also expect it to have some decent results behind it.

Flat Attack Review

Services that solely pick straight winners can have some very bad runs. Getting it almost right and having your selection come in second, time and time again, doesn’t make you a bad tipster, but it still shows as an L in the column and your subscribers have won nothing.

If this habit of ‘almost’ winning goes on long enough, it gets to a point where it looks like both the tipster and his followers are both wasting their time.

How does Flat Attack Work?

These win singles will be arriving between 9 am and 11 am each day. The odds can be anything between 1.5 and 65, but average out at about 5. You’ll get between two and four of these each day, staking just one or two points each time.

Looking at this you’d think there wasn’t enough going on to move things drastically one way or the other. However, with odds like these and without the backup of each way coverage, you have to think there’s more chance of your bank going down rather than up.

Unless of course, the tipster really knows his stuff and pulls enough winners out of the hat – which might be the reason this has stayed in business for over four years?

How long does Flat Attack take to set up?

Before we find out, you’ll need to go to the Tipster Street website and get yourself signed up. You’ll just need a couple of clicks and fill in a simple Paypal form and you’re good to go. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the tips to arrive each day in the inbox of the email address for your PayPal account.

This is the most straightforward of services, so you should be able to do all of this using your existing bookie accounts. You could just as easily do this on the exchanges if you wanted to do this very quickly.

How long does it take to use Flat Attack?

Just logging onto Betfair, searching the name of the horse and hitting BSP is the fastest way of doing this. Not that it would take you much longer to do this on a conventional bookie site either, and you might well get better odds or the occasional BOG (best odds guaranteed) bonus or two.

The tips will probably be arriving while you’re doing something else, so getting this set up on your phone will make it easier, even if it’s not any quicker. It’s all very well going on about how quickly you could do this. But, if you took your time and got the best prices, you would be much better than the results suggest.

How much can you make with Flat Attack?

Flat Attack Review Results

You have to admire this tipster’s honesty. Most of them won’t publish their results at BSP because they know they wouldn’t be very good. Also, unless you’re really pressed for time, you’d go for the odds at the bookie, knowing BOG is on your side.

That’s why I’m surprised Flat Attack has published their results against BSP because surprise, surprise, they’re not very good. An average monthly profit of £13 a month is no use to anybody and the reason why this service is still going after 4 years is that its followers aren’t placing these at BSP. They can’t be.

How much does Flat Attack cost?

Like all of the services on this platform, there’s a lower-priced offer to tempt you in the door. With Flat Attack, it’s £4.95 for the first 30 days. After that, it’s £19.95 each month or £39.95 for a quarter.

As monthly fees go, these aren’t much, but easily swallow up any profits you’d make from this service at BSP. Even if you were wily and made double that, I still doubt it would be worth it.

The recommended bank of 250pts is just daft. Firstly you’re not going to make too large a dent in that and secondly, who’s going to tie up £2500 for £13 each month.

Flat Attack Review Prices

Flat Attack Review Advantages

This is one of the simplest and most basic tipping services I’ve come across. There’s nothing new to learn here and you can be up and running very quickly. You could give this to a beginner with no issues and an experienced bettor would find it reassuringly familiar.

The tipster seems to know his stuff and the fact he publishes his results against BSP show his honesty.

Flat Attack Review Disadvantages

Perhaps a bit too honest to do this service justice though. The mediocre results shown against BSP look awful, and anybody who can count can see this isn’t worth doing.

Flat Attack Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is a real shame, as I really liked the simplicity of all of this and from a service that’s been going for four years, I was expecting better.

Even if you managed to double the BSP profits, this just isn’t profitable enough for you to invest your time and money and I can only suggest you look elsewhere.

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