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FairBot Review – How Much Can You Make Using This System?

Fairbot Review

Welocome to this Fairbot review.

Right, so you’ve been trading on Betfair Exchange for a while. You’re trying various strategies out – some work, some don’t. You’re doing quite well, but you want to take things up a level. If this is you, you definitely need to read this Fairbot review.

After all, there are a lot of pieces of software just like this. Betangel springs immediately to mind. If there are so many programs just like this, where does Fairbot fit in? Most importantly, is it any good?


What is FairBot?

FairBot Compatibility

How does FairBot Work?

Download FairBot – How long does it take to set up?

How long does it take to use FairBot?

How much can you make with Fairbot?

How much does Fairbot cost?

Is Fairbot easy to use?

FairBot Review – Advantages

FairBot Review – Disadvantages

Fairbot Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is FairBot?

Fairbot Review - Betfair Apps Directory

FairBot is an official Betfair trading app built by Binteko for sports traders. The FairBot software allows traders to access Betfair’s Betting Exchange (not to be confused with the SportsBook).

FairBot is one of two Betting Bots or Betting Assistants produced by American company Binteko. (The other works on BetDaq and is called, predictably, DaqBot)

FairBot Compatibility

It works on both PC and Mac, so it’s fine if you do your trading on a desktop. However, these we do nearly everything on our phones. I’m sad to say that at the time of writing this review, there is no FairBot app for mobile devices.

This may put some people off and for me is a major disadvantage.

How does FairBot Work?

FairBot is trading software for Betfair Exchange. It allows you greater visibility of what is happening. Fairbot allows you to automate what you would normally do on Betfair so you can do more of it.

If used properly, this can increase the amount of trading you can do. It can increase the amount of profit you can make. It can also, if you just dive in with both feet, confuse the hell out of you.

Download FairBot – How long does it take to set up?

You can download FairBot from the official site. I’m sure if you looked on the internet you could find a few unofficial downloads that you could get for a fraction of the official price. Like all unofficial downloads, you won’t have access to support or updates, so not really worth it.

Fairbot Review - Download Free

After that, it’s just a case of linking it to your Betfair account. This is, on paper at least, trouble-free as FairBot is an official Betfair app. This means there is no hacking your way in or underhand stuff that could get your Betfair account cancelled.

There are several tutorials that you can access to help you get along with the program. There are tutorials to help you set up your own automations and implement advanced strategies.

FairBot has it’s own YouTube channel, as well as the active forum so you can ask other members of the community who have also subscribed to the service.

Yes, there’s a manual as well for those who don’t take too well to the videos.

There is even a “simulation mode” available. The program will show you what would happen if you were to implement a certain number of custom automations or whatever you have decided to go with.

How long does it take to use FairBot?

This depends on how much you use it. In fact, the more sensible question would be: Can you do the same things faster with FairBot?. The answer to that one is yes. In fact, properly used, FairBot can speed things up and do things automatically.

Fairbot Review - Chart

The key phrase there though is ‘properly used’. Going into this without learning how to use this properly could cost you dearly.

So, the full answer id that it will take you longer while you get used to using the software, then after that you will see the benefits.

How much can you make with FairBot?

As Fairbot is no a system or strategy in itself, this will depend on how much you use it. There are, as you might expect, recommended strategies to use with Fairbot. If you are looking at Fairbot though, you will probably have enough strategies of your own to start with.

The best answer is that it can increase what you are making by allowing you to do more of it.

How much does Fairbot cost?

FairBot has several types of access. At the time of writing they are as follows:

· One month’s access for $11.95

· Three month’s access for $29.95

· Six month’s access for $54.95

· One year’s access for $99

There is also a free trial period so you can give it a dry run. I recommend you do this as it gives you time to play with the settings and get used to the interface without it costing you a penny. This also means that if you don’t get on with it, or find the software too complicated, you can cancel without it being out of pocket.

Farbot Review - Fairbot Prices

If you can’t make your mind up in the free trial, go for a month’s usage until you do. If you’re not happy, you can always take advantage of the unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This is an attractive feature but is probably open to abuse.

You’ll also notice that prices are in USD, which brings me to the next point.

Is Fairbot easy to use?

The prices are in USD because this software is American. There is always the risk of buying US software if you are in the UK. The risk is the time difference, and how that affects support.

Imagine this. You are sat there at 7 am setting your day’s trades to run automatically while you are at work. There is a problem and you need support – but support is in the US and everybody at BInTenko won’t be up for the next five hours.

It might not happen but something to take into account when you have so many software apps that do a similar job.

Fairbot does a similar job to Bet Angel, Geeks Toy and the others. They are similar pieces of software to each other so are all of similar ease (or difficulty) to use.

FairBot Review – Advantages

The advantages of Fairbot are many. Almost anything can be taken advantage of with FairBot automation. There are single and multiple automation options. These allow you to automatically pick selections at specific odds, or place a bet just before the off.

There are a variety of FairBot strategies that are recommended to use with the built-in automation features. You have full control over the type of automation you want to have with all of your bets.

FairBot allows you to dutch on place markets, and there is also a dutching calculator. This is great for making diverse and controlled bets.

FairBot Review – Disadvantages

While all of the advantages will make your life easier, they are far from exclusive. Many of these features are also available on the competing software.

There is nothing that really sets FairBot apart from the others.

Fairbot Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

Which brings me to my final point. Fairbot does exactly what it says on the tin, just like Bet Angel, Geeks Toy and the rest.

In fact, the best way I can describe it is by using a supermarket analogy. If you got to ASDA or Morrisons, you can get all of your shopping for the week. It’ll be of about the same quality, and once you got it out of the packets, you probably couldn’t tell which supermarket it came from.

So, whether you go to ASDA or Morrisons is usually due to which is most convenient or has the best offers on. That’s the exact issue here with FairBot when you compare it to BetAngel or Geeks Toy.

Give all of these a try on a free trial. There is little to decide between them so just pick which one fits you the best, and stick with it.

You can visit the FairBot website here.

9 Replies to “FairBot Review – How Much Can You Make Using This System?

    1. Hi William, the problem with all bots is knowing how to program them. I’d stick with a system where they tell you what to do every night.

    1. Hi Daf, Bet Angel certainly isn’t a bad choice. It’s got lots of users, and that means lots of help in the forum etc. Good luck!

  1. been using fairbot for years and regular improvements and easy contact for any help plus even got them to give advice on how to set up a betting strategy.
    Its the best i have used and i tried all of the available bots.

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